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The Flame Trees of Thika Memories of an African Childhood Free download Ò 0 In an open cart Elspeth Huxley set off with her parents to travel to Thika in Kenya As pioneering settlers they built a house of grass ate off a damask cloth spread over packing cases and discovered the hard way the world of the Afri. Great stuff Her memoir is from the early years of the Kenya colony her parents new farm was one of the first established in that area and the hinterlands were still pretty much as they were before the Europeans arrived As others have said the highlight of the book is the flavor of the East Africa of a century ago sights sounds smells animals people She was a wonderful writer Not to be missed if you are interested in East Africa or this era The cover photo on the 2000 Penguin reprint of the author her Mom and her pony around 1915 is a fine preview of her storyThis is very nice country indeed My parents lived in Kenya in the late 1970s Their house was at 7000 ft almost on the euator so a near perfect year round climate They had a view of Kilimanjaro from their front windows and of Mt Kenya from the back This was an old British agricultural research station You could see why the Brits didn t want to give up their colonyElspeth arrived in Kenya in late 1913 at age 6 12 She went back to England with her mother in I think 1915 or early 1916 after the beginning of WW1 She returned with her parents after the War and left Kenya for good in 1925 to go to college in England m pretty sure her memoirs are fictionalized to a degree I don t doubt she remembered the highlights and perhaps her parents andor neighbors kept diaries or journals but her account of eg her neighbor Lettice carrying on an affair with a gallant young colonial would have been beyond the comprehension of a 7 year old girl I think She did become a well regarded novelistI read the book in the late 1970s and it s stuck with me I m reading a battered library copy of the 1959 first American edition which arrived a few days before the libraries closed for the coronavirus emergency Thika is now an industrial town of about 280000 on the outskirts of Nairobi served by an 8 lane superhighway and the rest of the country has changed drastically too Fortunately Kenya has protected substantial areas of the country as National Parks and Preserves some of which I m familiar with from when my parents lived there I haven t been back though I ve long intended to

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The Flame Trees of Thika Memories of an African Childhood Free download Ò 0 Can With an extraordinary gift for detail and a keen sense of humor Huxley recalls her childhood on the small farm at a time when Europeans waged their fortunes on a land that was as harsh as it was beautiful For a young girl it was. Read this several times over the years and also watched the BBC series which I just love Never got around to reviewing the book but recently my sister handed me her copy of the seuel The Mottled Lizard so I figured it was about time Elspeth Huxley just knows how to write It is the beginning of the end of British cultivation of the African frontier It is the clash of cultures religions sexes ages and times just before the outbreak of WWI Everything has come together but there is a sense that it is all falling apart Huxley writes with wisdom wistful humor deep irony and nostalgia which belies the perspective of the child narrator True it is the grown Elspeth who is relating the story but she is convincingly young and yet at the same time infinitely older than the adults around herA great adventure story all the so for being based on the author s life Some reviewers here on GRs have taken issue with Huxley and the liberty she has taken with characters and conjectured dialogues If you are looking for a just the facts biography it isn t And yet it is a story which doesn t grow old I can see reading it again It is one of those books you HATE to see it end But don t worry the seuel has started off GREAT

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The Flame Trees of Thika Memories of an African Childhood Free download Ò 0 A time of adventure and freedom and Huxley paints an unforgettable portrait of growing up among the Masai and Kikuyu people discovering both the beauty and the terrors of the jungle and enduring the rugged realities of the pioneer li. Ever get to the end of a book and contemplate flipping back to the first page and starting all over again This is a book whose world I just want to continue living in but like the ending of a book is a world that just doesn t exist any So much of the book though it deals with people trying to start a new frontier life in Africa is really about the ending of things specifically the end of old Europe with the onset of World War 1Elspeth in the last chapter writes about how she realized uite suddenly and with some fright how strangely interconnected all things are in life She blames herself for the death of Kate not because of any direct fault of her own but the indirect responsibility she had in the wounding of a buffalo All of a sudden the rational world she felt so sure of was gone and now replaced with uncertainty One could also uite easily see how people might then turn to superstition and folk magic to explain their place in the universe Charms sacrifices ceremonies all the ways of life for the native Africans don t then seem so strange when we look at it through the lens of our own uncertainty in the scheme of the universeBut this one death and this one series of events is all the while back dropped by the war in Europe Events there of a much larger scale were colliding and would claim the lives of millions of people who were caught up in events they could not foresee or control Ian being the earliest example of a victim to circumstanceThe whole book is filled with the parallels of their lives and that of WW1 the irrigation trenches being filled with water mirror the trenches of the un moving fronts the tribal warfare parallels the conflict between nation states In some ways the book is as much about what happened to the whole world at the beginning of the 20th century as it is about one young girls experience growing up in Africa with her pioneering and liberal thinking parents Elspeth makes a strong case for how the world should behave She always details the solutions that people come up with be it how best to grow coffee in Africa deal with tribal politics or deal with some unusual neighbors she is always looking for a way to make things work And it s no wonder because much of the world was totally breaking down But she never becomes sentimental about her experiences Yes it is a very romantic setting and stunningly beautiful but Elspeth is a realist who leans towards cautious optimism The characters in the book earn all their emotions and there is never any melodrama or silliness here And a lot of how she makes this work is by seeing the world through such a young persons eyes She only ever gets to see and hear snippets of what s going on around her so she like us have to piece so much together This books great strength is that it takes us to that time and place makes us empathize with this little girl and gets us to see the world for what it could be without ever cheating us emotionally This is a brilliant story one of the greatest books I have ever read In fact I place this book right alongside Sergey Aksakov s A Family Chronicle as one of the finest pieces of writing ever published I absolutely adore this novel like nothing else I have ever read

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