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Twins Author Marcy Dermansky

Download æ Twins Author Marcy Dermansky Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free L abuse and their first painful explorations of love and sex Told in alternating voices Twins introduces two new unforgettable heroines on the verge in a spellbinding tale of teen angst obsession and redemption in the subur. What if instead of the smart and practical Elizabeth Wakefield girl reporter there was a Chloe a hardworking soon to be popular teenager stunted by her enabling And instead of that rowdy boy crazy Jessica Wakefield there was a Sue with the tendencies of a low level sociopath crippling co dependency and a lack of self controlAnd what if when you were introduced to them instead of giddy hopefulness about getting into the elite high school sorority these twins were worried about the sterilization practices of a tattoo artist at the local strip mallThis is where Marcy Dermansky has taken her pretty blonde protagonists in her wonderfully awful novel Twins It s like she took Sweet Valley High plopped it in New Jersey and all but doused it in pig s bloodSue strong arms her twin into getting a tattoo that says Sue while she plans to get one that says Chloe This is a 13th birthday marker funded by money Sue has been stealing from their father s wallet Sue wants a permanent record of their forever ness Chloe is reluctant but it is nothing that some waterworks from Sue the drama ueen can t fixThe story opens at a point in their relationship when Chloe is eager to shed her sister weight and forge her own identity She s snagged the interest of the popular crowd with her fluffy princess hair and lip gloss At 13 she is already dreaming about going off to college a different college than her sister Sue is jealous about sharing Chloe with this popular posse And frankly the posse isn t really feeling her either She s prone to violence and fits of rage She breaks the ringleader s nose with a tennis ball She is also anti authority and anti soap and dabbling in the art of bulimiaTheir parents lawyers who work in New York City are rarely home and throw hundred dollar bills at problems Sometimes they pull out legal pads and tape recorders before not solving anything Their older brother Daniel is a social misfit who also has his eye on the front door He s a Sue loyalist though although she fails to see that he has her backThe twins go through a lifetime of changes in a four year span They are together they aren t together They re grudgingly together Sue holding tight like a jealous boyfriend Then Chloe finds a way out of this obsessive relationship by discovering she s got a special talent And Sue hitches her star to a sexy stranger s wagon and finds a new path of her ownThe story is told in alternating voices as the twins race to find a new and specially tailored routes to rock bottomDermansky likes her characters flawed She likes to roll them in muck And like I said after lapping up her other novel Bad Marie she likes to rip the wings off of them And so far she is 2 for 2 in writing the sort of stories that make one cackle with evil glee

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Download æ Twins Author Marcy Dermansky Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free On the eve of their thirteenth birthday identical twins Chloe and Sue agree to get matching tattoos to prove their bond is stronger than DNA So begins Twins Marcy Dermansky’s funny and disturbingly honest debut novel the. It s clear to any reformed YA reader where the author got her idea for this novel blonde beautiful twin sisters and their college age brother live out their teenage years in upper middle class suburbia Sound familiarHowever this is Sweet Valley High put through the chick noir blender Elizabeth s passivity becomes masochism in the form of good twin Chloe Jessica s penchant for recklessness is transformed into a destructive madness in Sue Daniel SVH s Steven by another name is a loner who does nothing but read books about the Nazis Twins though light on plot constructs a world that is dark and twisted where human cruelty is the norm In fact as the story wears on it really does begin to wear There s a reason authors usually balance darkness with moments of levity the reader needs that kind of safety valve or the story becomes unbearable Dermansky offers little in the way of such release for the readers of Twins Unhappiness congeals into misery and the reader is forced to crawl along in the emotional euivalent of mud for the majority of the novel Its rather understated ending feels anti climactic after all the build up or rather tear down because everything sucks all the time hereI d like to say that the novel s darkness reveals psychological insight Unfortunately the pop psychology of poorly parented children either internalizing their pain or running amok is rather heavy handed By the middle of the novel the angst that the characters suffer begins to feel like misery pornThough there are stylistic flaws the author has a tin ear for dialogue and her plotting has a uality of and then this happened and then this happened and then and then it s not a poorly written book Unfortunately neither is it a good read

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Download æ Twins Author Marcy Dermansky Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Extraordinary story of blonde beautiful twin sisters trying to survive adolescence and each otherOver the course of five years Chloe and Sue overcome breakups unhappy Hawaiian vacations unicycle lessons eating disorders pil. What ticks me off the most about this utterly depressing melodramatic novel is that twice on the cover I am told it is funny You re going to have to give me page and line number on which parts were supposed to be funny The girls leap from one psychotic episode to the next neither are sympathetic characters until about 10 pages from the end and their parents are so unbelievable as to be mere cyphers to allow the author to put her twins in ever ridiculous situations Ugh Bypass

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