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In this Moment Inheritance #2 Read & download ✓ 100 Lly breaking free from her self imposed shackles she catches the attention of five of London’s hottest bachelors It isn’t long before temperatures soar and passions flare out of control leaving Gracie with the knowledge of just how good being bad feels But as things begin to heat up an enemy hell bent on revenge waits in the wings bringing chaos and tragedy to Gracie’s once o. This book had me in a whirlwind of emotions I laughed teared a bit got angry for what Gracie had to go through and finally I was filled with happiness when Gracie and the guys got their happy ending CM did a fantastic job with this book each character had their own personality so nobody blended together even the supporting characters were easy to remember I loved Gracie She was sassy and so kick ass the way I love my heroines 3 And each of the guys were so sweet and protective of her Jackson with his grumpy self who was wary of Gracie in the beginning but then she broke through his walls Kane who was all in from the beginning he met her Ryder and his goofy self and cheeky ass Carter and Callum who were both so sweet and adorable I loved how the guys didn t sleep around and knew that they wanted something permanent between them all They found that connection with Gracie and they were all in I m looking forward to this author s next release

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In this Moment Inheritance #2 Read & download ✓ 100 Gracie Novak has always been the good girl Born and raised with a silver spoon in her mouth She has made an art out of veiling her words and playing her role to survive the elitist attitudes of the affluent people who surround her But when a night of celebration ends in disaster and heartache Gracie realises that the facade that had once protected her has now become her prison Fina. Fantastic readAs a woman who has grown up with a wicked stepmother Gracie finally finds her HEA with all the princes she could dream of With twists and turns races and games all levels of Hell this story will pull at all the emotional strings you have Steam 1010 Sweet 1010 1st POV RH HEA

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In this Moment Inheritance #2 Read & download ✓ 100 Rdered world and sparking off a chain of events that has deadly conseuences A good girl shouldn’t play with fire Especially when someone wants nothing than to watch her burn Authors note; In this moment is an unconventional love story about Gracie and the men who love her This book contains adult language and sexual themes that are not suitable for anyone under the age of eightee. I was lucky enough to receive an arc copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This book is a perfect mix of drama love and lust with a healthy dose of humour and sass I loved the interplay between Gracie her men and the way she inspired loyalty from other people around her And how good is it to read about a woman who is wealthy in her own right but without haughtinessHer men are wonderfully written providing Gracie with support and protection through her tragedies but also with a great sense of mischief The main villains of the book are shown to be truly vile and there is uite a shocking scene towards the endAll in all this is an excellent book When it comes out on March 7th I for one will definitely be buying it to re read it in the future