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Class Notes Posing As Politics and Other Thoughts on the American Scene Read & Download ☆ 104 Adolph L. Reed Jr. ¿ 4 Read ??head spinning” and “brilliantly executed” by David Levering LewisAdolph Reed Jr has earned a national reputation for his controversial evaluations of American politics These essays illustrate why people like Katha Pollitt consider Reed “the smartest person of any race class or gender writing on race class and gender?. This book is worth re reading which I should probably do before giving an extensive and deserved treatment to the thoughts and ideas Reed puts forth For now a few thoughtsI had a professor whose historical understanding was vast and seemingly all encompassing Nonetheless he told me once that the best thing about philosophy through philosophical writing is its never being out of date that is even philosophical schools of thought whose main tenets have fallen entirely out of favour present one the opportunity for a particular object of historical interest as much as a tour of thought as thought History in the form of historical writing he told me did not always hold in this same senseReading Reed today I would now like to extend this idea to political writing good political writing will always maintain a kind of relevance in part and like philosophy because of its ability to demonstrate how and not simply what someone should think How to approach a splintering left politics for instance or how to think in terms of worn out and idealist leftist tendencies et cetera serve to demonstrate Reed s commitment to the instrumental as opposed to purely expressive forms of political actionA critiue of another s political stance with no substantive response or formulation of one s own ie expressing opposition can often act in favour of those you hope to oppose A purely expressive politics exists and operates within a framework of existing tendencies and historical realities it rides the waves of both action and inaction leverages its attitudes off of existing realities often enough without concern for those realities themselves it complicates and individualizes the experience of the political as the personal No solidarity movement at home nor abroad can be built off the purity of the individual as an abstraction which the politics of individualism has proven and the borrowing of such abstractions from an oppositional heritage based self understanding rooted in the tyrannical pursuit of civilization as a colonial construction mentality with ever new packaging in contemporary culture The main concern of gaining cultural hegemony is representation in things like already established consumer markets thus stripping the political dimension of a reality prior to the purchases we are allowed to make the forms of entertainment we take in the clothes we wear and so onIt is telling on this front that the response to the carbon tax here in Canada by fervent industry defenders besides a purposeful turn away from their science meaning the global scientific community to ours meaning a bought and sold intelligentsia operating through the think tankapparatus was also meted out along consumer lines of increased prices in grocery storesThus the discussion of the responsibility of the individual in one class context is turned against communities whose political inaction a sign of being left in the dark while civilization is held to be booming all around is the fault of themselves and themselves alone The failures of a large enough portion of the American public to understand social structural forces as a dance between badly formed racial and class categories with their pressures on political institutions the destructive nature of industry on our ecology and other super citizenry meaning those over and above any individual citizen issues become filtered through the language of individual responsibility no housing rampant drug use crumbling infrastructure Try cleaning up and going to church Global warming polar caps melting and carbon emissions at an all time high Have you recycled adeuately this week or turned off your lights before leaving the houseAlongside the abstraction of the individual as the sole vehicle for social change Reed delineates the mythological idea of the community as it was currently is held against the people Just as the individual is told to set his house in order before he has any expectation of changing the world an incredible irony considering the state of the housing crisis and the history of the politics of housing in America the community as a symbolic entity must gain some sense of a monolithic nature in order to have any sway in politics In other words it is the lack of black community not any political economic carry over from pre Civil Rights the Jim Crow era and a historical subjugation of chattel slavery that has lead to generational ineuities in the American conception of blackness as defined from withoutThere is much to touch upon here but I will simply say this for now this idealist politics using abstractions to belie the reality of the instrumental policy and impact of state apparatuses on citizens has lead to the funnelling of the ideas of race gender and similar lines of oppressive social structures to be slowly but surely embraced in academic settings and ever moving from institutional analysis and policy based action to the academic context of expressive politics whose presence carries its own tensions and contradictions as well the perpetual underclass the working class and so on generally alienated from such high falutin settings finds the abstractions and symbolism of a right wing politic to beat the ever moving target of academic representationalism and contemporarily intersectionality and the boogie man of today s iteration of cancel cultureReed largely demonstrates a return to the political as rooted deeply than the cultural a discussion of culture already demonstrates a moving of the goalpost from action to reflection pressing issue politics built off of demonstrable unity with a sort of conceptual theological unity which though much needed is often enough used against the policy battles of the instrumental left coalition Reed s contention is the need to realign the interests of the left with its fight to dispel a mythological anti establishment resistance movement to face head on the need for coalition building to undertake any form of effective political action and to understand the left as an organizing force not one of disorganization

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Class Notes Posing As Politics and Other Thoughts on the American Scene

Class Notes Posing As Politics and Other Thoughts on the American Scene Read & Download ☆ 104 Adolph L. Reed Jr. ¿ 4 Read Hailed by Publishers Weekly for its “forceful” and “bracing opinions on race and politics” Class Notes is critic Adolph Reed Jr’s latest blast of clear thinking on matters of race class and other American dilemmas The book begins with a consideration of the theoretical and practical strategies of the US left over the. Adolph Reed Jr is a relatively new find for me and has a no bullshit uality I like in a public intellectual This book is a commentary on the dreary politics of the 1980s and 1990s the summer of our discontent made glorious by the winter of Trump Reed speaks at the intersection of race and class which is a very important hinge in our society and writes of the decline of the left that has been going on since right after the postwar period And the gestural politics it mostly embodies this day which puts symbolism ahead of substance I think the left is a little stronger now than it was in the 1990s but some of these pathologies persist to the present Good stuff

Adolph L. Reed Jr. ¿ 4 Read

Class Notes Posing As Politics and Other Thoughts on the American Scene Read & Download ☆ 104 Adolph L. Reed Jr. ¿ 4 Read Last three decades Reed argues against the solipsistic approaches of cultural or identity politics and in favor of class based political interpretation and action Class Notes moves on to tackle race relations ethnic studies family values welfare reform the so called underclass and black public intellectuals in essays called ?. Adolph Reed Jr is one of my favorite left wing intellectuals This collection of essays primarily focuses on political strategy racism and ineuality Reed provides a valuable materialist insight into the uniue features of black communities and politics as well He is very critical of the Postmodern turn of the academic left and substance less identity politics while still taking a strong class based and anti racist position himself Ultimately I found this book somewhat inspiring and refreshing He breaks down many problems I have with the modern left but he both understands them better than I and what potential solutions may be I highly recommend it

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