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  • Off with His Head
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  • 05 January 2019
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Summary Ö Off with His Head A ritual dance becomes a murderous mamboAt the winter solstice South Mardian's swordsmen weave their blades in an ancient ritual dance But for one of them th In this 19th book in the Roderick Alleyn series the British detective investigates the death of a folk dancer The book can be read as a standaloneIn the English village of South Mardian the winter solstice is marked by a complex ritual dance performed solely by men This year not long after WW II the major participants in the dance are the local smithy and his four sons who have a long ancestry in the area a village doctor a parson s sonlawyer and a former army officerThe story acted out in the dance is described as resembling King Lear because it involves children in this case sons at odds with their old father The superstitious ritual includes donning elaborate costumes and dancing reciting jingling chasing girls and brandishing swords Toward the latter part of the ritual one of the sons beheads the father who sinks out of sight behind a boulder Then at the dramtic climax the father is supposed to com

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Summary Ö Off with His Head E excitement proves too heady and his decapitiation turns the fertility rite into a pageant of death Now Inspector Roderick Alleyn must penetrate not only th My favourite Ngaio Marsh story is the one that does not involve the theatre or New Zealand Death of a Fool is set in a snowy English village holding out against the 20th century It could easily be silly but Ngaio Marsh is far too good a writer to slip into that error The story has a village smithy a medi val folk dance eccentric gentry a village natural and an artsy German folklorist doing a wonderful imitation of the modern obsession with ethnicity I am in awe of a New Zealander who could have written a classic murder mystery in such a setting and absolutely pulled it off

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Summary Ö Off with His Head E mysteries of folklore but the secrets and sins of an eccentric group who include a surly blacksmith a domineering dowager and a not so simple village idiot Ngaio Marsh in the second of her mysteries I have read shows herself to be a master of human observation Marsh combines that with the ability to describe her well drawn characters using humor and engaging them actions that hint at the psychology underneathThe murder mystery is a perfect genre for someone able to portray the smallest ripples of emotion and perception One of these characters is capable of murder In this mystery she has her detective Alleyn say Motive I detest motive Often many people have a motive but which one is off the rails enough to take a life In addition to her character skills Marsh sets this mystery deep in the rural north of England and we get to see what village life was truly like there not long after WWII Great book