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Read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Î Iris Murdoch Iris Murdoch Î 5 Read & Download Free download The Italian Girl 105 A family struggles for redemption after a funeral brings dark secrets to the surface in this novel from the Man Booker Prize–winning author of The Sea The SeaThe funeral of Edward’s mother brings him home for the first time in year. Notes to self1 Read a book a couple of weeks ago Turned out it was about Alzheimer s2 Cannot remember the title or story of note 13 Read another book last week Turned out it had a character who suffered dementia4 Cannot remember that title or story either of note 35 Current author developed Alzheimer sReviewA short and absorbing tale that takes place in Northern England Murdoch was an established and honored and prolific author She wrote beautifully And is now dead This story is told by a solitary 30 40 ish year old man who is not aware of what he does not have but carries a sense of emptiness He reestablishes a relationship with his brother and his brother s dysfunctional household It is to be a temporary visit Their mother despised by both sons has died and the story begins at the funeral for the motherA beautiful and realistic account that pushes all the right buttons for this reader Philosophy irony miscommunications between its characters love reflection redemption loss interesting dialogue empathy or lack of compromise some angst and tension trials between family members the intrusion of outsiders the casual assaults by youth and Recommended for we who acknowledge our fractured lives Any further uestions will not be answered by this reader who will have forgotten the story momentarily

Read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Î Iris MurdochThe Italian Girl

Read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Î Iris Murdoch Iris Murdoch Î 5 Read & Download Free download The Italian Girl 105 S homecoming tips a precariously balanced dynamic into sudden chaos The Italian Girl is Murdoch’s compelling story of a man’s reunion with his estranged family and of the tragedy that shocks them all into confronting their dark pas. What this book needs is orcs Or any orcs at all really but preferably a great horde of slavering rampaging hell bent on destruction orcs Failing that zombies would do the trick Or perhaps we could push swords into the characters hands and toss them into the gladiator arena Frankly they need something of the sort A post apocalypse world to shake them out of their fairyland and give them something serious to worry about Because I ve never come across such a snivelling bunch of whiny self absorbed morons who so badly need to just get over themselves Here s the plot such as it is Matriarch Lydia has just died and son Edmund returns to the family home wherein reside his brother Otto and his wife Isabel along with Otto s apprentice and his sister and the resident nanny turned housekeeper the eponymous Italian girl The story then unfolds with one melodramatic revelation after another accompanied by much shouting gesturing grand speech making falling down weeping and wailing and running about in the rain There isn t one of them who seems to have an ounce of common sense or any idea of just how lucky they are not to be working in a factory or down the minesOK OK so I don t get it I probably lack the right receptors in my brain to get the point of a book like this No doubt there are complex nuances of language or literature or philosophy or metaphor that simply whizzed over my head I m missing the point I accept that But it was short and I finished it so I gave it two stars In future I shall leave Iris Murdoch to those better suited to appreciate the ualities of her writing

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Read ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Î Iris Murdoch Iris Murdoch Î 5 Read & Download Free download The Italian Girl 105 S Though his return rekindles his affection for his childhood home it also triggers a resurgence of the family tensions that caused him to leave in the first place As Edward becomes tangled in his family’s web of corrosive secrets hi. This is Iris Murdoch s eighth novel I have been reading her novels in order of publication and become uite a fan She brings a philosophical bent to her fiction Though the next book for me would have been The Unicorn one of my reading groups picked this one so I set aside my OCD tendency and went with it Some critics have considered it one of her weakest novels I liked it just fine The younger son Edmund has come home due to the death of his mother and tells the story with wistful viewpoints of each member of the household Lydia the deceased mother had been controlling and no longer interested in her husband now deceased once she had two sons She was overly possessive of the boys in alternating periods Otto the older brother still lives in the family home with his wife Isabel and daughter Flora now a teenager In Murdoch s usual way the details of the family come into focus like a developing photograph until you have a distressing picture of psychological disturbance and broken relationships Edmund no surprise has trouble with females never married and is possibly still a virgin Otto drinks is vegetarian and works unsuccessfully as an engraver mostly making tombstones He has always had criminal type assistants who cause trouble and are then replaced Otto s wife it turns out is having an affair with the current assistant David who has also been sleeping with the daughter and gotten her pregnant Otto is sleeping with David s mysterious and troubled sister uite a mess but this is one of Murdoch s typical families Edmund s pathetic attempts to help these people all go awry almost to the point of comedy Dark comedy is another facet of Murdoch s fiction The title is the key to this fractured family but you don t find out the full significance of the Italian girl until the very end All you know until then is that the family has had a series of Italian girls as servants These girls do all the housework raised the boys when the mother needed a break and served as companion to mother The mystery of this arrangement is the big reveal at the endI found the novel to be one of her most exuisitely written books Each scene is carefully drawn with lovely descriptions that create atmosphere and allow you to see ever deeply into the characters In fact it was adapted for the stage by James Saunders and originally performed in 1968In spite of there being not a single likeable character I felt for them all Murdoch seems to be telling us that in any family there are secrets Secrets of the heart due to failures to connect unawareness of what goes on a lack of perspective caused by the claustrophobia of family I have found that to be true in most families I know even the good ones

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