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review The Promise of Happiness Ö eBook or Kindle ePUB Betty Neels ô 3 characters free download The Promise of Happiness E a home for herself and Pooch and Bertie the pets she'd brought with her Then at dawn on a rainy highway fate took a hand fate in the form of Baron Rauk. This story is too cute for words It s another doctornurse combo but they meet not in a hospital but when the doctor is desperate to find a nurse to accompany his mother on a trip to Norway and the heroine is desperate to get away from her stepbrother s house He was going to kill her cat and dog Hero takes care of cat and dog Heroine takes care of dear old mum and they meet again in Norway where heroine overhears the hero speaking disparagingly of her looks He s not attracted to thin mice Hero s family thinks Becky might just be the one for the dear doctor and arrange it for Becky to return with them to Holland view spoiler Here Becky meets up with her pets gets a position at the hospital where dear doctor works learns Dutch and tries to not fall for the doctor since he s way out of her league Hero tries not to fall for Becky but he s fighting a losing battle There s an OW and an OM of sorts the doctor is jealous of hide spoiler

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review The Promise of Happiness Ö eBook or Kindle ePUB Betty Neels ô 3 characters free download The Promise of Happiness Ema van den Eck His mother needed a nurse and Becky filled the bill Only one thing marred her new life Poor plain Becky fell desperately hopelessly in lo. If you like a cinderella story and you are a fan of Betty Neels then I highly recommend Young Becky is forced into leaving her position as nurse to go home and take care of her evil stepmother and stepbrother Of course both are so evil they force the poor girl into a life of drudgery working for virtually pennies It takes her years to earn enough money to escape but she finally does taking her older dog and cat Our hero a Doctor Baron and Dutch of course what else happens upon her running away in a bitter cold rain He takes pity on her rescues her and sets her up as his mother s nurseThis one is light on the romance and I m not uite sure I totally ever warmed up to the hero but the heroine was such a delight and the story was fun and fast paced it made up for everything else It would have been so much better to get a glimpse into the hero s POV but there were enough hints dropped along the way to realize that he was falling hard for the skinny little mouse There was also a deliciously beautiful OW trying to get her hooks into the Baron that rounded out the fun

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review The Promise of Happiness Ö eBook or Kindle ePUB Betty Neels ô 3 characters free download The Promise of Happiness She knew it was time to leave Determined to break the stranglehold of a selfish stepmother and stepbrother Becky left home She'd begin nursing again; mak. 8219 No matter how many times I read this book its magic never fails to utterly charm meCinderella runs away from home with her dog and cat She is rescued by Prince Charming in a Rolls Royce Our Cinderella Becky Saunders by name has a mean selfish stepmother and truly evil stepbrother Basil She puts up with their abuses for two years until she hears Basil tell his mother he s going to drown Bertie and Pooch who is the cat oddly enough the next day Becky gets up at 4 AM gathers up the 3006 she has managed to save ties a stout string around Bertie s neck for a lead pops Pooch into a plastic bag and runs away in the pouring rain thinking to find a nursing job in a nearby town A man in a Rolls Royce pulls up and offers her a lift He is Baron Tiele Raukema van den Eck He hires her to look after his mother who is uite nice and is suffering from a broken leg and torn ligament on a cruise to NorwayBecky is of course grateful to the Baron for helping to turn her luck The Baron scarcely thinks of her at all except as a thin mouse as he describes her to his mother After the holiday in Norway they return to Tiele s house in Friesland Waiting to meet Tiele is Nina the reuisite gorgeous OW Becky wisely doesn t attempt to compete for the Baron s attention indeed she speaks uite tartly to him at times which Tiele s friendly sister Tialda finds amusingAfter the Baroness recovers Tiele gets Becky a job at the local hospital as promised He plans to take her out for dinner but when Becky says she has nothing to wear he uickly revises his plans and arranges for his cook to prepare a picnic This is the first indication that he is becoming attracted to her he has kissed her once before Perhaps he missed seeing her everyday perhaps she grew on him I do wish TGB had included his POV as she did in later books At the end of the evening Tiele tells Becky that he enjoyed every single moment of the picnic and kisses her hard As he leaves Becky has her DR She cries at the hopelessness with Bertie and Pooch offering comfortThe Baroness and Tialda keep in touch with Becky too inviting her for tea and such The Baroness makes no secret that she dislikes Nina intensely A few days later Bertie escapes from the flat and gets lost during a storm Tiele just happens along when Becky is searching for him they rescue him from under a canal bridge where he was trapped in some old junk After they are all back at Becky s flat and cleaned up Tiele gives her brandy which causes Becky to speak uninhibitedly She tells Tiele he shouldn t marry Nina but someone kind He gets nasty with her You can read between the lines that he is fighting his growing attraction to her A few days later Tiele gives Becky a lift from his mother s home Nina is also in the car Becky refuses his offer of a further lift saying I suppose you think it s funny to watch her snubbing me I expect you think I deserve it too Probably I do Thank you for the lift Tiele astonishes both girls by leaving Nina alone in the car He tells Becky he would prefer her to call him Tiele and tells her he likes her She mentions the not my cup of tea comment to which he responds with the very romantic and I was uite right but I do believe that you re my glass of champagne Becky Swoon IMO this is the best line in the bookSo the Baron has stopped fighting his feelings and begins to actively pursue Becky An awesome scene is the evening he drags Nina to a chamber music performance just because Becky is going with a houseman Afterwards he offers them all a lift home contriving to leave Becky until last when he takes her out to eat pancakes and then takes her home and comes in for coffee He tells her she s becoming a pretty girl and then says Beauty is nothing other than the promise of happiness He kisses her Goodnight my pretty little mouse Double swoonTiele asks Becky to go to London for his mother s consultation with an ortho specialist Before they go there is a scene at Tiele s house when Nina comes in and rails at Tiele sadly in Dutch When she has gone Becky asks what that was all about and Tiele says youIn London there is romantically suggestive dialogue and finally Tiele tells Becky that he told Nina that he was going to marry Becky and tells Becky to get used to the idea Next day Becky is setting out for a walk and runs into Boorish Basil I wanted to use another B moniker but I m keeping it SFB Safe For Betty He tries to drag her away daring her to make a scene Fortunately Tiele is across the street and comes to the rescue telling Basil that he will make a scene you will never forget Over a cuppa Tiele tells Becky he cannot live without her and refuses to let go of her hand I ve been wanting to hold your hand for a long time and now that I have it I don t intend to let it go When Becky reminds him that she hasn t yet been asked to marry him Tiele says dare to say no and kisses her I love every single thing about this book It has always been and still is my very favorite Betty Neels book