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  • A New Leash on Love
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  • 10 September 2019
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Read & Download A New Leash on Love µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Y for his niece He's also avoiding Claire Asher his high school ex – spotted at the local animal shelter He can't refuse her offer of puppy traini. Reviewed on my blog Becky on Books on 1719A sweet second chance romance shelter animals great series startIt s easy to root for Matt and Claire and their changing menagerie it s clear from the start that even though Matt had ended things between them years ago that the spark wasn t gone Fortunately life seemed to be determined to throw the two of them together almost nonstop unfortunately Matt was sure than ever that he still wasn t the person that could give Claire her HEA It s hard to say who was frustrated by his stubbornness Claire or the reader but he does eventually get his head out of his you know what and decide to grab happiness when it s right in front of him resulting in a very happy hopefully ever after at lastAlong the way there s all kinds of cuteness with the animals they re helping fostering adopting and training and some rather obvious clues about what direction future series books might take If you enjoy second chance romance featuring furry secondary characters give this one a tryRating 3 12 stars B I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book

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Read & Download A New Leash on Love µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Will true love strike twice at the Furever Paws shelterArmy vet Matt Fielding is back in his hometown for good – and is tasked with finding a pupp. Loved the dogs less so the romance Years after he broke up with her on prom night Matt and Claire meet again at a dog shelter Now at a loss for what to do after his army career Matt s certain of one thing he still isn t right for Claire he wouldn t make a good husband or father the very things Claire most wants out of life so he s determined to train a dog for his beloved niece and then skip town but the time he spends with fellow shelter volunteer and sudden neighbor Claire the uncertain his plans to leave becomeIt s not that I didn t like Matt and Claire together they have chemistry it just didn t seem as if there was a deep enough conflict keeping them apart Matt repeatedly says he isn t good enough for Claire yet there weren t many examples of his unworthy behavior aside from dumping her on prom night it felt like there wasn t much substance behind his reasoning As far as Claire goes I thought she made it far too easy for Matt I don t have an issue with her pining over the same guy forever but I would have liked to see resentment from her after such an extensive period of pining and since losing him shattered her for a time it would have been plausible for Claire to be reluctant or even downright begrudging at the prospect of taking another chance on Matt instead Claire spends much of the novel waiting for him with open arms she even begs him to have sex with her I longed for resistance from Claire to see of her spine see her make Matt work to win back her trust Far and away the dogs were my favorite aspect of A New Leash On Love each written with their own uniue and ever so lovable personality they made for dimensional secondary characters and ultimately I was emotionally moved by their situations than I was by Matt and Claire s relationship

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Read & Download A New Leash on Love µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ng but soon their friendly reunion brings back memories of their teenage love and sparks fly Will their rekindled affair lead Matt to put a ring on. Characters are well written I like the animal shelter that brings everyone together