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review Ñ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Õ Salman Rushdie Salman Rushdie Õ 7 read & download review The Jaguar Smile A Nicaraguan Journey Salman Rushdie went to Nicaragua in 1986 harboring no preconceptions of what he might find What he discovered was overwhelming a culture of heroes who had turned I didn t know much about Nicaragua or the Contra War of the 80s as I was only in gradeschool at the time I didn t pick this book up because I wanted to find out about the topic either I picked it up because I thought it would a short novel I could finish off before the new year I was the definition of a blank slate Imagine my surprise when I realized that this was actually a work of non fictionAs a blank slate I can t really rate this book based on how accurate Rushdie s depiction of the state of things was I can only judge it on his prose and his ability to explain what he is personally setting out to explain On those terms the book is very successful I was very surprised that in such a brief work I found myself comfortably knowledgable about most of the involved parties including the Sandanistas the east coast Misurasata and various sects of the Contra movement Rushdie s verdict in the end is an almost ambiguous one coming hesitantly down on the side of the Sandanistas with some reservations Perhaps I m naive but his findings appeared to be the honest opinion of a neutral observer and not any kind of liberal propagandaOutside of the politics he also paints a picture of the citizens of the country who are a resiliant and hopeful and poetic people This jives pretty accurately with my impressions of various Central American friends from college and the stories they shared about their livesNow this book was written in 1987 and as a glimpse at that particular moment of time I think this book is very effective Rushdie sees a certain righteousness in the Sandanista movement but warns that with power comes certain temptations and admits that the leaders he met with were uestionably euipped to deal with those temptations The title in fact comes from a limerick in which a little girl wearing a smile rides away on a jaguar When she returns the girl is gone and now the jaguar is wearing the smile Far from being propaganda Rushdie awknowledges with his title that the politics of Nicaragua are dangerous and ambiguous History would show that neither the Sandanistas or the Contras or even the Americans who became involved turned out to be truely just in their actionsBut I guess that s always the way when politics and religion are concerned people freuently end up doing the wrong things for the what they feel are the right reasons The Jaguar Smile captures that pretty succinctly

review Ñ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Õ Salman RushdieThe Jaguar Smile A Nicaraguan Journey

review Ñ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Õ Salman Rushdie Salman Rushdie Õ 7 read & download review The Jaguar Smile A Nicaraguan Journey Into inanimate objects and of politicians and warriors who were poets; a land of difficult often beautiful contradictions His perceptions always heightened by his This isn t a badly written book by any means Rushdie is of course a great writer and when he s describing the nonpolitical people and places he visited in Nicaragua it s an interesting book But what he had to say in this book overall really bugged me I read it along with Kinzer s book about Nicaragua Blood of Brothers and Kinzer has profoundly different things to say about the Sandinistas than does Rushdie At one point he actually mocks and criticizes an unfavorable story about the Sandinistas written by Kinzer for the NY Times This was particularly obnoxious considering Kinzer had been living in Managua for a really long time and Rushdie was there for all of about 3 weeks Yeah he wrote a book about a country he d been in for 3 weeks In the intro to this book Rushdie notes that while appearing on a radio show in the US while promoting the book the conservative host maybe Limbaugh asked how long he d been a Communist stooge Sadly after reading this book I nearly agree with that radio host Rushdie seems so naive in this book He comes off as a mouth piece for the Sandinistas He rightly speaks of the horrible things the American backed Contras did during the war But he finds ways to apologize for everything the Sandinistas did History has very much proven that the Sandinistas weren t great people They imprisoned tortured and also executed their opposition They stifled dissent and free expression I don t blame Rushdie for wanting to see a revolution in Central America succeed I m very much disgusted by all the Reagan administration did in Nicaragua myself But give me a break Rushdie should have been a little evenhanded here with the criticism Instead this book comes off as a long love letter to the Sandinistas

Salman Rushdie Õ 7 read & download

review Ñ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Õ Salman Rushdie Salman Rushdie Õ 7 read & download review The Jaguar Smile A Nicaraguan Journey Special sensitivity to “the views from underneath” Rushdie reveals a land resounding with the clashes between history and morality government and individuals I discovered this in the Latin America section in Stanfords uite unaware that Salman Rushdie had written it and central America was somewhere I have always wanted to travel aroundRusdie s trip of three weeks was made at the invitation of the Sandinista Association of Cultural workers and he was there at the seven year anniversary of the Sandinista s rise to power While there he conversed with the President Daniel Ortega ministers most of whom are poets the owner of the recently closed La Prensa newspaper aid workers and a midwife and her cowNicaragua which Rushdie clearly falls in love with is portrayed very much as the little guy standing up to the big un The US under Reagan as the revolutionary government is besieged by the Contra and it s backers It s always hard to tell just how truthful or unbiased narratives like this are But to be fair to El Escritor hindu as he is known he does not shy away from asking fairly probing uestions where he can and presses the government on it s closure of La Prensa numerous times and he admits failings in the book of people who he didn t get to interviewIt s a slim book Rushdie articulately mixing in facts with bits of his journeys around the country and his conversations with those in power and those without The Jaguar Smile should be seen as a postcard a snapshot of a time and a place a place that I myself long to goblog review here

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