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Free download The Thirteenth Psalm ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Peter Fehervari ✓ 5 Read Free download The Thirteenth Psalm A Warhammer 40000 storyA Chaplain of the Angels Penitent tells the tale of his journey from sinner through the revelation offered by the Prophet – heed well his wordsREAD IT BECAUSEThe Angels Penitent are a fascinating Chapter influenced by an outside force fallen and reborn and eternally my The Thirteenth Psalm from Peter Feharvari originally appeared in Black Library s Inferno Vol 2 and it now makes its well deserved standalone digital debut The Thirteenth Pslam marks the most welcome return of the Angels Penitent the morbid Chapter introduced to us along with their original iteration the Angels Resplendent by Peter Fehervari in his profoundly deep heart wrenching story The Crown of ThornsSide note This is for those who perhaps are reading a story by Fehervari for the first time I mention this since part of the appeal of Inferno is outreach to new readers Peter Fehervari is in my opinion and in the opinion of many others the finest deepest and darkest author in the Black Library stable Throughout the course of his body of work he has masterfully woven a bizarre mind twisting tapestry known as the Dark Coil Ergo each of his stories are interwoven with all the others and all contain both important bridges between them as well as cryptic nuanced strands and references If you are going into this story as a first timer I d highly recommend at least reading The Crown of Thorns first That is your best primer for witnessing the fate of the Angels Resplendent and the current state of the Angels Penitent On a side note a reading of the outstanding novella Fire Ice will introduce you to the planet Oblazt upon which the action in Thirteenth Psalm transpires And now back to the review properFormerly unparalleled artisans and craftsmen the brothers of the Angels Resplendent fell into brutal religious zealotry with the arrival of the Undying Martyr a mysterious and terrifying figure who espoused a regime of piousness and penance Reborn as the Angels Penitent the brothers have adapted an iconoclastic stance going to far as to dispatch teams to expunge the artifacts crafted in their former life from points across the galaxy their creations were highly sought after in days of oldHeading up one particular team Absolution Company is Bjargo Rathana a former Artisan Illuminant turned Chaplain Castigant a member of the dreaded Crown of Thorns the brutal conclave of Chaplains which oversees the draconian tenets of the Angels Penitent with an iron hammer errrr croziusIn The Thirteenth Psalm Absolution Company is tasked with the censure of a particularly heinous artifact a massive magnificent mirror crafted by one of the most esteemed former artisans What causes their mission to be markedly onerous is the fact that this artifact in particular is a prized piece in the the collection of an Oblazt aristocrat one Konteza Esseker Esseker s tastes run towards the baser pleasures suffice to say her manse is named the Concupiscent Hearth with very good reasonNow if you know 40K stories then you can guess that those with carnal desires have usually brokered deals with carnal beings And if you know Fehervari then you know that whenever a mirror appears some dark painful truths are bound to be revealedThe Thirteenth Psalm is Fehervari in top form As bizarre deep and twisting as it is it is still remarkably accessible Also what helps it stand out is that it is bar none Fehervari s most outright horror story to be honest I am extremely perplexed as to why Black Library did not place this under the umbrella of their fledgling Warhammer Horror imprint in my opinion this would have been a fantastic inaugural work for itSo how do all the parts stack upStoryAs with most Fehervari stories The Thirteenth Psalm unfolds via a nonlinear narrative We open in front of the reviled mirror as Rathana recounts the events of the mission to the double who stands before himThe mission of course had been a rapid descent into madness as Esseker s insidious presence hounded the stalwart Astartes from the moment they stepped foot in her cursed estateTo say would risk spoilers This is a short story and Fehervari as always makes every word count In short The Thirteenth Psalm is a true Warhammer 40K Space Marine haunted house story To put it like that makes the premise seem ludicrously incongruous yet through Fehervari s masterful writing it is an effective and terrifying slice of horrorCharactersExceptional When dealing with Space Marines an author has to be creative to accommodate their particular emotional palette Fehervari works within these parameters and still imbues his characters with gravitas with passion with despair Always despair Despair which knows no bounds constrained by no falls allowing emotional tumbles which are never rewarded with even the catharsis of hitting bottomThe Angels Penitent walk the endless path of perennial contrition their grim raison d etre the search for absolution for their past transgressions Of course simple censure will never remedy these vain crimes as the pride upon which their passions were predicated remain a fixed smear upon their soulsOf course the Konteza as well as her vile mirror find fertile ground for manipulation within these troubled soulsActionFehervari has stated elsewhere that action is never the focal point of his stories That may be true but in each of his stories the action when and where it occurs is always top notch I ve stated before Fehervari has a director s eye for orchestrating action setpieces and the results are as brutal and ugly as one would expect of combat involving genetically enhanced humans encased in ceramite armor and wielding wicked weapons of mass destructionThere is one blistering action scene at the climax of The Thirteenth Psalm It is all things mentioned above and the ramifications are disastrous for all involved The descriptions of all that transpires in this scene are palpable real and terrifyingName GameOne of the highlights of reading anything by Fehervari is connecting the dots between stories as well as searching for hidden meanings or outright Easter Eggs behind character and place namesThe primary connection in The Thirteenth Psalm is of course the return to Oblazt Oblazt is still as we saw in Fire Ice in the throes of revolt as those who ve opted to throw in their lot with the Greater Good are in the process of overthrowing their aristo overlordsAs for names Fehervari chooses those especially for the brothers of the Angels Penitent which carry connotations of beauty as well as religious significanceHowever there is one name string which I found particularly well done both meaningful and clever It involves my absolute favorite character in the story Brother Redactor Anselm the main reason why Anselm became a fast favorite should be absolutely no surprise at all Anselm a beautiful name on its own an Italian name which emerged from Germanic roots means with God s protection However it also links to to painter Anselm Kiefer who created a profound piece named The Hierarchy of the Angels which is roughly the same size and shape of the mirror in the story Also remember that a true Hierarchy of Angels stands before the mirror in the story as we have Brothers a Sergeant and Bjargo a Chaplain Castigant the ruling faction in the Angels Penitent Pretty cool rightThere s a tad Taking Anselm s last name Kiefer we saunter over to Kiefer Sutherland who starred in a movie called Mirrors which featured a pivotal character namedEssekerSee not only do you get a fantastic story you get bonus word games as wellGet your copy of Inferno Vol 2 If for no other reason than to experience this story do it You won t be disappointedHere s What It IsPeter Fehervari finally gets to unleash his horror chops in a terrifying atmospheric emotional haunted house taleThe fear is effective keeping us peeking around every corner pondering what horrors might lurk there The terror becomes real when we realize the horrors have nested in our very soulsAlso as with The Crown of Thorns there is an oppressively pervasive sense of sorrow permeating throughout the narrative Perhaps the true horror here is the prospect of art of dreams of beauty lost forever scorched away from the eternal annals of timePlease check out my full review of this masterpiece short story here Thanks

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Free download The Thirteenth Psalm ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Peter Fehervari ✓ 5 Read Free download The Thirteenth Psalm Ysterious prophet their beliefs were changed and civil war ensued They emerged as the Angels Penitent determined to atone for their sins One among them now a Chaplain of the Chapter's new creed tells his tale through a series of reflections that shed light on this most mysterious of brotherhoo The Angels Penitent led by Chaplain Bjargo Rathana descend upon the planet Oblazt However they have not come to end the Tau induced rebellion that has gripped the planet Instead they are here to destroy a mirror held by a noblewoman crafted in their Chapter s past back when they were the Angels Resplendent Ever since I read Crown of Thorns I ve wanted to read about the self damned Chapter of the Angels ResplendentAngels Penitent and The Thirteenth Psalm did not disappoint Written in sections titled Reflections we see Bjargo s rumination as he performs the rites to destroy the mirror reflecting on the events that led up to the story s present It is through Bjargo s narration that we see the Angels Penitent s fanaticism in full effect along with their hypocrisyFor example Bjargo notes early on that when he was an Angel Resplendent he was exempt from the frontlines due to his artistic talents sinning it as pride and arrogance However the Angels Penitent are just as guilty by creating a company whose only goal is to hunt down Resplendent artifacts to the point that they ignore a Tau instigated rebellion and only concern themselves with a Slaaneshi worshiping noble due to her possessing the very object they re afterOverall an enjoyable read from Fehervari that gives me of what I wanted from his previous stories while leaving uestions for the readers to think about namely how truthful Bjargo s narration is

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Free download The Thirteenth Psalm ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Peter Fehervari ✓ 5 Read Free download The Thirteenth Psalm Sterious This tale gives you a glimpse into their beliefs through the eyes of one of their ownTHE STORYThe Angels Penitent are a Space Marine Chapter in crisis Once they defended the Emperor's realm as the Angels Resplendent glorious sons of the primarch Sanguinius Through the influence of a m The Thirteenth Psalm is further evidence that Peter Fehervari simply aces every part of the 40k universe he turns his hand to It s Space Marines this time and in particular the Angels Penitent to whom he turns his attention They are a chapter who really stretch the limits of the Imperial Creed and make an excellent vessel for Fehervari to channel his challenging character driven writing into There is combat it is a 40k story after all but make no mistake the most compelling conflicts are internal Where there is an external threat it is suitably disturbing and mysterious and serves to highlight and prey on the flaws of his protagonistsThis left me wanting and especially excited for the upcoming novel entirely dedicated to the Angels Penitent which Fehervari has said is next on his docket

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