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Shinigami Free download ß 105 Xia Xia Lake ✓ 5 Summary Read & Download Shinigami D in a power struggle for the fate of Fujiwara no Hirotsugu While he battles to find his own path in life Hirotsugu finds solace in a boy who will first become his secret friend t. Re read 04112019 Welp I thought I was past the weeping phase when it comes to this book Guess not Shinigami is a special and uniue book Not just the characters but the storytelling itself And the author s prose is exceptionalThe story takes place in Japan it s culture and mythology is heavily embedded in the story and surrounded by historical events Meaning some things in this book happened in real life though most of it is fictionThis is a love story But also a story of Becoming We are accompanying Hiro as he grows up and learns the ways of his clan what was expected of him by his father and his clan knowing he will be the next leaderAlong the way Hiro meets someone who will become very important to him And his priorities might change It s a sweet slow burn romance At least that s how it starts toward the end it will become uite angsty as and information comes to lightThere s lots of things happening mysterious things and there were uite a few what the hell moments but I m unwilling to say anything about the mythological part of the book because I think it s something everyone has to experience themselves But if you enjoy fantasyparanormal books you will most likely enjoy this tooIt s a very complex captivating and engaging story and I recommend it wholeheartedly But read Kogitsune first Let Sleeping Dogs Lie you enjoy fantasyparanormal books Secret Agent MinisterDeadly Texas Rose you will most likely enjoy this tooIt s a very complex captivating and engaging story and I recommend it wholeheartedly But read Kogitsune first

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Shinigami Free download ß 105 Xia Xia Lake ✓ 5 Summary Read & Download Shinigami Hen his salvation then as they become adults together the love of his life The story is set during the Nara period of ancient Japan and will expand over a period of 25 years 715 7. I don t know where to start so let s start at the begginingWhen I read Kogitsune last year it came as a great surprise I picked it up because I needed some cheering up and Japan and its culture never fails to me I read that short story and was fascinated with the vivid world it contained and its characters Since then I ve become friends with Xia Xia Lake and when she asked me to beta read the second book in the Takamagahara Monogatari I was delighted Shinigami is a complex and fascinating tale Ancient Japan its customs and mithology are so well portraited that through them you can inmerse yourself in the story without noticing it The characters are simply wonderful In Shinigami we follow Hirotsugu no Fujiwara a historical character son of one of the most powerful families in ancient Japan in a tale with the perfect mix of facts and fiction A tale about how he awakes to the world and how that world changes him and the ones around him humans yokais ayakashis and kamis eually Maybe I m a bit biased knowing how much effort is behind these lines how accurate to the period the narrative style is how much care and love has been put into this book but I highly recommend this story If you love fantasy magic and Japan you won t be dissapointedTake a look at Elena s and Cristina s reviews they have explain this much better

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Shinigami Free download ß 105 Xia Xia Lake ✓ 5 Summary Read & Download Shinigami NB web serial no longer available onlineA coming of age love story between the heir of the richest family in the Land of Yamato and an orphan The human world meets the yōkai worl. Reading this book for the second time is such a different experience and every bit as good as the first one if not better Can t wait for the next book Or the next reread whichever comes first DAt the end of my review of Kogitsune I wrote 4 stars because I need As the saying goes be careful what you wish for I got I got so much that ten days after finishing this book I m still trying to get my fried brain cells to write something resembling a review Let s be realistic that s not happening anytime soon Maybe after a few rereads maybe never The great ones are always the most difficult to review for me The layered ones are even worse and this is a layered one I feel like I ve only scratched the surface with my first read and I ll be going back for for a long time Someone else will have to do justice to this gem Here are just some random thoughtsA word of advice before reading this book you should read Kogitsune firstIt s set after Shinigami but you should still read it first there is a reason it s marked as the first in the series You might want to reread Kogitsune after you finish this I did but that s another matter Read Kogitsune first It s short it s free and you won t regret itAnother word of advice if you re not familiar or if like me you are but it s been a while since you immersed yourself in it with Japanese culture history and mythology you might need a moment or two to adjust to the setting the times and the names Don t let it scare you there s a glossary at the end if you need it but everything important is already explained in the book and I didn t have any problem following the story without it Although it s nice and interesting to have the additional info available you won t necessarily need to consult it as you readA last word of advice mostly to my mm romance reader friends remember that this is a series everything is connected and the journey isn t over yet Keep an open mind Regarding the book itself what can I say It s not something that I m able to explain you have to experience itI could say it s adorable romantic heartbreaking that the writing is beautifully evocative and the setting fascinating that the historical facts and the fictional part of the story are mixed together perfectly I could also say that I fell in love with the characters especially two and I can t even say who they are becausespoilers that this book made me smile tear up laugh and wish I didn t have months to wait until the next one All of that would be true but it still doesn t seem enough It s everything I ve got to offer at the moment though so it ll have to do5 stars but I still need