Epub [Mediterranean Holiday novella] Author Kate Cann

  • Paperback
  • 416
  • Mediterranean Holiday
  • Kate Cann
  • English
  • 08 July 2018
  • 9780061152160

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Mediterranean Holiday review â 0 Rgeous but he hates me Aren't holidays supposed to be relaxing Abby I wish we hadn't fallen out Maybe see you when I get backLots of love honestChloe xxx. Really good book Y

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Mediterranean Holiday review â 0 Hi AbbyBet I'm the last person you expected to get a card from The island is hot and beautiful and brilliant but you were 80% right about Davinia No 90%. This book is about a girl Chloe who becomes a little obsessed with the new girl at school Davina and ends up going on holiday with her to find that she is not as perfect as she thinks However a short way into this book Chloe meets a girl who is basically Davina s doppleganger that is to say Chloe actually mistakes this other girl for Davina because she basically looks and behaves exactly like her and Chloe says that she should have taken this as a sign that there was something wrong about Davina Unfortunatley though the book ends without another mention of this mystery girl and I m just wondering who she was and what relevance she really had The story also seems to be a bit lacking at times as if there could have been substance which is a shame Bit disappointed but overall probably deserves a 5 out of 10

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Mediterranean Holiday review â 0 Right She's totally self centered and she's trying to force me to date this creep I'd sooner slit my wrists because I'm in love with someone else He's go. cute i love all of these books but they re kind of predictible