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Download õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free À Tim Davys characters í Amberville ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Tim Davys À 5 Free read What does it mean to be bad Eric Bear has it all a successful career a beautiful wife a blissful home He knows he's been lucky; a while back his life revolved around drugs gambling a gang of stuffed animal thugs and notorious crime boss Ni This is one of the top five weirdest books I have ever read It takes place in a world of stuffed animals but that has both almost no bearing on the story and is key to the main plot What I mean is that it s never revealed that actually they re toys in a toystore or a messed up version of the 100 Acre Woods The fact that they are stuffed animals is not part of some plot twist The thought that it might be a twist kept distracting me the entire time trying to find out the clue But at the same time the entire plot of the book which in a way I don t wish to spoil revolves around life and death depends entirely upon the fact that as stuffed animals they can t be killed in the ways that we canContributing to the strangeness of the book is the fact that it shifts from omniscient 3rd person to first person POVs in various chapters Two main characters are always in first person and a few auxiliary characters are in first person But the bulk of the main protagonists have 3rd person omniscient POVs Part of the trick there is that it s generally assumed that 3rd person narratives are reliable narrators But it eventually becomes clear that some of the first person chapters are unreliable narrators And the reasons for the unreliability are uite varied Speaking of which the narrative winds back and forth between the present and past filling in little details here in there and eventually revealing an almost Fight Club level twist partway through the book It s a meditation on the lies we tell others and the lies we tell ourselves It considers whether there is redemption or whether people are just evil or good Church and state and power are examined Hero worship It s a dense book for so strange a premise that I thought would be mined for humor If you want something different perhaps something Weird as in the genre you should give this a shot And push through the seemingly cookie cutter ish first few chapters until it flips you around and makes you start uestioning everything

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Download õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free À Tim Davys characters í Amberville ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Tim Davys À 5 Free read To the best of noir and the wisest of allegories and interlaced with greed and gangsters Amberville depicts an alternate world that mirrors our own realities and moral concerns and reminds us of the inextricable link between good and evil Someone claimed that this book maybe a mixture of The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler and Animal Farm by George Orwell I really doubt

Tim Davys À 5 Free read

Download õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free À Tim Davys characters í Amberville ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Tim Davys À 5 Free read Cholas Dove But the past isn't as far away as Eric had hoped Rumors are swirling that Dove is on the Death List and that he wants Eric to save him If Eric fails to act his beloved wife Emma Rabbit will be torn apart limb by limb With a nod I was a little disappointed in this oneIt has a great concept a really neat conceit to use the phrase I like to use A sordid city full of stuffies come to life a noir vision of love and betrayal where Eric a tough talking teddy bear and Emma the bunny who is his sometimes disturbingly aloof lady love can make a life together in Amberville one of the four color coded uadrants of Mollisan Town at least until the even tougher talking gangster Nicholas Dove comes with his two gorillas one of them bright red to advance a proposition that Eric dare not refuse ButBut it didn t really grab me The prose just seemed stolid its short sentences choppy and rigid instead of laconic and punchy like a good two fisted detective novel This might be an issue with the translation I discovered after finishing that this book was translated from Swedish But also while the initial idea was great and there were occasional flashes of brilliance in how it was executed I m thinking in particular of a scene involving an effective if gruesome method of intimidating a bunch of cotton stuffed toughs the parts never seemed to hang together very well I never really got a sense of scale of the size of the stuffed animals in relation to their city nor did I get that feeling of yes I would never have thought of it but this is how it must be which comes from a well constructed fantasy world with its own strong internal consistencyTake the very name Amberville for example it doesn t seem to have any significance beyond being a way to separate Mollisan Town s neighborhoods And if there is any intentional connection between Mollisan s four color coded uadrants and the four colors of the Land of Oz it is never made at all clear There are parts here that are brilliant parts that are fascinating but they just don t add up to a coherent wholeI won t say this is a bad book and I m sure it ll find its niche among people who are hungry for this sort of experiment I just didn t get what I wanted out of it

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