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read Redemption David Baldacci ´ 7 summary Redemption characters ß eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB When he's approached by an unfamiliar man But he instantly recognizes the man's name Meryl Hawkins He's the first person Decker ever arrested for murder back when he was a young detective Though a dozen years in prison have left Hawkins unrecognizably aged and terminally ill one thing hasn't. This fast paced smart well developed gripping crime thriller which brings back one of my favorite book characters Amos Decker aka Memory Man Remembering everything is a great gift for solving murders handling loose ends by bringing back the images you stocked like unlocking your personal cloud which full of memories But also can be curse to remember your loved ones taking away from you It was like living a nightmare over and over again This time Decker goes back to his hometown to honor the memories of his wife and daughter by visiting their graves At his redemption place he sees a ghost from his past A man he has convicted 13 years ago who has a terminal disease claiming his innocence By helping this ex convict Amos Decker tries to atone his sins and face his inner demons On previous books Decker was acting like a robot building walls around him to minimize human connection and only Jamison and his new friend ex convict Mars were able to open small cracks on his walls fighting against his social barriersOn this book by slowly making peace with his past Decker starts to communicate with the people even he starts accepting human touch He still remembers the past tragedies suffers from panic attacks and obsessed with his family house but he takes a big step on his life At the end our character does not only bring justice to the wrongly convicted man he also moves farther a little bit and learns to embrace his past to have a real future I loved twisted crime story and smartly developed plot but mostly I enjoyed to see the development of the character

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read Redemption David Baldacci ´ 7 summary Redemption characters ß eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Changed He maintains he never committed the murders Could it be possible that Decker made a mistake all those years ago As he starts digging into the old case Decker finds a startling connection to a new crime that he may be able to prevent if only he can put the pieces together uickly enou. The author is one of my all time favorites meaning anything he writes I want to read And from the start four books ago his Memory Man series was a big hit with me This one the fifth adds another five star entry Detective Amos Decker is a very intriguing character as a result of a football injury he developed hyperthymesia which causes him to remember every detail of every single day whether he wants to or not as well as synesthia abilities associating colors with people and objects But I have to admit my initial attraction was at a far human level He played football at THE Ohio State University go bucks and the aforementioned football injury that ended his sports career happened on the first play as a member of the Cleveland Browns yep my favorite NFL team needless to say I live in OhioEarlier in the series Decker s wife and daughter were murdered imagine being forced to remember every detail of that for the rest of your life and in this book he s returned to Burlington Ohio to visit the cemetery as he always does on his daughter Molly s birthday An aging tattered and battered man interrupts Decker who realizes it s Meryl Hawkins his first arrest for murder back when he was a newbie on the force Released from prison because of a terminal illness Hawkins knew of Decker s annual cemetery visits thanks to information from Decker s former partner Mary Lancaster When he gets Decker s reluctant attention Hawkins insists he was not guilty as charged and pleads with Decker to prove his innocenceThat s not a project Decker wants to undertake given that it could mean he was instrumental in putting an innocent man behind bars Besides that Decker s boss back at the FBI isn t happy that he s thinking of going rogue yet again and he orders Decker s current partner Alex Jamison who s with him in Burlington back to the office as an aside another personal coinkidink My mother s maiden name was JamisonBut when evidence turns up that Hawkins might have been wrongly convicted Decker and his memories can t walk away even if it jeopardizes his FBI work Complicating matters further is that a personal connection means Lancaster who was willing to help out is forced to recuse herself from the investigation leaving Decker pretty much on his own On the plus side Jamison contacts Decker s old friend Melvin Mars who insists on helping despite Decker s protests The two make a great combination and that makes for a great story that s both complex and exciting For the record this book stands well on its own but I have no doubt I enjoyed it because I d read its predecessors which I recommend that others new to the series should do as well not only for that reason but simply because they re all so enjoyable As for me I say keep em coming

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read Redemption David Baldacci ´ 7 summary Redemption characters ß eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Detective Amos Decker discovers that a mistake he made as a rookie detective may have led to deadly conseuences in the latest Memory Man thriller in David Baldacci's #1 New York Times bestselling seriesAmos Decker and his FBI partner Alex Jamison are visiting his hometown of Burlington Ohio. I love Amos Decker so the moment I saw this book on the bookshop shelves I bought it came home and settled down in my favourite chair for a really good read And it was good very good in factAmos is struggling badly Had she lived he would have been celebrating his daughter s birthday and he is blind sided with grief for his dead wife and child He is also experiencing very strange symptoms from his brain condition and he feels the need to be away from his friends and suffer on his own Luckily those friends do not take no for an answer and he soon finds himself being supported in his personal life while working hard to solve a particularly complicated caseThere are an awful lot of dead bodies in this book many visits to the morgue and a huge amount of very detailed and very smart police work Some of the goodies turn out to be baddies and hardly anyone is who they seem to be I suppose someone very smart could guess who killed who and why but I had to be patient and wait until Decker explained it all I enjoyed it enormously and hope that the author is planning a book 6

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