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Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line review ¿ 3 Nterview and places to visitBut what begins as a game turns sinister as other children start disappearing from their neighborhood Jai Pari and Faiz have to confront terrified parents an indifferent police force and rumors of soul snatching djinns As the disappearances edge ever closer to home the lives of Jai and his friends will never be the same againDrawing on real incidents and a spate of disappearances in metropolitan IndiaTake a look at the Reading Guide for Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line. Fourth read from the 2020 Women s Prize for Fiction longlistMost enjoyable for the richness of its sensory details Cravings for samosas and tikka masala inevitably follow It s easy to forget Deepa Anappara s protagonist is only nine years old despite the occasional references to poop The narrative structure is formulaic and the final chapters feel rushed yet Anappara succeeds at piercing the smog choked alleys of marginalized communities to reveal disturbing realities in present day India Verdict Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line offers a robust sensory experience in lieu of suspense One of them whispered Mental s real name which was a secret known only to them and a shadow stirred in the lane The boys thought it was a cat or a flying fox though there was a charge in the air the metallic taste of electricity on their tongues the flicker of a rainbow coloured bolt of light gone so soon they could have only imagined it The sky roiled blackish blue above tangled cables and dusty street lamps The market was mostly accustomed to the distant steady thrum of the highway His nose learnt to catch the weakest of smells from hours before marigold garlands sliced papayas served with a pinch of chaat powder on top puris fried in oil to guide his steps to the right or left in dark corners

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Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line review ¿ 3 S fancy high rises and though his mother works as a maid in one to him they seem a thousand miles awayJai drools outside sweet shops watches too many reality police shows and considers himself to be smarter than his friends Pari though she gets the best grades and Faiz though Faiz has an actual job When a classmate goes missing Jai decides to use the crime solving skills he has picked up from TV to find him He asks Pari and Faiz to be his assistants and together they draw up lists of people to i.

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Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line review ¿ 3 Three friends venture into the most dangerous corners of a sprawling Indian city to find their missing classmateDown market lanes crammed with too many people dogs and rickshaws past stalls that smell of cardamom and sizzling oil below a smoggy sky that doesn’t let through a single blade of sunlight and all the way at the end of the Purple metro line lies a jumble of tin roofed homes where nine year old Jai lives with his family From his doorway he can spot the glittering lights of the city’. Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line combines humour and warmth with tragedy and deprivation innocence and optimism with bigotry and corruption Despite the djinn patrol of the title there s very little magic hereSet in a basti or Indian slum where children have vanished and the police are disinclined to help the novel follows 9 year old Jai and his friends as they play detective to try and solve the case It s an incredible window on daily life in such a place the precarity of knowing the authorities could bulldoze your home at any moment but also the strong family and community bonds that form there The sights sounds and smells of the basti are vividly evoked as Jai investigate and this immersive depiction is really well balanced to be neither sensationalised nor sugar coatedThe child characters are so endearing and na ve that I was a little unprepared for how dark this novel becomes by the end I ve since learned that the story is based on real events The heart wrenching conclusion really brings home some hard truths about how poverty renders people invisible and the way vulnerable communities are so often failed by the systems meant to protect them