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review The Nickel Boys Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB Colson Whitehead ´ 3 characters summary õ eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Colson Whitehead Winner of the 2020 Pulizer Prize for FictionIn this bravura follow up to the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winning #1 New York Times bestseller The Underground Railroad Colson Whitehead brilliantly dramatizes another strand of American history through the story of two boys sentenced to a hellish reform school in Jim Crow era Florida When Elwood Curtis a black boy growing up in 1960s Tallah. with a tightly plotted and masterfully crafted story this book absolutely demands to be read i can only say that i think it would have benefitted from a less nonfiction esue writing style at times but even with my writing preferences i definitely see why this has received so much praise and would recommend it to anyone

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The Nickel Boys

review The Nickel Boys Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB Colson Whitehead ´ 3 characters summary õ eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Colson Whitehead Demy becomes ever perilous the tension between Elwood’s ideals and Turner’s skepticism leads to a decision whose repercussions will echo down the decades Based on the real story of a reform school that operated for 111 years and warped the lives of thousands of children The Nickel Boys is a devastating driven narrative that showcases a great American novelist writing at the height of his powers. True to form Colson Whitehead delivers another well written deep story that while incredibly devastating deserves to be told The Nickel Boys is fictional account based on the true horrifying Dozier School for Boys in good ol Florida which Whitehead references at both the beginning and end of the book You can hide a lot in an acre in the dirt I was immediately a fan of Elwood the main character a virtuous teenage student following rules respecting authority and admiring Dr Martin Luther King Jr En route to early college classes one day Elwood finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and ends up sentenced to Nickel Academy a reform school for young men There he eventually becomes friends with another boy Turner who calls him out for being so naive The boys attempt to keep their heads down and do the work reuired of them in order to hopefully avoid harm and leave sooner rather than later Parts of the story flash forward to several years post Nickel and the ultimate outcome was not what I had expected A book that is tough to read given the grim subject but one that needs to be shared Infuriating and tragic The Nickel Boys is a small but powerful book that packs a punch

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review The Nickel Boys Ñ eBook or Kindle ePUB Colson Whitehead ´ 3 characters summary õ eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Colson Whitehead Assee is unfairly sentenced to a juvenile reformatory called the Nickel Academy he finds himself trapped in a grotesue chamber of horrors Elwood’s only salvation is his friendship with fellow “delinuent” Turner which deepens despite Turner’s conviction that Elwood is hopelessly naive that the world is crooked and that the only way to survive is to scheme and avoid trouble As life at the Aca. uick updateMeeting Colson Whitehead last night was great He was so hilarious I don t think one person in the room expected him to be as funny as he was A gorgeous man funnier than any of us could imagine He stayed away from the seriousness of the topics in his books A little uote from Colson about book genres Colson said there are only 2 types of books in the world those you like and those you don t Super man Super authorSuper fun listening to him speak Audiobooknarrated by JD Jackson and Colson WhiteheadI m seeing Colson Whitehead this week in Santa Cruz at a book reading With much to admire about his body of work as an author and humanitarian it will be exciting to meet him The Nickel Boys is a fictitious story inspired by truth of what happened at the state run institution The Dozier Florida School for Boys that took place at the height of the Civil Rights Movement The Nickel Academy was an establishment for boys in Tallahassee Florida in the 1960 s It was a place where society didn t much care what happened to the boys who attended Some were orphans Others considered juvenile delinuents even for very minor wrongdoings The horrific atrocities that took place was sickening disturbingdehumanizing brutal unfathomable abuseincluding torture rape and murder BEYOND AWFUL in other words We follow the story of young Elwood Curtishis friend Turner and other boys as they describe their trips to the White House The stories are agonizingElwood was a decent better than decent young man with high marks in school with an idealistic outlook on human justice and racial euality but one day being in the wrong place at the wrong time got him sent to The Nickel Academy Elwood the kid who believed in justice civil rights before most did listened to Martin Luther King regularly got a huge ugly awakening at The Nickel SchoolHis dreams were shattered at the reformabusive school He struggled to understand all that was happening inside the walls of that institution But it was the goodness and memories of his grandmother and MLK that gave him hope to keep fighting for what was right I appreciate the importance of learning all that I didnot only from this book alone but from reading a little about the true horror stories at Florida s Dozier school in Marianna Floridawhich just recently and finally closed its doors in 2011 Over the past decade hundreds of men have come forward to tell the gruesome stories of abuse and the terrible beatings they suffered Listening to this story felt flat and monotonous at times I felt detached emotionally but intellectually I was appalled The writing was beautiful but I also felt detached from it through listening anyway Then I debated the uestion was this detachment best for this story Was it intentional or was it me Part of me thinks yes part of me thinks no to both uestions I hope to resolve this issue for myself after listening to Colson speak about this book I have a hunch that I ll connect with the physical book than I did the Audiobook andor connect with things differently after listening to Colson Whitehead speak this coming Thursday night I m looking forward to meeting him hearing him speak very muchThanks to my friend Margie for lending me her Audiobook so I didn t have to show up blind at the book reading this week

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