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  • 10 April 2017
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review Wow No Thank You Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB Samantha Irby ´ 3 review summary Wow No Thank You Oks and is courted by Hollywood left Chicago and moved into a house with a garden that reuires repairs and know how with her wife and two step children in a small white Republican town in Michigan where she now hosts book clubs This is the bourgeois life of dreams She goes on bad Convenience is the number one driver of everything I doIt s been a tough few weeks Working from home and social distancing was starting to mess with my mojo Even as a natural born introvert I could understand why Tom Hanks character was talking to a coconut called Wilson in the movie Castaway My incarceration had its moments I was starting to get Stockholm Syndrome with myselfSo thank goodness for the fabliss Sam Irby What better way to spend the last day of the Easter long weekend than by hunkering down and spending time with my favourite human sloth These days disgusting cozy clothes are my main sartorial vibeSam I had previously crossed paths with her earlier book We Are Never Meeting In Real Life Which I enjoyed so much that my mouth was sore from grinning like the proverbial Cheshire Cat Despite some of the very serious topics she covered in that book overall it was a brilliant confessional of stuff that irks most of us And it s always the trivial stuff that has the highest irk factorI loved her then and I love her now Her humour is wickedly irreverent She s sassy She pulls no punches She tells it like it is She thinks what you re thinking and verbalises those thoughts Out loud Real loud Noooo filter She says stuff you d probably only say after a very long liuid lunch with your favourite girlfriends three sheets to the windWhat s not to love about someone who openly admits An eight o clock movie on Tuesday night sounded plausible last Thursday but now it s Tuesday afternoon And how about Going out on Saturday night sounded great on Wednesday but now Saturday is here and I m in my cozy clothes I hear you Much as the recent shutdownlockdown is not to my liking I m still someone who s perfectly happy to potter about and read a good book rather than mingle Reading about her occasional social forays had me in stitches I am up five hours forty seven minutes and nineteen seconds past my bedtime and that is a dangerous place to be awake at rat o clock in uncomfortable shoes and itchy eye makeupThere is so much subtle and not so subtle humour in these essays Sam has an amazing observational eye that is spot on And talks about random topics that had me amused no end I don t know if this is some sort of reverse profiling but I can usually glance at a person and know at first sight that we re probably going to get along I don t have it down to a science I m not researching shit dude but here are some dead giveaways lists uirky attributes to being a kindred spiritThanks Sam for the great ab workout from laughing so much My sinuses have cleared as well Maybe it s a good thing I m in social isolation so no one has to see that Yes I grinned just as much this time around Sam you rock Incredible truly is the runaway review for this book By the author herself Too funnyWow no thank you is a winner winner chicken dinner In fact I m going to use that title in everyday conversation Just throw it in for no good reason When I am eventually released into the world and partake in a bit of conversingThis was the perfect tonic for these way too serious and way too anxious times Do yourself a favour and settle in with this one Time will fly Trigger warning Offensive language bodily functions etc etc yadda yadda Life s too short Don t be precious Let go and laugh Disclaimer All care given but no responsibility taken or however the saying goes Turns out Wilson was a volleyball thanks Edgarr Alien Pooh for being a sharp Eagle Eye and cinephile Hmmmwell I knew he was talking to something spherical What can I say I saw the movie a decade ago

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review Wow No Thank You Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB Samantha Irby ´ 3 review summary Wow No Thank You A new essay collection from Samantha Irby about aging marriage settling down with step children in white small town AmericaIrby is turning forty and increasingly uncomfortable in her own skin She has left her job as a receptionist at a veterinary clinic has published successful bo NOW AVAILABLEthis book made me love samantha irby as much as the rest of you already do cuz i admit i was not crazy about We Are Never Meeting In Real Life i went on and on about why in my review but you re already here so to summarize i d never read her before and a few too many of the essays came across as self conscious and overworked like she was trying to shove humormemoir pieces through a short story filter it felt off in shape and form keeping the reader at arm s length by using too many overlaying gimmicky style flourishes as clunky as that sentence i just wrote this new collection is fantastic it s much confident and conversational and loose it doesn t feel like writing that s been reworked too many times its best parts buried under unnecessary zazz and flair she s funny enough to justwrite to lay it all out there without second guessing any of it powering through in an engaging tone as unfussy as the essays contents many of which are about blood poop and tears the verymany failings of the body and the mind and the spirit she and i seem to have many areas of same shameself deprecatory overlap i too am an ill prepared child person whose body is a toilet always wondering although in less perfect words Am I ever going to stop writing the horror movie I have been starring in since the day I was born it is heartening to know that i m not the only one so unsuited for 92% of life everything from navigating social situations to home ownership i also appreciate her USE OF CAPITAL LETTERS FOR EMPHASIS especially as someone who just had all their similarly deployed capital letters turned into wimpy italics by an otherwise delightful editor it s kind of perfect that this book is pubbing mid uarantine because if there s anyone absolutely suited for the lifestyle it s samantha irby her five k bler ross stages of impending social engagement dismay is an all too familiar process though i m sure she receives far invitations than i do since ain t none of us going out anytime soon i ll leave it here as a reminder of olden times before returning to my rona cave1 Denial Did I really tell homegirl I would meet her for dinner and drinks tonight or is this a dream 2 Anger WHY THE FUCK DID I AGREE TO THIS I HATE GOING PLACES AND DOING THINGS WHY WOULD THEY EVEN INVITE ME 3 Bargaining If I go to this restaurant tonight and I tell some jokes and act real sweet I will keep this friendship intact plus I won t have to make up a transparent lie or sneak around trying not to like shit on Instagram and also I don t ever have to leave my crib ever again 4 Depression Is there anything worse in life than someone wanting to hang out with me Especially in a fancy bar that serves handcrafted cocktails Maybe I can throw myself off the organic rooftop urban garden and end this miserable charade for good 5 Acceptance Fine then I ma just watch four episodes of SVU and eat saltines with my shoes on until it s time to call a Lyft back to blanket town soldcome to my blog

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review Wow No Thank You Ø eBook or Kindle ePUB Samantha Irby ´ 3 review summary Wow No Thank You Dates with new friends spends weeks in Los Angeles taking meetings with skinny luminous peoples while being a cheese fry eating slightly damp Midwest person with neck pain and no cartilage in her knees and hides Entenmann's cookies under her bed and unopened bills under her pillow Wow ok It s very possible that I have reached my limit with essay collections I really loved We Are Never Meeting in Real Lifein fact I just reread my review of that one and man I wish I could relive that feeling I loved that book Moving onthis one had some laugh out loud moments for me and a few essays I really liked but it was repetitive and of a mixed bag Also it bears repeating that those offended by profanity should look elsewhere3 stars possibly influenced by my love of her past work though