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Silver Creek Fire Silver Creek #1 Summary ↠ 7 H remodeling project Her skill her dedication they're as appealing to him as her unaffected beauty But he has other reasons for unease There have been disturbing events around the ranch Then Lea's car is rammed in a hit and run Logan has already lost so much; now he fears he's jeopardizing not only his property but Lea too His dream is to convince Lea to make Silver Creek her home but first he'll have to keep her sa. This is the first book in the Silver Creek series I have never read anything by this author and read this purely off of the description Lea is a master carpenter and has come to Silver Creek to do carpentry work for ranch owner Logan Anderson Logan offers her a room at his ranch while she is doing her work But accidents keep happening around town including a car accident when Lea first arrives I thoroughly enjoyed this book I liked the characters Lea is very shy and cautious and I liked that about her Logan is the perfect gentleman and I loved how he treated his employees at the ranch as if they were family The side characters of Maddy and Jody were great strong characters that could stand on their own My one criticism is that at times it felt liked the story stalled I felt like I should have further along with the book from where I was with the amount of story we were given Overall I enjoyed this book and will definitely looking for by this author I received an ARC copy of this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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Silver Creek Fire Silver Creek #1 Summary ↠ 7 St harbor can start to feel like a prison That's why Lea a master carpenter and wood sculptor is moving to Wyoming a place whose rugged beauty has long captured her imagination The scenery around Silver Creek is as stunning as she hoped and her new employer Logan Anderson is generous and fair though his eyes reveal a sadness she recognizes all too wellLogan immediately knows he can trust Lea with his Wild Goose Ranc. First book in new seriesVery good story about leanna she works carving wood same as her father Her father gets hired by logan who was ex military to redo his cabinets on his family ranch but father wants her to do work she is not a people person after being hurt when she was younger logan is a widower and not sure how well it will work with them both working around each other She didn t like men he didn t like women Took place in Oregon Frocking was going on around the local farms trying to push people off their land made for an interesting story as they had to deal with different problems throughout and a nice romance intwined couldn t put down until I finished it Would definitely read in this series

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Silver Creek Fire Silver Creek #1 Summary ↠ 7 New York Times bestselling author US Navy Veteran and genre pioneer Lindsay McKenna combines pulse pounding suspense with the romance of a contemporary Western for the first installment in her highly emotional engrossingly swoon worthy Silver Creek Fire seriesLove's flame burns brightLeanna Ryan's hometown in coastal Oregon has been her refuge ever since a traumatic event during her teens But over time even the safe. ARC provided by NetGalleyI love books about small town life and romances and was delighted to get this ARC and read a new author In the beginning with Lea and her father discussing her past trauma and her upcoming move the dialog felt forced Like the reader was being told what to think and instantly relate to Lea although she was not a very relatable character because the reader has not yet seen her do anything except wallow in a vague event that happened around 15 years ago Now I m not saying a person would not justly feel trauma after what I assume was a horrible event but I have to assume it because there were no details that made me feel angry or sad on her behalf It was just this event that changed her life Then when she arrives in Wyoming we got not one but two lectures about how bad fracking is OK I respect someone standing by their beliefs and there is certainly merit in the cons as well as the pros to fracking However maybe it would ve been a better idea not to describe the wood shop s heating system in the next few pages as being a gas heat system right after we were lectured on how horrible fracking is which supplies natural gas Seems a bit hypocritical Moving on aside from the car crash in the beginningnothing happens for 25% of the book A lot of talk about types of wood which was interesting in the beginning but went on for way too long I finally decided to give up when Logan had the thought of cupping Lea s elbow as they walked and then he suddenly remembers the whole metoo movement and we get a lecture on how men were taking unconscious unthinking advantage of women and gosh darn it Logan was not going to be one of those guys Yeah that s when I decided to DNF I don t care for stories that have politics in it I read to get away from the real world not be lectured on the author s POV Now authors are certainly welcome to have their opinions and their books are their art and they can do anything they want when writing them I wish them all the success in the world But I will not be reading those booksI thank the publisher for providing me an ARC of this book and I do recommend other readers try this book if it sounds like something you would like This review is my opinion