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Free read Das Traumbuch Nina George ✓ 4 Read Read & Download Das Traumbuch Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Dreams reliving the fairytales of his childhood and the secrets that made him run away in the first placeAfter the accident Sam a thirteen year old synesthete with an I of 144 and an appetite for science fiction waits by his father's bedside every day There he meets Eddie Tomlin a woman forced to confront her love for Henri after all these years and twelve year old Madelyn Zeidler a coma patient like Henri and the sole survivor of a traffic accident that kill. I didn t know what I was getting myself into when I picked up this book and I mean that in the best possible way This is the type of book I will be thinking about for awhile I think the author really took a chance with this one and maybe it won t be for everyone but I m pretty darn glad I read itThe story in some ways is a bit tricky to explain without getting into spoiler territory so I m gonna keep it brief and simple The less you know is probably best in this case Henri Skinner is set to see his teenage son Sam for the first time in years when he is rushed to the hospital after being involved in a traffic accident Henri s former girlfriend Eddie and Sam stick close to Henri s hospital bed as he is in a coma The book is told from the alternating perspectives of Eddie Sam and Henri Yes you read that right you will get to know the man in the coma uite well I wasn t prepared for how much this would hit me on an emotional and spiritual level Now I ll admit some of what the author was trying to express might have gone over my head but what I did get I loved It was truly a treat to read a book in which the author was willing to go out on a limb and write a book that might not be market friendly I love when authors are willing to take chances and just go for it in order to tell the story they want and I appreciate when publishers give them the opportunity to do this as well Such a great read and I look forward to checking out the author s other novels Read this book if you are up for the challenge that it might be a high risk but high reward type readThank you to First to Read for the opportunity to read an advance digital copy I was under no obligation to post a review and all views expressed are my honest opinion

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Free read Das Traumbuch Nina George ✓ 4 Read Read & Download Das Traumbuch Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ed her family As these four very different individuals fight for hope for patience for life they are bound together inextricably facing the ravages of loss and first love side by sideA revelatory urgently human story that examines what we consider serious and painful alongside light and whimsy THE BOOK OF DREAMS is a tender meditation on memory liminality and empathy asking with grace and gravitas what we will truly find meaningful in our lives once we are gon. I loved this book and I have no idea how to convey why It deals in the spaces between so called reality that we all share but not all of us know it And it deals with places that are possibly just as real that we only traverse alone If you can accept the profundity of the simple lyrics Row row your boat gently down the stream Merrily merrily merrily merrily Life is but a dream and are comfortable with this notion you will understand and appreciate this book of dreams It takes the reader through the tears in our so called reality and explores what life and death are Rather than go on metaphysically and possibly incomprehensibly for people who are not attuned to this kind of material I ll trust Nina George to explain from her afterword The Book of Dreams completes my cycle of novels about mortality I needed to write about fear and transience and to portray the points where life and death meet as a sort of fairy tale place brimming with parallel realities a transitional zone among all worlds heaven and earth None of us know if this zone really exists or if it is born of our thoughts and hopes and fears For me it has always existed And I cannot wait to read her earlier books There are real people love and a wonderful heartbreaking romantic love story in this book but I haven t the patience to get into it Suffice it to say I found the whole thing exuisite and I took it in like a hungry suckling baby

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Free read Das Traumbuch Nina George ✓ 4 Read Read & Download Das Traumbuch Þ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Warm wise and magical the latest novel by the bestselling author of THE LITTLE PARIS BOOKSHOP and THE LITTLE FRENCH BISTRO is an astonishing exploration of the thresholds between life and death Henri Skinner is a hardened ex war reporter on the run from his past On his way to see his son Sam for the first time in years Henri steps into the road without looking and collides with oncoming traffic He is rushed to a nearby hospital where he floats comatose between. A beautifully written book richly metaphorical about hovering in the space between life and death It follows Henri in a coma after an accident and how he tries to interact with his loved ones and they in turn with him Poignant and profound we explore the feelings of loss hope and grief all at onceYet even though I can appreciate the beauty of this book it really wasn t for meMy thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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