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read That Wild Country That Wild Country review ¶ eBook or Kindle ePUB Mark Kenyon È 3 free read From prominent outdoorsman and nature writer Mark Kenyon comes an engrossing reflection on the past and future battles over our most revered landscapes America’s public lands Every American is a public land owner inheritor to the largest public land trust in the world These vast expanses provide a home to wildlife populations a vital source of cl This is an elegy for our public lands in America that are slowly being consumedTrashGraffitiInfluencersEncroachmentIn many ways we are loving our public lands to death We are desperate to prove that we did something or that we went somewhere that we disregard nature for our own desires We stray from the paths that keep the lands safe We trample poppies and climb fences Public lands are suffering from this and changingThis book is a remembrance of what escapism is all about What it is for The lands are for getting away not for your next post This book dives into the history of why public lands are so cherished and necessary in the United States and how the author likes to use them He emphasizes that even in this crazy digital world we are in it is possible to disconnect completelyI like the idea of being able to remove myself from the modern and reconnect to the past and to nature It is so difficult to do but I believe that it is necessary for the soulWe need the possibility of escape as surely as we need hope Edward Abbey

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read That Wild Country That Wild Country review ¶ eBook or Kindle ePUB Mark Kenyon È 3 free read Ean air and water and a haven for recreationSince its inception however America’s public land system has been embroiled in controversy caught in the push and pull between the desire to develop the valuable resources the land holds or conserve them Alarmed by rising tensions over the use of these lands hunter angler and outdoor enthusiast Mark Ken I am a National Park addict I have made it a point to always visit the national parks available to all Americans whenever I m near one My favorite is the one I m closest to and thus have visited the most the Great Smoky Mountains NP But I think that Glacier NP has to run a close second this jewel of Western Montana is so lovely with landscapes and vistas so sweeping and majestic that they almost defy description The wildlife is so varied from the small pika to mountain goats and bighorn sheep to grizzly bears So this book part a history of the many types of public lands it s not just national parks and how they came into being and how they are managed and part a travelogue and personal journey of the author s through some of America s most pristine places appealed to me on many levels Some of these are places I ve visited or want to visit while others are places I m unlikely to go and yet I feel richer knowing that they are there for all AmericansAmericans as a nation own an incredible 28% of our land as public lands 640 million acres It s not just national parks but also wildernesses wildlife refuges national forests and other publicly managed lands The author starts with Yellowstone the first national park and first of its kind in the world and traces the development of public land policy as pro conservation forces like Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir were confronted by pro development forces The pendulum swings back and forth over the next 100 years as these two forces continually push and pull the boundaries on how we use our public lands The past few years have been an overall loss for the public as there are forces that want to exploit the resources with little regard to what we all lose This is an important book because Kenyon is not a tree hugger he does hunt and fish and wants to protect the natural areas for those uses The use of public lands can bring together liberals and conservatives hunters and tree huggers we all should be concerned about our lands It has become a partisan point and it should not be this should concern all of us as Americans This land IS our land unless it is sold or exploited by industryuotes to rememberTeddy Roosevelt Leave it as it is You cannot improve on it The ages have been at work on it and man can only mar it What you can do is keep it for your children your children s children and for all who come after you as one of the great sights which every American if he can travel at all should seeMark Twain supposedly once said that history doesn t repeat itself but it often rhymeswild places and resources of America especially its forests shouldn t be monopolized by the rich few but rather conserved for the manyconservation should be defined by managing natural resources to provide the greatest good for the greatest number in the long runRooseveltcreated 5 national parks 150 national forests than 50 wildlife refuges and 18 national monuments in total than 230 million acres of newly protected lands And he did all of this despite enormous pushback from anti public land forcesIn its 9 years of existence it s said that the Civilian Conservation Corps planted between 2 and 3 billion trees cleared 13 thousand miles of hiking trails built than 40 thousand bridges and 3 thousand fire towers helped establish than 700 new state parks made improvements in 94 national parks or monument areas and developed 52 thousand acres of public campgrounds And while all the work happened nearly a century ago many CCC projects are still used todayOctober 2 1968 The legislation formally established two national scenic trails the Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest Trail I had no idea that the AT was this recently establishedthe nation witnessed a rare moment in history when both Democrats and Republicans fought in eual measure to carry the mantle of the environmental movement forwardRather than proposing overt land salesnow it s Let s cut agency budgets let s impair the value of these lands let s not fund all of the management actions let s not fund all of the back logged maintenance let s not give the agencies the money they need to do their work

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read That Wild Country That Wild Country review ¶ eBook or Kindle ePUB Mark Kenyon È 3 free read Yon set out to explore the spaces involved in this heated debate and learn firsthand how they came to be and what their future might holdPart travelogue and part historical examination That Wild Country invites readers on an intimate tour of the wondrous wild and public places that are a uniuely profound and endangered part of the American landscap A must read for anyone who uses public lands BLM National forests national parks etc This was the perfect mix of adventure stories and history of our public lands and the fight for them anyone who has benefited from these lands will have a whole new appreciation after reading this It was eye opening to read how long this battle for public lands has been going on and was really interesting to see all the work that those in the past have done for us to be able to enjoy it