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Jenny Oliver Þ 4 Summary The Summer We Ran Away Summary Ê 104 'You know you're in for a treat when you open a Jenny Oliver book' Debbie Johnson Julia’s perfect life is in crisis As the founder of the Cedar Terrace Whatsapp group she’s constantly chivvying the neighbours to action as well as dealing with a kitchen extension leaning in at work and dealing with Imposter Syndrome and her familyBut when she accidentally Whatsapps her neigh. The Summer We Ran Away is my first read by author Jenny Oliver I wasn t aware of this author before and didn t realise she had so many books published I ve certainly being missing out on some entertaining readsWhat a wonderful little treat this story was fun uplifting and thoroughly enjoyable I really lost myself in France the setting for most of the story and felt I was truly walking around the uniue antiue fairs and winding back lanes in the summer airJulia is publicly humiliated when her very private and personal texts regarding her fantasies of Lexi s husband Hamish are sent to everyone in the Cedar Road WhatsApp group during Lexi s annual street party Lexi is glamorous and well to do and Julia envy s everything she buys and does After arguing with her husband she walks out with nowhere to go Meeting single mother Amber her cool unabashed neighbour whilst sitting pondering on recent events in the street she is tempted by Amber to accompany her to France for the weekend on a antiue hunt Can she just up and leave with the clothes on her back on a whim and will it help her to discover the real Julia I ve never mixed in circles where neighbours are constantly battling to be the best and out do everyone with possessions and their status but I m sure they do exist Julia and her husband Charlie are your average married couple who work hard and are trying to fit in a street where the women are cliued and sarcastic Being in France does Julia realise the grass is not always greener and can she and Charlie rekindle their passion and find the couple they were in their younger yearsAmber is a fantastic character and the story is as much about her and her son Billy discovering who Billy s real dad is One of the contenders a man ironically called Lovejoy is superb as the antiue dealer Amber runs into and from there a fabulous relationship develops between all the characters involved This story focuses on desiring what other people have and pondering on the what if s and perhaps of the past I loved this book and enjoyed every single minute I ve every intention of now reading by this author she writes a cracking story and highly recommend this book to readers of this genre5 stars

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Jenny Oliver Þ 4 Summary The Summer We Ran Away Summary Ê 104 Her tooJulia is horror struck as the little blue ticks appear on the Whatsapp message Then left dangling as it’s met with widespread silence and a couple of embarrassed emojisWhen the neighbours know exactly what you’re thinking there’s only one thing to do Run away It’s a summer that she’ll never forget Another gorgeous escapist read from the bestselling Jenny Olive. The Summer We Ran Away by Jenny Oliver is a wonderful tale about Julia a woman completely lost in her own life and trying to find a way out of her boredom She and her husband Charlie have purchased a house that they can t afford to finish renovating both work jobs they aren t fully satisfied with and live on a street full of instagramming brand shaming yummy mummies with perfect lives perfect houses and perfect cars Julia longs to be in their gang and be just like them no matter what the costWhen a mishap at a street party almost costs Julia her marriage she escapes with Amber a neighbour who refuses to be part of the trend A feel good life affirming story brilliant

Read & Download å PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Þ Jenny Oliver

Jenny Oliver Þ 4 Summary The Summer We Ran Away Summary Ê 104 Bours a secret letter to an agony aunt she inadvertently confesses to a secret crush While she loves her husband Adam she spends most of her time fantasising about the married father of two who lives opposite timing her evening runs to coincide with his dog walks finding reasons to pop over and chat and sometimes she catches him looking in a way that suggests he might uite like. In Cedar Road all the residents are getting ready for Lexi Warrington s annual summer party A night to be spent sipping Prosecco under twinkling fairy lights and gathering around the hot tub marvelling at Lexi s incredible and glamorous life with husband HamishFor Julia it s a chance to pry husband Charlie away from his potting shed and their horrendous house renovations A chance to pretend her life is just as exciting and perfect as Lexi sThat is until WhatsApp messages of Julia s get leaked onto the Cedar Road group messages that reveal the steamy dreams she s been having about HamishRunning out of the party Julia ends up on a trip of a lifetimeone that will change her lifeI can t uite believe I ve never come across Jenny Oliver before I reuested this title on NetGalley on a bit of a whim It sounded like it was going to be a light hearted rom com and it was that but also so much It was a sun soaked story of self discoveryI found the first couple of chapters uite slow and I thought perhaps I had made a mistake selecting this book but once Julia sets off on a somewhat haphazard journey with Amber I was hookedOliver s writing style is effortless to read full of delightful descriptions that painted the French countryside in my mind to perfection Every sound and smell especially at the antiues market came alive and off the pagesThe characters are all perfectly imperfect but for me the stand out character was Martin his dry humour and uick wit had my laughing out loud I often find characters relatable but I very rarely see myself in them However I found echoes of my own personality in both Amber and Julia making both protagonists much real for meIf you re looking for an easy going summer read with a little than the usual hearts and flowers this is definitely the book for you I will most certainly be reading from Jenny Oliver in the futureFor reviews please visit Thanks to H via NetGalley for this ARC

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