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Man and Wife Harry Silver #2 Free download ô 105 K or will it all go wrong When he meets a woman who makes him uestion everything his tangled web becomes even knotty In this brilliant seuel to the internationally bestselling Man and Boy Tony Parsons reminds us why he is a favorite author in over thirty countries Man and Wife is a story about families in the new century written with all the humor passion and superb storytelling that have made millions across the globe cry and laugh out loud An interesting look into the man s perspective of marriage divorce blended families and the eternal search of how love can hold a marriage together

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Man and Wife Harry Silver #2

Man and Wife Harry Silver #2 Free download ô 105 A novel about love and marriage about why we fall in love and why we marry why we stay and why we go Harry Silver is ready to try again at living happily ever after It won't be easy not when he has to juggle his wife Cyd and ex wife Gina; his son Pat and his stepdaughter Peggy; his own work and his wife's fast growing career When Gina announces that she's relocating to another country taking Pat with her and Cyd's burgeoning success has made It is a truth universally acknowledged that the world is going to Hell in a handcart or perhaps Shite on a Segway and all people everywhere apart from children and old ladies are complete cts Therefore I didn t need this half baked hotchpotch of cliched set pieces You re not my dad supermarket tantrums anyone and banal truisms cancer is baaaad and like so unfair to confirm this for me This is not a good book

Free read Þ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Tony Parsons

Man and Wife Harry Silver #2 Free download ô 105 Her rethink having another child Harry finds his fairy tale ending moving out of reach Meanwhile his mother who has always been his biggest fan and source of comfort is battling breast cancer and needs him to be strong Did Harry commit to a steady relationship too soon Can you love really love a child who is not your own Can you be a good father to a child you only see on the weekends And can Harry keep this new and complicated life on trac Though he is supposedly an internationally best selling author I had never heard of Tony Parsons until Kelly loaned me this book He is compared to both Nick Hornby and Helen Fielding on the inside cover but I d say there s a bit of the Hornby peek into the male psyche vibe going on in this novel than any tinge of Bridget Jones Harry Silver the hero or anti hero of the story is struggling to deal with the complexity of relationships in the modern age He is a successful television producer but he is on his second wife Cyd and trying to be a father to both his son Pat and his stepdaugher Peggy The scenarios he finds himself in are often painfully awkwardly real as is Harry s addiction to the beginnings of romantic relationships Said addiction leads Harry to make some choices that only complicate his life furtherI never had my cry button pushed as the People magagine blurb on the cover warned me I might but I found this novel a uick and engaging read Though at times I really wanted to slap Harry on the nose with a rolled up newspaper I think that was what Parsons was going for This novel is a seuel to Man and Boy and though I don t think you have to read that book first because I didn t it might add depth to all the characters involved

  • Paperback
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  • Man and Wife Harry Silver #2
  • Tony Parsons
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  • 14 August 2018
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