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Sweet Water Summary º 108 Y that’s so unnervingly cold blooded Finn’s lies to the authorities are too comfortable too proficient not to arouse her suspicions Even the secrets of the old house she lives in seem to be connected to the incident As each troubling event unfolds Sarah must decide how far she’ll go to save her perfect life Eehhh It was okayI didn t like the jumping back and forth in time from Sarah and Josh at Stonehenge Sarah and Marty at college back to present day Ellsworth it was all a bit too choppyAnd Sarah was so unrelateable She preaches about helping these vulnerable woman at a not for profit but can t look after herself or recognise any of the signs of her own abuse Very disappointed that Josh didn t make a comeback too probably one of the only likeable charactersI felt that the ending tried to wrap everything up but missed some loose bits Did they tell Spencer about Josh How s Cash s mum now that s she s lost both kids Why was Hanna written into Sarah s adult life only to be mentioned twice and add nothing to the story lineOverall 35 Could ve been better but not so bad I DNF

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Sweet Water Summary º 108 What did her son do in the woods last night Does a mother really want to knowIt’s what Sarah Ellsworth dreamed of Marriage to her childhood sweetheart Martin Living in a historic mansion in Pennsylvania’s most exclusive borough And Finn a teenage son with so much promise UntilA call for help in the middle of This one had so much promise in the beginning but went downhill pretty fast The premise is really intriguing and the first chapter hooked me but the narration just falls into this is the theme of the novel and I am telling you it right now kind of telling that drives me crazy in novels Sarah s internal narration when she was in college was also not the greatest college students have a lot thoughts beyond this boy is hot and I need to do my homework I think Sarah had the potential to be a really interesting character but the underdevelopment of her narration just made me irritated Suspense novels usually seem to have this problem the authors focus so much on creating the world and the twists that they don t devote enough time to the narration to drive the lessons home subtly There s a line where Sarah says something like rich people problems or white people problems which summarizes the entirety of the novel s plot uite nicely To be clear this wouldn t have necessarily been bad on its own but combined with the narration issues and some plot points that drove me crazy it made me lose patience for the novel She also euates weed to drugs so many times I started laughing whenever it was brought up She smells weed in the beginning and claims that makes Yazmin a troubled girl And we re supposed to believe that almost none of the kids at the rich private school smoked A non comprehensive list of the plot things that left me scratching my head view spoiler Sarah s father really let her marry the man who covered up Tush s death Sarah claims to be so open about how horrible her entire family is but she s been living it for years She puts on a pair of diamond earrings to go to the gala and then is disgusted when her husband offers to buy her a pair of emerald ones People married with opposite political views In this century Just not realistic Spencer who is her LOVE CHILD with the only redeemable character in this novel is just there His presence is acknowledged for like 50 words and then he just drops out of relevance again even after his brother goes to JAIL Sarah just like never saw her father Who raised her by himself There wasn t a fight or anything she just didn t show up Lastly her husband turned off the wi fi for DAYS and she didn t notice hide spoiler

Read ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ Cara Reinard

Sweet Water Summary º 108 The night leads Sarah and Martin to the woods where they find Finn injured dazed and weeping near his girlfriend’s dead body Convinced he’s innocent Sarah and Martin agree to protect their son at any cost and not report the crimeBut there are things Sarah finds hard to reconcile a cover up by Martin’s famil is my first time reading the author I knew I was going to really enjoy the book within a few sentences when the book opens in dramatic fashion Sarah and Martin stumbling around in the woods looking for their son stumbling across his unconscious girlfriend and eventually finding their son on drugs and out of it Sarah wants to call an ambulance to help the girlfriend Martin wants to protect their son his single minded obsession with this protecting the family name and making it all go away set in motion a series of tragic and life altering events When the girlfriend is found dead Sarah realises she doesn t know who or what she married and starts to dislike Martin s rich privileged family and the decisions they had made now to cover up what happened in the past and the shocking decisions they made in the past Sarah wants to do the right thing and is concerned about what they re teaching their son Martin wants to keep the truth hidden no matter the cost I found Sweet Water riveting

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