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review ð The Sunflowers Are Mine He then explores the subseuent adventures of the seven pictures and their influence on modern art Through the Sunflowers we gain fresh insights into. Netgalleypub date Sept 1 2013Frances Lincoln Repub Feb 5 2019Received Feb 5 2019 uarto Publishing Group White Lion Publishing

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review ð The Sunflowers Are Mine This is the story of one of the world’s most iconic images Martin Bailey explains why Van Gogh painted a series of sunflower still lifes in Provence. What a gorgeous book I m a casual fan of Van Gogh and loved the opportunity to delve deeper into his artwork This was thoroughly researched but also written in a way that was engaging and easy to understand The author s tone was unpretentious and enthusiastic and informative which I appreciated I think both serious artists and casual fans will enjoy this book Biographical information Van Gogh s influences as well as his specific artistic techniues were included I learned uite a bit and I m happy to now have interesting conversation pieces to impress people with I was impressed with the author s knowledge base as well as his writing style and I m interested in checking out Starry Night Van Gogh at the Asylum by Martin Bailey I ve also enjoyed browsing Martin Bailey s blog dedicated to Van Gogh Adventu

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review ð The Sunflowers Are Mine Van Gogh’s life and his path to fame Based on original research the book is packed with discoveries – throwing new light on the legendary artist ?. I have been an Van Gogh fan ever since I stumbled upon Lust for Life by Irving StoneLust for Life I have read other books about Van Gogh and his work and I would place The Sunflowers are Mine The Story of Van Gogh s Masterpiece as one of the best I ve read The biography section was concise but telling The relationships between Van Gogh and other painters of his period and the way they exchanged paintings was something I had not known much about I especially enjoyed the second part about the influence of his sunflower paintings It was a thrill to see plates of paintings I have never seen before and I liked how the author showed Van Gogh s influence on the flower paintings of other artists The history and travel of each Sunflower painting was very interesting to me I would definitely recommend The Sunflow

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