[Robert Sabbag] Down Around Midnight A Memoir of Crash and Survival [yaoi Book] TXT

  • Hardcover
  • 224
  • Down Around Midnight A Memoir of Crash and Survival
  • Robert Sabbag
  • English
  • 28 November 2018
  • 9780670021024
Down Around Midnight A Memoir of Crash and Survival

Download Ô Down Around Midnight A Memoir of Crash and Survival ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free A bestselling author tells the terrifying and inspiring story of the plane crash he survivedAround midnight on June 17 1979 Air New England flight 248 crashed into the woods on Cape Cod The pilot died but the copilot and eight passengers survived with trauma both physical and emotional Robert Sabbag at the height of his fame for his bestselling book Snowblind was among them Down Around Midn. Not because my cousin wrote this but the fact that I was in europe the whole summer when it the plane crash happened and never heard about it til we were back in touch after 20 yrshe just visited me and gave me his book and I couldn t put it downit is a compelling account of a plane crash that he survived along with 8 othersgripping

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Download Ô Down Around Midnight A Memoir of Crash and Survival ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ight is Sabbag's gripping account of what exactly happened on that foggy night and his candid attempt to come to terms with the emotional ramifications of the crash He reconnects with the other survivors and their rescuers for the first time in thirty years weaving the narrative between past and present to create a thrilling and affecting story of survival and recovery Like the best survivo. Wow You would think this book would be interesting It s about a terrible crash that came close to killing everyone onboard There s a plane screaming to a halt in a woods cloaked with dense fog and no moon The author Robert Sabbag has his back broken as the seat belt he wore stayed buckled but the seat itself was thrown free of it s connections to the fuselage He and the other injured survivors stagger out into the black night doused with aviation fuel These events were ultimately so traumatic that the author couldn t write about it for decades And when he did he went back to talk to the people who had been there You would think it would be interesting but it s not At least not for meI chose this book because I have recently read some stunningly good autobiographical books One was Donovan Campbell s Joker One Another was Tori McClure s Pearl in the Storm How I Found My Heart in the Middle of the Ocean In the first case the story was about a Marine Platoon in Ira In the second McClure s story about rowing across the Atlantic Yes rowing And it was so good So I figured a plane crash a seasoned author that had drama pathos and be worth reading I thought that after decades of consideration that the author s analysis would be deep and thoughtful that I could learn something about humans in terrible situationsWhat I found was reporting A too brief explanation of what occurred that night followed by too much detail about the wrong things I didn t and don t care for example about the subseuent careers of the young people on board that flight I was happy for them that they graduated from University X and that they now had than one house but honestly I was looking for about the conseuences of what they uniuely experienced There is an effort to dig out this information Sabbag knew what he was looking for but how he presented the information left me cold and unaffected I was not drawn in to careSo for me Down Around Midnight was not a great read If after this review though you are still interested I d suggest looking at one of Mr Sabbag s others books which have a Look Inside excerp and see if his writing style appeals to you Or of course there s the library I can t suggest this as a buy thoughPam T

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Download Ô Down Around Midnight A Memoir of Crash and Survival ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free R tales Jon Krakauer's Into Thin Air and Joe Simpson's Touching the Void Down Around Midnight is fast paced and mesmerizing It is also a meditation on healing and the things we do to compartmentalize traumatic memories Few people experience a plane crash and live to tell the story Sabbag brings his striking economical style to this personal tale of learning how to remember and how to endure. Sabbag was aboard a small plane going from New York to Cape Cod in 1979 when the plane crashed into the woods The author explores the event and reflects on his personal experiences both physical and psychological in the aftermath along with four other passengers onboard that night There were eight passengers and two crewmembers onboard in totalSabbag s interviews with his fellow passengers were inconseuential and superficial for the most part The disjointed assemblage of the interviews and the whole book for that matter was jarring I felt that he could have used his reporting skills a bit persuasively in reuesting interviews with the co pilot and three other passengers The book never coalesced into a fully realized complete story The back cover notes that Sabbag has written a film which made me wonder why he stumbled so badly in developing the experiences of the passengers he did interviewPerhaps Sabbag was just too close to the subject and wasn t able to distance himself enough from the event to adeuately delve into the complicated emotions involved In looking at reviews I note some higher ratings than I gave the book but I m sticking with 2 stars I found the book incomplete and unsatisfying