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  • Little Gods
  • Meng Jin
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  • 20 June 2017
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SUMMARY Little Gods

DOWNLOAD ¹ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Meng Jin Meng Jin ↠ 6 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD Little Gods ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ctedly seventeen years later it is her daughter Liya who inherits the silences and contradictions of her life Liya who grew up in America takes her mother’s ashes to China Liya’s memories are joined by those of two others Zhu Wen the woman last to know Su Lan Overall I liked this book a lot This is Meng Jin s debut novel so I hope there is of writing to come in the futureYou can get a synopsis of the book from Goodreadsthe one thing that I liked was her description of certain concepts of physics The passage of time we normally think of as moving one way and she discussed through physics that is not necessarily so She did not use high faluting terms so as to discombobulate the reader who does not have a degree in physics The layout of the novel is first person narrative of different protagonists with one protagonist having one chapter and another protagonist having a different chapter It for the most part works out well What I also liked the character of Su Lan pretty much the main protagonist of the book I expected her at a certain point in the book to act in a certain way and she did notI was thrown for a loop like who I did not see that coming but the way Meng Jim wove the story plot it made a great deal of sense I would say in the first third of the book I was enthralled and relishing every word practicallythe rest of the book was very good indeedit s just that I thought the first sections of the book were stellarHere are some passages of the book that grabbed me After enrolling in and dropping out of a number of universities she finally gave up trying to earn a PhD Academia was too stiff she said too invested in it sown accolades too worshipful of tradition Especially in science which was supposed to be a revolutionary field all ambitions had been drained the only new ideas that could be accepted were specialized to the point of losing significance What she was offering would be a paradigm shift it would reuire entire textbooks to be rewritten told by Liya Su Lan s daughter JimZ so what grabbed me about this passage was the term paradigm shift There is a classic book written for folks who are interested in science but are not necessarily scientists about paradigm shifts Thomas Kuhn wrote it in 1962 The Structure of Scientific Revolutions University of Chicago Press We have to remember that there are few certitudes in sciencea theory can be over turned and long held beliefs can be stood on their head But it is hard to do given scientists who adhere to the theories and beliefs can stake their livelihood and their careers on such and it can be their stubbornness which can prevent fresh and new ways of looking at things to be seriously entertained that might threaten their theories and beliefs and with that their careers and livelihoods Modern courtship was silly whimsical almost certainly to yield disappointment It was simpler to treat a spouse as you did your own body something given If you were lucky you could learn to love it If you could not you lived with it told by Zhu Wen Su Lan s neighbor who babysat Liya After eight and a half months of pregnancy I still couldn t understand She had not wanted a child She had not wanted to leave behind any part of her biology to perpetuate herself into the future A perfect life she d said is lived and then it disappears told by YongZong Su Lan s husband In the universe there exist objects that cannot be seen or have not been seen black holes undiscovered planets massive presences of gravity that assure us of their existence simply by the way they affect the behavior of nearby lesser objects This according to my mother was the measure of an object something that exerts substantial influence over others in its field drawing continually toward itself even if ever so lightly In some ways this evidence of effects is necessary than sight An image alone could be merely a hologram a vision No scientifically speaking seeing or not seeing is not euivalent to making be or not be Rather it is the inevitable attraction and movement of that which surrounds a mass that secures its position among real things told by Liya Su Lan s daughterHere are some reviews good review a review by Gish Jen

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Little Gods

DOWNLOAD ¹ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Meng Jin Meng Jin ↠ 6 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD Little Gods ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB On the night of June Fourth a woman gives birth in a Beijing hospital alone Thus begins the unraveling of Su Lan a brilliant physicist who until this moment has successfully erased her past fighting what she calls the mind’s arrow of timeWhen Su Lan dies unexpe Really strong idea Strong writing Interesting structure At times I struggled to hold everything together Wanted less narrative distance But still this is an excellent novel Well worth your time

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DOWNLOAD ¹ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Meng Jin Meng Jin ↠ 6 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD Little Gods ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Before she left China and Yongzong the father Liya has never known In this way a portrait of Su Lan emerges an ambitious scientist an ambivalent mother and a woman whose relationship to her own past shapes and ultimately unmakes Liya’s own sense of displacemen With rich attentive writing Meng Jin transports us through both time and territory to late 20th century China in a novel about the complexities of long lost family ties Told as a series of stories about a mother to her daughter from the perspectives of her former neighbor and classmate we follow Liya as she tries to uncover who her mother really was The neighbor Zhu Wen lived next door to Liya and her mother Su Lan when they lived in Shanghai Her classmate Yongzong was an academic rival of Su Lan s as teenagers who knew her well into young adulthood Both of these people had complicated relationships with Liya s mother and ended up being formative in one another s lives than any of them could have imagined There s not a lot of storyline to give away most of the narrative is in the past tense being recounted by one person to another The biggest plot points take place during the Tiananmen Suare demonstrations and the student led democracy protests act as a backdrop to the events of the book This works well with the family conflicts surrounding Liya and Su Lan but also are significant moments in China s history that the state refuses to acknowledge today The portions I found the most difficult to get through concerned Yongzong and whatever bullshit he was doing It s becoming harder and harder for me to empathize with emotional mediocre men who blame and use women to cover up their own failings The fact that so much was familiar in him just highlights how common it is for women to pander to the petty whims of supposed good men I ll admit to skimming parts of his explanationsI liked this book a lot overall especially Jin s writing I m a sucker for a good roving perspective so this was right up my alley It s not a fast paced book and I can see how some readers might not appreciate the meandering storytelling the author prefers here I can t give this higher than four stars even though there s not anything wrong per say Just a bit slow and not a lot actually well happens The ending is pretty bleak too The final chapter entitled The Beginning is an unnecessary point to finish on I d recommend skipping it But Meng Jin writes lovely the cover is gorgeous and I d definitely want to read from her