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Summer of '69

CHARACTERS ´ Summer of '69 Rica nothing is the same Blair the oldest sister is marooned in Boston pregnant with twins and unable to travel Middle sister Kirby caught up in the thrilling vortex of civil rights protests and determined to be independent takes a summer job on Martha's Vineyard Only son Tiger is an infantry soldier recently deployed to Vietnam And thirteen year old Jessie suddenly feels like an only child marooned in the house with her out of touch grandmother. I think I have a like hate relationship with Elin Hilderbrand s novelsTo put it bluntly I like Hilderbrand s stories But I don t like Hilderbrand s writingA year ago I read her Winter Street series and found the entire experience to be similar to that of watching a B movie not that great not totally satisfying but just engaging enough to lead me to read all four books in the series I cut Hilderbrand some slack however as I have often found that a holiday series is not necessarily an accurate depiction of an author s true writing chops I thought it best to give one of her summery novels a try before forming a definitive opinion about her work seeing as those seem to be what her devoted readers love best And it was with all this in mind that I approached Summer of 69 I happily selected it as my next Hilderbrand novel both mildly excited and optimistically hopeful that I would find it to be a substantially better read than the Winter Street series Alas Sigh Sigh SighThe novel follows the members of the Levin family as they individually prepare for what is for them a different type of summer The year is 1969 one of the most politically charged chaotic years in the history of the United States The Levin children typically look forward to spending the summer together in Nantucket living in their grandmother s historic home But their lives are in as much a state of upheaval as is the nationIn Boston is Blair the eldest sister pregnant with twins and unable to travel to Nantucket Kirby the middle sister and civil rights activist accepts a summer job in Martha s Vineyard to distance herself from the family The only son Tiger is a soldier away fighting in the Vietnam War And thirteen year old Jessie is left facing a dismal summer alone in the house with her set in her ways grandmother Exalta and anxious mother Kate No Life is certainly not the same for the Levins and little do they know the extent it will continue to change over the course of the summer of 1969To swing back around to the opening line of my review I will begin by saying that overall I like Summer of 69 Really Truly The story is compelling from the start The characters are appealing The historical backdrop of 1969 is intriguing and adds an extra layer of interest to the narrativeButThe novel is just so simplistic So superficial So light and by this I mean without any sort of depth or weight to it In no way does Hilderbrand dig deeply into the story the narrative the characters the historical setting and the political climate are all flat and touched only on the surfaceHistory lovers know that Summer of 69 is at best lite historical fiction At its core the novel is of a family drama and the story is not at all beholden to the year 1969 Plus it s almost as if Hilderbrand attempts to up the historical authenticity factor by tossing into the narrative every single bit of research she uncovered along with every single notable public event of 1969 The history feels forced and manipulated rather than naturally threaded into the dramaAnd Hilderbrand s writing is just gulp cringeworthy Excuse me while I duck and cover Swinging baseball bats are incoming It s nails on chalkboard awful Her prose is pedestrian and clunky her sentences are elementary and almost child like in nature She tells everything and shows the reader nothingMy biggest pet peeve She uses the exclamation point almost as often as she uses the period It s mind boggling It must be her favorite form of punctuation Please stop Oh how I wish she instead loved the period Or the uestion mark Heck I would even settle for a semicolon now and thenSee what I did thereToo much All snarky criticism aside Summer of 69 is enjoyable and makes for a great beach read But if you re looking for anything than that I recommend you look elsewhereAnd don t get me wrong I still see many many Hilderbrand novels in my future Some things in life are so good because they are so bad

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CHARACTERS ´ Summer of '69 And her worried mother while each of them hides a troubling secretAs the summer heats up Ted Kennedy sinks a car in Chappauiddick man flies to the moon and Jessie and her family experience their own dramatic upheavals along with the rest of the country In her first historical novel rich with the details of an era that shaped both a nation and an island thirty miles out to sea Elin Hilderbrand once again earns her title as ueen of the summer novel. Summer of 69 is my first book I read by Elin Hilderbrand and I have to say it was the perfect one to start with It s already coming up to the end of summer and we haven t had any summer weather and I really enjoyed being swept away to the sun in Nantucket The cover alone took me to my happy summer place Elin Hilderbrand weaves a historical fiction family drama with a beach read that was the perfect summer read for me She vividly creates the iconic American summer of 69 while capturing each of the characters own conflicts that represents a theme of that era The writing flows so uietly as Hilderbrand explores a lot of themes here I was immediately drawn into the family dynamics here with their misunderstanding secrets headache and worry Their relationships are complicated however the dynamics between them is easy and light while still capturing their emotional depth and growthI enjoyed every minute of this story and it all came together so well I highly recommend I look forward to diving into one of the many other books by Elin Hilderbrand I own Empire State Building: The Making of a Landmark growthI enjoyed every minute of this story and it all came together so well I highly recommend I look forward to diving into one of the many other books by Elin Hilderbrand I own

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CHARACTERS ´ Summer of '69 Four siblings experience the drama intrigue and upheaval of the '60s summer when everything changed in Elin Hilderbrand's #1 New York Times bestselling historical novelWelcome to the most tumultuous summer of the twentieth century It's 1969 and for the Levin family the times they are a changing Every year the children have looked forward to spending the summer at their grandmother's historic home in downtown Nantucket But like so much else in Ame. People are people More than anything else it s the people Elin Hilderbrand brings to life among her pages that have me chomping at the bit for her annual June and now October releases And while many authors contribute to this genre space for me it is Hilderbrand s smart and often relatable approach to the beach read that has become synonymous with summer Her work eliciting an eager reader ready to jump on a ferry to Nantucket for a dose of scenery local eats and unparalleled people People who bare their hearts and truths as if we ve always been the closest of friends As if we re all local Nantucketers Last year Hilderbrand pulled off uite the feat with the delivery of her first suspense novel The Perfect Couple A book that not only proved to be one of her strongest yet but earned a coveted spot among my very favorites And this year continuing that trend of branching out Hilderbrand takes a stab at historical fiction transporting readers to Nantucket and Martha s Vineyard during the pivotal summer of 1969 A time that s near and dear to the author s family the very summer she and her twin brother said hello to the world providing the inspiration Summer of 69 brings readers into the lives of the LevinFoley family for what is poised to be a defining time Not only for the family but for the nation as a wholeThe story opens with a jarring prologue which sets the tone for the summer months ahead Tiger the only Levin son has been called to war and deployed to the front lines of Vietnam Tiger in an infantry uniform Blair the oldest sister in Brookline expecting her first child and Kirby the middle sister determined to experience life on Martha s Vineyard means thirteen year old Jessie the youngest sister is on her own Left to spend the summer with her distracted mother Kate and overbearing grandmother Exalta in the family s Nantucket summer home All s Fair Just about everyone is on the precipice of change as told through alternating chapters Kate and each of her three daughters take turns examining their views on life exposing their deepest secrets to the light of day and plucking the strings of the complicated dynamics of the relationships at their fingertips The culmination of their stories and life lessons hit home with the notion people are people This intriguing piece of fiction set amongst actual events the Vietnam War Nixon s tumultuous tenure Apollo 11 and the Chappauiddick incident surprisingly enough offered this 80 s born woman a bit of a history lesson And while I wouldn t say this reads as tried and true historical fiction it still has a very contemporary feel Hilderbrand is successful in turning back the hands of time while remaining true to her brand New and longtime fans are sure to enjoy this summer escape to Nantucket Thanks to Mitchell s Book Corner and Elin Hilderbrand for making it possible for me to add a personalized copy to my collection

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