The Trouble with Men {kindle Ebook} BY David Shields

Characters ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ David Shields

The Trouble with Men

Characters The Trouble with Men Characters ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ David Shields David Shields ☆ 7 Free read David Shields’s  The Trouble with Men Reflections on Sex Love Marriage Porn and Power is an immersion into the perils limits and possibilities of human intimacy All at once a love letter to his wife a nervy reckoning with his own fallibility a meditation on the impact of porn on American culture and an attempt to understand marriage one marriage the idea of marriage all marriages  The Trouble. In his book The Trouble with Men Reflections on Sex Love Marriage Porn and Power David Shields suggestively points toward his modus operandi if you will classic Freudian paradigm less overt masochist as self characterized marriage as reenactment his parents doomed union The self referential notion of masochism riddled throughout the book becomes part mask in stark opposition to his naked confessional narrative style a smoke and mirrors techniue to cloak his deepest most guarded feelingsAs he uestions the allegorical you wife Are you in love with me Do you like making love with me Do you love making love with me he exposes a marriage seemingly devoid of baseline connectivity despite decades spent together Don t answer Shields says putting emotion aside flirting and fantasizing in a safe way outside of his marriage Why consider the complicated dissolution of things if we can coexist with private non threatening phantasms In framing his feelings with a certain existential angst Shields justifies his need to push the buttons of you Is this a love letter or is this a love barb of hope that you s voice will boomerang back with answers It doesn tThe uoted excerpts of other writers textured throughout the book further substantiate the masked unreliable narrative creating an uneasy tension with the reader at once universal the voice of a modern day Shakespearean chorus of sorts yet brilliantly crafted in such a way to allow Shields to distance himself from the emotion at task ie All relationships are miserable right Let us find beauty in the misery and not be so alone The underlying implication is that the writers snippets are Shields own words but the reader learns of the appropriation at the end of the lineparagraph Rather than openly suggest a separation or divorce it s interesting to consider that Shields might have written this book to prod you to make the ultimatum herself A tool of passive aggressive enablementThat said it s clear the stakes are high Let s find the pulse in our marriage but is you s indifference alluring or is it sadly abrading Does it create the real marriage Shields so desperately wants You has no photos of him in the house she does not hold his hand in public will not use the inclusive we and laughs when he sniffs her panties an erotic gesture on his part yet has no ualms asking demanding him to wear them I wasn t in love with you when we got married Shields says say what but I am now whereas I suspect the opposite is true for you The reader can only wonder if you has been long aware of his indifference and it s been payback time ever sinceWithin the first few pages what are we to make of the theatrical theoretical characters of Alan and Michelle who seem to almost stage the book We are privy to a romanticized if not psychosexual relationship if we are to believe our pronoun altering narrator of this story within the story relating to the real life cousin he collaborated with to write the real book That Thing You Do With Your Mouth but is there a deeper truth Shields is clearly cloaked as Alan stutterhis relationship to his mother but who is Michelle The Trouble with Men with its relentless investigation of reality versus fantasy love versus war me versus you is a maddening testament of the male psyche denial candor and an invigorating must read

Characters The Trouble with Men

Characters The Trouble with Men Characters ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ David Shields David Shields ☆ 7 Free read With Men is exuisitely balanced between the personal and the anthropological nakedness and restraint While unashamedly intellectual it’s also irresistibly readable and extremely moving Over five increasingly intimate chapters Shields probes the contours of his own psyche and marriage marshalling a chorus of other voices that leaven deepen and universalize his experience; his goal is nothing less. Fucking hell what a boring book

Characters ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ David Shields

Characters The Trouble with Men Characters ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ David Shields David Shields ☆ 7 Free read Than a deconstruction of  eros and conventional masculinity Masterfully woven throughout is an unmistakable and surprisingly tender  cri de coeur to his wife The risk and vulnerability on display are in the service of radical candor acerbic wit real emotion and profound insight exactly what we’ve come to expect from Shields who in an open invitation to the reader leaves everything on the pag. Imagine you re on an airplane in the small middle seat reading David Shields slim latest book The Trouble with Men And imagine that you hit page 17 with that ALL CAPS uotation from the goth waitress t shirt and you wonder if your fellow passengers on the right and left are spying on you reading those same explicit phrases and you re suddenly uncomfortable embarrassed maybe about sex and intimacy and strangers and boundaries That s exactly what Shields wants I think He wants you to be a little uneasy in your skin as you read The Trouble with Men because well he s a lot uneasy in his Reading this book is communion in a literal literary sense Shields sharing intimate facets of himself and bolstering them with attributed uotations so we might take a look at how we approach sex love marriage porn and power in our own lives And that inward view is the wonderful value of this book the fact that we re prodded to examine our lives as we gain an intimate view of Shields This book is smart risky and always surprising I d expect nothing less from Shields So now by the time you reach page 56 and you re halfway through your flight you don t care if your aisle mates read over your shoulder You want them to They might need exactly what Shields graciously offers up in The Trouble with Men Hell we all might

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