The Gone Dead {Free Read} By Chanelle Benz

  • Hardcover
  • 295
  • The Gone Dead
  • Chanelle Benz
  • English
  • 13 May 2019
  • 9780062490698

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The Gone Dead Read & Download ☆ 104 Chanelle Benz õ 4 Read & Download review The Gone Dead Encounters the locals she hears a strange rumor that she herself went missing on the day her father died As the mystery intensifies she finds out that this forgotten piece of her past could put her in dangerInventive gritty and openhearted The Gone Dead is an astonishing debut novel about race justice and memory that lays bare the long concealed wounds of a family and a countr. I spent one long hot summer in the Mississippi Delta back in the mid Eighties My Boston accent and northern roots made it impossible for me to blend in and the fact that it was less than twenty years after the assassination of Martin Luther King was completely lost on me at the time I was young and idealistic and I couldn t see or understand the ugliness where I lived or where I visited to that point in my life While I met many lovely people and became enad with their Southern hospitality their gorgeous accents the strong sense of family and the beyond delicious food I also saw and heard things that bring me goosebumps to this day A sense of foreboding was my constant companion that summer That sense of foreboding is this book The mystery feels like a jumping off point to get to the root of very serious issues The characterization is believable with outstanding narration by Bahni Turpin that brings each character to life in a way that I m not sure my own brain could have done had I read this Atmospheric and sad this debut is important in so many ways 4 stars

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The Gone Dead Read & Download ☆ 104 Chanelle Benz õ 4 Read & Download review The Gone Dead An electrifying first novel from “a riveting new voice in American fiction” George Saunders A young woman returns to her childhood home in the American South and uncovers secrets about her father’s life and deathBillie James’s inheritance isn’t much a little money and a shack in the Mississippi Delta The house once belonged to her father a renowned black poet who die. The Gone Dead by Chanelle Benz is a 2019 Ecco publication Race related crimes from the past continue to painfully haunt those living in the present in this tense and timely southern mystery This is a short novel but it still packs a punch The story is centered around Billie James a young woman who inherited some money and a run down barely habitable home in Mississippi Upon arrival Billie hopes she can learn about her father who had been a renowned black poet But her inuiries are met with a slew of roadblocks as nearly everyone seems to be warning her off Although Billie was around when her father died a death ruled an accident she was only four years old and has no memory of that night However an odd bit of information causes her to dig her heels in and double down determined than ever to find out the truth about her father s death despite the possibility it could put her in grave danger I nearly read this book in one sitting Partly is was the brevity of the book which weighs in at less than three hundred pages in length but mostly it was because of the mystery and the superb characterizations Yes there is a big cast of characters which does reuire some concentration but I didn t find it as distracting as I normally do The old house the secrets it holds the racial history in Mississippi and the multiple points of view kept me turning pages as the sins of the past finally comes to light The portrait of a rural small southern town is captured perfectly and examines the class and race divides that have barely budged in all the years since the death of Billie s father Thought provoking and very timely After all is said and done the reader experiences things through Billie s eyes learning simultaneously that injustice lingers forever and that the past is never truly buried and it s never really all that far from the surface and it should never be forgotten

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The Gone Dead Read & Download ☆ 104 Chanelle Benz õ 4 Read & Download review The Gone Dead D unexpectedly when Billie was four years old Though Billie was there when the accident happened she has no memory of that day and she hasn’t been back to the South sinceThirty years later Billie returns but her father’s home is unnervingly secluded; her only neighbors are the McGees the family whose history has been entangled with hers since the days of slavery As Billie. In 2002 when Billie inherits the house in which her father Clifton died 30 years before she returns to Mississippi and discovers that his death had not been as straight forward as it appeared Clifton had been a well known black poet and was divorced from his white wife Pia Billie was 4 when her father died I enjoyed the dialogue and the characters particularly Billie her uncle Dee and her father s girlfriend Carlotta I also admired Billie s dogged determination to get to the truth It felt realistic and I was glad that the ending left loose ends I wasn t that crazy about the fact that the story was told in first person present tense from the points of view of 8 different characters It made the writing feel kind of clunky Nevertheless I would be interested in reading by this author The narration by Bahni Turpin of the audio book was very goodI received a free copy of this book from the publisher