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review Alaskan Ambush 103 Rage police officer Micah Reed stumbles on his assailants’ other target backcountry tracker Kate Dawson His best friend’s sister’s just the person to. Alaskan Ambush was a fast read full of action right from the start Kate is a strong woman who saves lives for a living and is determined to find out who has targeted her and stop them Micah is the cop who uncovers a ring of thieves that has decided to target his childhood friend and secret crush He ll do anything to keep her safe even if she can save herself I really enjoyed the strength Kate has and that Micah is willing to let her take the lead without his pride getting bruised He listens to her and learns from her Thats pretty rare in a romanceand in most booksand in real life lol I really enjoyed the change I loved that the action was fast paced and theres lots of it A sweet romance with lots of action

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review Alaskan Ambush 103 He’ll take down their pursuersIf she gets them out of the wilderness alivePursued through the wilderness after an ambush that left his partner dead Ancho. My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Alaskan Ambush I always enjoy Sarah s books I m thrilled when I get one in the mail I especially like the ones taking place in Moose Haven Alaska I have always wanted to go there This story is well written action packed and full of faith I know you are going to love itSearch and Rescue Back Country Tracker Kate Dawson is on her way to her cabin in the wilderness Her home in town had been trashed and she just needed to hide for a few days until she figured out who could be after her When she figures it out she will call her brother the sheriff of Moose Haven On her way to her cabin she is shot at She arrives only to find her cabin has been trashed too What co

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review Alaskan Ambush 103 Help him outrun the criminalsand solve his case But with their pursuers closing in can they rely on each other’s strength to survive this hazardous chas. Loved this book Sarah Varland knows how to keep the reader on the edge of their seats I have fallen in love with these Love inspired suspense books because the characters are flawed and are not perfect and that s what has me reading these types of books lately Oh don t get me wrong I love all genres in books but my first love has been Romance suspend

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