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The Dean's December Free read ä 106 Back and forth between the two cities The Dean's December represents Bellow's most spirited resistance to the forces of our time Malcolm Bradbur. This was another beautiful story from Bellow but uite a bit melancholy that the others I have read Herzog Augie March Mr Sammler s Planet Seize the Day I liked the Albert Corde character and his wife Minna Perhaps with the fall of the iron curtain and the disappearance of the hideous dictatorship in Hungary some of the political weight of the text is lost but the primary story is really the Dean and his childhood friend amnd the Dean s own acceptance of himself Bellow is always so stunningly human in his writing and this was no exception

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The Dean's December Free read ä 106 Albert Corde dean of a Chicago college is unprepared for the violent response to his expose of city corruption Accused of betraying his city as w. This is the story of Albert Corde a college dean whose Roumanian astronomer wife Minna defected to the West with the encouragement and help of her intellectual mother Dr Valeria Raresh Now Dr Raresh has suffered a stroke and the Cordes are in Bucharest where the secret police and a bitter bureaucracy is denying them the right to visit to her in the hospital The depictions of these intellectual women are sublime especially coming from an author who neglected his female characters in the past And there are lots of gloomy winter scenes of Corde drinking Slivovitz in his wife s childhood bedroom

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The Dean's December Free read ä 106 Ell as being a racist he journeys to Bucharest where his mother in law lies dying only to find corruption rife in the Communist capital Switching. Bellow s reputation as a remarkable prose stylist shows here in the way he uses detail to foreshadow The heightened use of contrast too sets the book apart from his other novels the story itself follows the same template used for Bellow s other novels the lives of the urban upper class and educated What s different this time is a striking aspect of the protagonist here an ability to express the utter devastation of life in the American underclass The unflinching exploration of class in America sets this book apart from his others

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