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A World of Secrets The Firewall Trilogy #2 Free read × 8 Taimin and Selena must discover the truth about their world before it’s too late In a world of secrets Taimin and Selena are desperate for answers They need to discover the truth about their origins and the firewall that borders the wasteland If they don’t find the hidden path they seek Special thanks to Netgalley and Publishing UK for providing me with an eARC An exciting seuel to The Girl from Nowhere A World of Secrets is a follow up readers dream of The story is interesting and well paced and isn t hard to understand if you ve read the first book which in the case of this series is 100% reuired reading The first book was an enjoyable read but the second is only an improvement It s a uick read and almost impossible to put down With much of the world development laid out in the first book the second takes the time to develop its characters With that said there is still of this world to discover And though the story at times comes off as predictable it s predictable in the sense that the events make sense to the story and the reveals are exciting I knew it moments There is always room for improvement of course in the realm of writing There are a large number of redundant descriptions as well as unnecessarily ones Additionally some developments in character relationships seemed sudden and which added to a disconnect between the reader and the characters Some revelations could have been handled better but suffice regardless I would recommend this series to any science fiction fan especially readers who are interested in series that include humans interacting with other species The first book was good the second great and I have high hopes for the conclusion of the series The full and final review will be released on Geek Declassified on July 15 2020

review A World of Secrets The Firewall Trilogy #2

A World of Secrets The Firewall Trilogy #2

A World of Secrets The Firewall Trilogy #2 Free read × 8 The citizens of Zorn will dieAs they make the perilous journey to the distant firewall Taimin and Selena are joined by three companions a young healer a weapons trader and an old rover Together the five are in constant danger unable to rely on Selena’s powers as she has lost the ability to Solid craftsmanshipI have long been a fan of the genre and I appreciate the play between fantasy and science fiction The prose is clear and the pace well controlled and to my taste I think however much as I simply enjoy the world craft here which is indeed interesting I particularly appreciate the honest irreducible personal challenges that are not just grafted on to characters For Plot Reasons They are challenges that make a serious impact on the nature of characters who grow and change and cope and struggle to integrate their bodies and minds into a coherent whole being I appreciate that solutions don t feel like deus ex machina nonsense that often just feels like the writer has decided the struggle is too much to deal with To avoid getting spoiler y I ll leave it at that solutions make sense and I appreciate the set up for the next book which I am very much looking forward to reading

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A World of Secrets The Firewall Trilogy #2 Free read × 8 Farcast and she doesn’t know how to get it backNow Taimin finds himself hunted by a new enemy a strange creature on a bloodthirsty uest of his own Taimin and Selena get ever closer to the answers that are essential to their survival But will they learn the truth in time to save themselves Headhunter Maxwell makes a true and convincing world is the second Firewall novel A group of desert dwellers have seen a green and lush land on the otherwise of the firewall After the City of Zorn is taken they copy a map found on w chamber wall There is a break in the firewall which may lead to green lands and fresh water Not only is the path through the desert teaming with danger now the is a new species who is hunting for heads of warriors to take to his tribe A uest that puts all in danger Things do not always appear simple And a goal achieved could lead not only to death for one but annihilation for all

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