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Law and Addiction

Free read Law and Addiction 100 Mike Papantonio ✓ 0 Read & Download One week before Jake Rutledge is scheduled to graduate from law school he receives the devastating news of the death of his fraternal twin Blake What makes this death even terrible for Jake is that his brother died of a drug overdose Until hearing of his death Jake had no idea his brother was even using drugsWhen Jake returns home to Oakley West Virginia he takes a hard look at the c. Opioid addiction has become a national crisis More cases of overdose fill the news on a weekly basis Police regularly carry and administer Narcan for overdosing addicts Meanwhile as Mike Papantonio has so carefully and deftly delineated in this fictional account of reality attempts to deal with the problem on a local and national basis continue attempts to stem a raging flood of addiction and deathJake Rutledge is a new lawyer who lost his twin brother to this horrifying disease Jake and Blake had a favorite term they used with each other about having each other s back Now Jake is determined to carry out his promise because of his grievous loss Having no money and no connections isn t exactly a wild card in legally pursuing the sources and markets that are part of the mass distribution system of selling opioids However Jake s got guts and high caliber intelligence to get his search going So he begins by suing two companies that sell massive amounts of drugs to little known small towns in and around what is known as Zombieland He then connects to a highly successful lawyer with a dynamic record of experience in suing Fortune 500 companies They begin by suing companies who have made a killing literally and figuratively in West Virginia and Ohio Readers will be riveted to the course of each court phase and the wiliness of Jake and Deke his attorney second chair in challenging big shot attorneysReaders however won t be ready for the methods used to suppress and then shut Jake up No spoilers here Suffice to say Jake meets Blake s former girlfriend who is now addicted to Oxycontin and helps her through her gritty efforts to withdraw from her addiction He himself is about to undergo empathic thoughts and feelings after hoodlum attempts to bribe his efforts failThe reader also meets several characters who deal and distribute drugs individuals who are caught innocently in the dragon net of illegality and can t get out to survive All in all the reader can anticipate the ending but that s only after brutality and other machinations have all failed to stymie Jake s efforts Mike Papantonio has penned a necessary legal thriller that everyone should read The uestion readers are left with is Where do we go from here Highly recommended contemporary fiction

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Free read Law and Addiction 100 Mike Papantonio ✓ 0 Read & Download What happens when you upset a hornet's nest The young attorney might be wet behind the ears but is sure there is no lawyer that could help him than Nick Deke Deketomis and his law firm of BergmanDeketomis Deke is a legendary lawyer When he was Jake's age he was making his name fighting Big Tobacco Against all odds Jake gets Nick and his firm to sign on to his case before it's too la. I was interested in reading Law and Addiction because I work in a town that has been hit hard by the opioid epidemic Every week I read the local paper purely for the police blotter In between the entertaining tales of some really stupid criminals there is report after report of officers treating overdoses I find it interesting to see how many dose of naloxone they need for each person The record I ve seen so far is 14 doses That person then woke up and refused all other medical treatment So when this book describes the cost to towns of treating all these addicts and overdoses I understand what it is talking aboutI ve also had a few people bring their dogs in who they claim are on mega doses of tramadol for their arthritis Usually an in depth conversation about alternatives to controlled medication and a discussion of the dispensing schedule we will have them on to make sure they aren t getting too many means we never see those people again In the middle of reading this book I actually had to put it down to go pick up some opiates from a pharmacy The husband had had surgery and was prescribed opiates even though it was fairly minor He took some prescription NSAIDS and iced the area and did well Opiates were a bit of overkill in this instance He asked how we were going to get rid of them I said I d take them to work He slowly uestioned again What are you going to do with them Yeah he knows the town I work in Getting rid of them there can be interpreted a few ways For the record I am going to put them in the Drug Destroyer solutionOn the other hand my doctor side comes out and I don t really want regulation on access to them by doctors for people and animals who really need them They have a place in medical care Proper dosing and monitoring are the key Down the street from my house there is a place with a chalkboard in the front lawn with a running total of people who died from overdose in the city since they started keeping count I think they are in the 600s All of that means that I can relate to the setting for this story Jake is a new lawyer who has lost his twin brother to an overdose He decides to try to get local governments to let him sue pharmacy companies on their behalf for the cost of treating the addiction crisis The book does a good job explaining the various causes and effects of the problem Some of them I hadn t thought of before I hadn t tied together economic collapse due to decreased business in affected communities with the ability for other people to buy up real estate cheaply potentially leading to gentrification and large profits A lot of this book consists of lawyers sitting around and discussing how they are going to build their case It is a lot of exposition That is interesting if you want to see how people put these kinds of large cases together It is also how you get the information about how opiates came into these towns and what it causes I think this book works as an educational piece but it doesn t really work as a thriller for me There is a bit of mystery but it never really gets intense and can t put it down Use this as primer on opiate addiction and the economic effect on towns than a nail biting story This review was originally posted on Based On A True Story

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Free read Law and Addiction 100 Mike Papantonio ✓ 0 Read & Download Ircumstances of his brother's death In the five years Jake has been away for his schooling his hometown has drastically changed Because of the opioid epidemic and the blight it has brought many now call Oakley Zombieland Jake can see how his town's demise parallels his brother'sUndeterred the newly minted lawyer takes on the entrenched powers by filing two lawsuits Jake uickly learns. Thanks to the publisher and TLC Book Tours for the free copy in exchange for my honest reviewThis was my introduction to Papantonio and I had heard nothing but great things before picking up LAW AND ADDICTION I m going to start out by saying that the author s knowledge and experience in this field is very evident I love picking up fiction that has topics that the author is well versed in or has worked in the field they re writing about That gives the book a very authentic feelThe opioid problem in the US isn t slowing down You see and cases of overdose in the news or in some cases you know someone that has overdosed I know a couple people that struggled with opioid addiction I m an avid watcher of Drugs Inc and Intervention and it s something so prevalent in our society today When new up and coming lawyer Jake takes on the big pharmaceutical companies he crosses paths with Deke an incredibly successful lawyer known for suing huge Fortune 500 companies After seeing the devastation the opioid crisis has had in Oakley an area also known as ZombielandThe author takes us on a gritty and twisty ride with this legal thriller We get to see both sides of the opioid crisis in the country Jake will have to battle his way through blackmail threats corrupt law enforcement kidnapping and all while he is coming to terms with is twin brother s death from an overdose I would highly recommend this to those that love a good legal thriller or to those interested in the drug crisis that is sweeping the nation I will definitely be going back to pick up Papantonio s other books