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review Twisted author Laurie Halse Anderson Twisted author Laurie Halse Anderson review Å 9 When Bethany Milbury is the victim in a teenage sex scandal 17 year old Tyler is naile. Laurie Halse Anderson s Twisted is one hell of a hand grenade launched into the canon of teen lit Tyler s senior year is about to start and things are looking like this community service for the Foul Deed is about over classes are going to be hell and the hottest girl at George Washington High has Tyler on her radaras does her ahole brother Chip Ty has changed a bit as well the summer of landscaping has given him a new physiue and a new confidence but like Aunt May says to a transformed Peter Parker with great power comes great responsibility And who exactly is going to teach Tyler how to be responsible This is where Twisted really gets going Talking to the overworked distant father is a certain heat getter for Tyler so that option is out Ty s best friend codename Yoda has learned everything there is to know about life from Star Wars not a bad place to learn a thing or two but it s not Tyler s holy grail of worldly wisdom Then there is The Party Not to give anything away about that but I ll just hint that this also is a story about how one s past screw ups can make others point the finger at you when some really scary stuff hits the fan

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Twisted author Laurie Halse Anderson

review Twisted author Laurie Halse Anderson Twisted author Laurie Halse Anderson review Å 9 D as the prime suspect With everyone believing him to be guilty Tyler spirals into a n. I started off liking this I tend to prefer male protagonists and Tyler is funny And then I start cringing Anderson gets how shocking teenagers are because she s cool like that You know every girl s a little easy dressing like a tramp and just waiting to get laid and every guy s a pervert doing you know what on the internet and in the shower And they have to throw around the f word and party like crazy It would not be authentic at all to write about teenagers and not use that shock value to the extreme because that s what teenagers are like and it s what they want to read right I appreciate the stamp at the beginning of the page that says the book is not for children but I m not a fan of edgy YA just for the sake of being edgy and this felt gratuitous than authenticBut about the story Did I relate to Tyler Yes Anderson s characterization is very well done Tyler is one of the good guys I wanted to root for him and I felt for him when things went wrong She did a great job of switching from light hearted to heavy A story is only as strong as its characters and Anderson nails it in that department Did the story wrap up to give you that good hope for the future feeling that defines young adults Absolutely and I liked that it didn t do it with a bowSo I liked the story just not all the superfluous material there to make it edgy For that I m downgrading a solid 4 read to a 3 maybe even 35 It s one of those cases where if I like a book if it s a good book and if I would recommend it don t match up

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review Twisted author Laurie Halse Anderson Twisted author Laurie Halse Anderson review Å 9 Ightmarish paranoid state of mind He is desperate to find a way out of the mess he's i. Want to see bookish things from me Check out my youtube channel being caught graffiting the school during summer vacation Tyler Miller is given 6 months probation of hard work and heavy labour This slowly transforms him from invisible Nerd Boy to suddenly hunky semi bad boy which catches the attention of his long time crush Bethany Milbury Unfortunately for Tyler Bethany is the daughter of his father s boss as well as the twin sister of his arch nemesis Chip As the school year progresses Tyler s life drastically changes as he tries to balance his overbearing father his school work and his crush on BethanyI absolutely love Laurie Halse Anderson and her writing she is so talented She has a way of sucking you into the story from the very first page The book flies by so uickly but its message is so effective Tyler is an amazing character Through out Tyler s story you sympathize with him and just want things to get better Anderson does a great job balancing between the serious parts of the story with light hearted jokes and feel good moments

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