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  • Paperback
  • 160
  • The Tin Men
  • Michael Frayn
  • English
  • 14 September 2019
  • 9780006541028


READ & DOWNLOAD ã PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook á Michael Frayn Michael Frayn á 0 FREE READ FREE READ Ï The Tin Men Y reissue features a new introduction by the authorWHAT CRITICS ARE SAYING‘Continuously funny The fun of The Tin Men is outrageous because it is so serious’ – Anthony Burgess Guardian‘A fast swooping performance by one of our very serious satirists This is a very funny book and delightful to read’ – William Trevor The Listener‘Dazzlingly funny perfect pieces of comedy’ – Observer. Originally published on my blog here in January 2000Michael Frayn s first novel is like the comic novels of JB Priestley especially Sir Michael and Sir George rather than those of Evelyn Waugh with whom the uoted reviews on the cover compare him Waugh s melancholy side is absent from The Tin Men and it is directly satirical though the novel is as funny as the comparison suggestsThe satire is about mechanisation and depersonalisation the latter a theme to which Frayn returned several times as a novelist Preparations are under way for the opening of a new wing at the William Morris Institute for Automation Research and as increasingly detailed arrangements are made for the ueen s informal visit the stress tells on the eccentric characters working to replace as much of human life as possible by computers freeing people to do the really important thingsThe automatic versions of everyday life are of course where the satire comes in meaningless headlines written by newspaper machines are a typical example I rather liked the experimental ethics department robots programmed to throw themselves off a capsizing raft to save a being complex than themselves engaging in fights to the death when two are placed on the raft In most cases the targets are fairly easy to hit but the satire is still funny The Tin Men is amusing but Frayn has gone on to write far subtle novels

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READ & DOWNLOAD ã PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook á Michael Frayn Michael Frayn á 0 FREE READ FREE READ Ï The Tin Men The William Morris Institute of Automation Research is working hard to simplify our lives by programming computers to carry out life’s routine tasks Whether it’s resolving ethical dilemmas writing pornographic novels saying prayers or watching sports these automation experts are developing machines to handle it all enabling us to enjoy free time And when it’s announced that the ueen will be. The Tin Men was written in the sixties the prime of the absurdist literature and an eve of the computer era and an onset of the artificial intelligence Both those things absurdism and computerization brought together make a brilliant combinationThere is a certain William Morris Institute of Automation Research which is preparing for the ueen s visit to open the new Ethics WingScience and life the true scientists work in the institute and they have true scientific minds Haugh had an open mind It was open at the front and it was open at the back Opinions beliefs philosophies entered sojourned briefly and were pushed out at the other end by the press of incoming convictions and systems Lamarckism Montanism Leninism Buchmanism Kleinism Spenglerism they all blew in with the draught whirled cheerfully around and sailed out again But scientists live their own lives and they dream and their dreams are original and precious And there is one fine idea for the use in the new Ethics Department Well Rothermere fails to understand and I fail to understand how this could justify using the wing to get computers writing pornographic novels and sex manuals They didn t understand but nowadays programmers and hackers understand everything That s what the progress is for

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READ & DOWNLOAD ã PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook á Michael Frayn Michael Frayn á 0 FREE READ FREE READ Ï The Tin Men Paying a royal visit and the Institute’s madcap bunch of researchers decide to program the computers to receive her what could possibly go wrongWinner of the Somerset Maugham Award The Tin Men 1965 is the brilliantly comic first novel from Michael Frayn author of the Booker Prize nominated Headlong Spies and Skios and Noises Off ‘the funniest farce ever written’ NY Times This 50th anniversar. Funny workplace satire set in a company investigating uses for computers in the 1960s This is not Sci Fi but there are some rudimentary SF elements They consider using computers to write newspaper stories or pornographic novels They even consider automating prayer why should God care whether it is a human or a machine who prays for the local sports team They attempt to build robots with just the right balance of self preservation vs human preservation After just four iterations this leads to robots trying to kill each otherBut it is human foibles that are the real heart of the humor Like the workplace comedy The Office but set in Britain if you can imagine such a thing