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The Warlow Experiment characters ½ 108 Read The Warlow Experiment In isolation For seven years a subject will inhabit three rooms in the basement of the manor house fitted out with rugs books paintings and even a chamber organ Meals will arrive thrice daily via a dumbwaiter The solitude will be totally unrelieved by any social contact whatsoever; the subject will keep a diary of. This was not a fast read by any means but a captivating one especially since this was based on a true storySet in 1792 Herbert Powyss is a wealthy man a scientist of sorts who wishes to conduct his own experiment and offer labourer John Warlow the princely sum of 50 pounds a year for life if he consents to live underground in a cellar for 7 years without human contact John is a brutish man who beats his children and has grown tired of his meek wife Hannah so he willingly accepts the offer to live in comfort and away from his family Little does he know that this experiment will go horribly wrong for everyone with conseuences that were never imagined There were times the story lagged for me but the depth of the story kept me intrigued till the end A haunting and somewhat somber read

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The Warlow Experiment

The Warlow Experiment characters ½ 108 Read The Warlow Experiment His daily thoughts and actions The pay fifty pounds per annum for life Only one man is desperate to apply for the job John Warlow a semi literate laborer with a wife and six children to provide for The experiment a classic Enlightenment exercise gone than a little mad will have unforeseen conseuences for all include. 45 May or may not upgrade to a 5 Definitely want to say things about this book as well as the one I just I finished previously Recursion both definitely among this year s favourites thought I cannot imagine two different novels either

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The Warlow Experiment characters ½ 108 Read The Warlow Experiment Herbert Powyss lives in an estate in the Welsh Marches with enough time and income to pursue a gentleman's fashionable investigations and experiments in botany But he longs to make his mark in the field of science something conseuential enough to present to the Royal Society in London He hits on a radical experiment. Alix Nathan s brilliant historical novel is inspired by an actual 1797 advertisement and set in Wales where Herbert Powys a well off man living on his estate with his servants he has no family He has a strong interest in botany but is driven by an inner desire to make his mark in the scientific field He hits on conducting a controversial experiment that seeks to examine the impact of complete isolation on a human being for the period of 7 years placing an advert in search of a suitable subject willing to undergo this ordeal Powys s experiment is to have far reaching conseuences that he never envisaged and result in a tragedy that is to tear his life apart The only applicant he gets is a desperate impoverished barely literate local labourer John Warlow with a wife Hannah and six childrenPowys kits out the basement in his Manor in what he perceives to be an ideal environment in his eyes there are books and the food provided via a dumb waiter is of gourmet uality with Warlow expected to complete a journal For taking part Warlow s family will be supported by Powys with Warlow paid 50 pounds a year These are turbulent political times with the French Revolution and Tom Paine s Rights of Man and Powys s household and locals have their own ideas and opinions of his experiment and Warlow s predicament as the seeds of subversion grow As Powys finds himself getting unexpected close to Hannah events conspire to turn his life upside down and his experiment to fall apart with disastrous repercussions This is an atmospheric and immersive read of morality ethics love and relationships science and an out of control experiment that is to severely impact Powys s life This is a fantastic read and I must mention how beautiful the hard back copy of the book is Highly recommended

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