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Haroun and the Sea of Stories

read ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ë Salman Rushdie review Haroun and the Sea of Stories 103 Hdie's classic children's novel Haroun and the Sea of Stories inhabits the same imaginative space as The Lord of the Rings The Alchemist and The Wizard of Oz In this captivating work of fantasy from the author of Midnight’s. The Satanic Verses bent my brain funny I thought Rushdie had some good prose the ideas were interesting but the surrealism combined with moments of silliness made for an odd mix and in the end I left satisfied but disoriented like I d eaten an exotic mealHaroun and the Sea of Stories was Rushdie s attempt to write a children s book for the son he was estranged from There s a certain sadness to the tone of the book wherein a storyteller loses his ability to do his job and his son must travel through the world of stories to get it backMuch like Clive Barker I consider Rushdie to be a good author who should stay far away from children s writing It brings out the worst in him While the writing itself is good it s goofy in ways that most children would probably find annoying and lacks the depth or bite to keep most adults involved Everyone has silly names most of them have silly descriptions and over all the book just felt frivolous Children s literature at its best can have real bite and emotional impact but unfortunately Rushdie s effort feels like tourism to the genre There s plenty to like about the author I have Midnight s Children sitting on my to do pile but if anything else comes out from him with a children s book branding I m going to have to pass

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read ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ë Salman Rushdie review Haroun and the Sea of Stories 103 Children and The Enchantress of Florence Haroun sets out on an adventure to restore the poisoned source of the sea of stories On the way he encounters many foes all intent on draining the sea of all its storytelling powers ?. Great kid s story my son loved it I thought that the language was clever and creative and enjoyed the pace The characters were engaging funny and a joy to follow If you have a kid that is between 8 and 10 years old they will love reading this book with you I am sure

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read ´ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ë Salman Rushdie review Haroun and the Sea of Stories 103 Alternate cover for this ISBN can be found hereDiscover Haroun and the Sea of Stories Salman Rushdie’s classic fantasy novel  Set in an exotic Eastern landscape peopled by magicians and fantastic talking animals Salman Rus. Hurrah for diverse books before I say another word I loved how this book drew on PakistaniMuslim stories and imagery and I enjoyed the company of its young protagonist I m sure younger readers will too I was interested to see how Rushdie would adapt his style and it seems he did so by indulging his taste for clich and word play as much and as fantastically as possible The magic in this fantasy yarn is all rooted in language figures of speech come to life and behave unpredictably metaphors become literal and the whole lot gets an embroidery of tasty collouialisms I think that s why I found it a bit overcooked a little bit too self conscious Another reason it seems self conscious is perhaps its transparent agenda it s a parable in defense of freedom of speech The righteous army argue about their orders extensively The General loves a good debate he s delighted to listen to the discussion Finally they all proceed with commitment Ace Orwell wrote about the same thing happening in real life in Homage to Catalonia no discipline problems As well as the right of citizens to dissent and challenge authority Rushdie wants the rights of storytellers to tell it their way to be sacrosanct severely rebuking attempts at political interference And uite right too But when the story is so openly didactic the writer ought I feel to be careful about other things too I ve written about Rushdie s male oriented but creative writing of gender before but here it strikes me as simply sloppy I waited over 100 pages for an interesting female character and I liked her when she arrived but she had heavy work against the sexism of her culture and even against her author to make up for the barely written faithless wife the damsel in distress used for light relief although Haroun challenged it rather weakly and ambiguously but what is with this purity of fairytales angle Seriously needed work and the mockery of Princess Batcheet for her physical attributes

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