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READ & DOWNLOAD Last Ditch Ngaio Marsh ñ 0 READ & DOWNLOAD READ & DOWNLOAD Last Ditch 100 Anything but an accident And when Ricky himself disappears the case becomes a horse of a different color for his father Inspector Roderick Alle My impression of Ricky from the first book still stands he s too precious and how he managed to bumble his way into every step of the investigation and leave nothing for the second investigation was too much Still he was a nice change of pace from his too suave and bland Papa I m glad he didn t turn too too much and become a jobbing detective version of his dad For the consummate Ngaio Marsh fan this is a good read For everyone else ehn I wouldn t recommend it

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READ & DOWNLOAD Last Ditch Ngaio Marsh ñ 0 READ & DOWNLOAD READ & DOWNLOAD Last Ditch 100 Horseplay turns deadly Young Ricky Alleyn has come to the picturesue fishing village of Deep Cove to write Through the sleepy little town offers This is the twenty ninth in the Roderick Alleyn series and the second appearance by Ricky Alleyn son of Alleyn and Troy Previously met as a child he is now twenty one and an aspiring author Jasper and Julia Pharamond a couple that Alleyn and Troy had met previously on a cruise have arranged lodgings for Ricky with the Farants Mrs Farant used to work for the Pharamond s and so Ricky intends to spend the long vacation writingHis good intentions are somewhat affected by a crush on Julia and by events in the fishing village of Deep Cove These include the surly painter Sid Jones the overly religious stable owner Mr Harkness and his pregnant niece Dulcie who is refusing to say who the father of her baby is and of course murder When Ricky goes riding with the Pharamond s and they come across a body in a ditch it is initially seen as an accident Ricky though possesses some of his father s desire to uncover the truth but without his skills or subtletyThis crime involves drugs and those involved seem a little too obvious The novel does not really come alive until Alleyn comes onto the scene but Ricky s interest in crime makes me wonder whether he will appear in future books admittedly I am now near the end of the series or whether Ngaio Marsh had considered using him as a possible successor to his father Overall rated 35

FREE READ Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ñ Ngaio Marsh

READ & DOWNLOAD Last Ditch Ngaio Marsh ñ 0 READ & DOWNLOAD READ & DOWNLOAD Last Ditch 100 Few diversions Ricky manages to find the most distracting one of all murder For in a muddy ditch he sees a dead euestrienne whose last leap was 1977 s Last Ditch by Ngaio Marsh turns its focus to Ricky Alleyn the son of Detective Superintendent Roderick Alleyn as Ricky goes to the Channel Islands to immerse himself in his work in writing a novel There he runs into a family who met his parents once on a cruise and Ricky finds himself falling in love with the wife Julia Pharamond He also makes the acuaintance of Sid Jones a wannabe painter with a bad attitude until he learns that Ricky is the son of Agatha Troy ther greatest painter England has ever produced Ricky keeps suspecting Sid of nefarious behavior especially when Sid who works as a paint salesman in exchange for free acrylic paints toi use gets furious when Ricky accidentally steps on one tube causing it to burst open Another day the Pharamonds talk Ricky into joining them going horseback riding at the stables owned by Mr Harkness The fire and brimstone religious man is furious that his daughter the highly promiscuous Elsie is pregnant and tries to lock her in her room But Elsie manages to escape and takes out the bay mare against her father s express orders When the family and Ricky return to the stable they find the body of Elsie in a ditch behind a big bush apparently the victim of having taken too dangerous a chance in jumping the horse where her father has forbidden her to goRead the rest of this review and other fun geeky articles at Fangirl Nation

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