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In Another Time review ´ 0 review In Another Time A sweeping historical novel that spans Germany England and the United States and follows a young couple torn apart by circumstance leading up to World War II and the family secret that may prove to be the means for survival Love brought them together But only time can save them1931 Germany Bookshop owner Max Beissinger meets Hanna Ginsberg a budding concert violinist and immediately he feels a powerful chemistry between them It isn’t long before they fall in love and begin making plans for the future As their love affair unfolds over the next five years the climate drastically changes in Germany as Hitler comes to power Their love is tested with the new. November 6 1958 present timeHanna pencils in the date at the top of her sheet music She writes the days date every day on the sheet music She doesn t want to forget I immediately had a hunch of what Hanna didn t want to forget but without the specific details yet I was naturally curious I wanted to know and enjoyed the way the book startedBut my interest didn t hold consistently Music had always been Hanna s greatest constant companion She started violin lessons at age 6 When the book opens in 1958 Hannah tells us that she is practicing at the Conservatory as she does every day after her group rehearsal The orchestra will tour again in the spring They will be touring around in Europe including Berlin playing Bach and Vivaldi and Holst Hanna was the first chair violinist Then we step back to 1931 And move forward to 1946I think I just read another fusion type novelLife just before Hitler s rise to powerprewar BerlinA powerful love storyHistory during two time periodsmagical realismTime travelSecrets and tragedyMixing genres seem to be popular lately I m still not sure how I feel about it I don t think I m the best person to review this book I have a few pet peevesthat are personal and not logicalMy dad was named MaxHe died youngThere are things about the character Max in this novel that was just hard for me to read without thinking of my own father s young life And Hanna well I didn t feel much for her PLEASE READ OTHER REVIEWS READERS ARE LOVING THIS NOVEL than me If you liked the book The Nightingale by Kirsten Hannah which many readers loved than me toothen you ll probably love this bookBut me fiction love stories mixed with WWII historical facts sometimes just feels too over dramatic The music was my favorite character 3 stars

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In Another Time

In Another Time review ´ 0 review In Another Time Landscape and the realities of war not the least of which is that Hanna is Jewish and Max is not But unbeknownst to Hanna is the fact that Max has a secret which causes him to leave for months at a time a secret that Max is convinced will help him save Hanna if Germany becomes too dangerous for her because of her religion In 1946 Hanna Ginsberg awakens in a field outside of Berlin Disoriented and afraid she has no memory of the past ten years and no idea what has happened to Max With no information as to Max’s whereabouts or if he is even still alive she decides to move to London to live with her sister while she gets her bearings Even without an orchest. Hanna and Max found each other by accident or was there a reason they found each other Whether it was an accident or for a reason their love for each other was never endingMax walked in on Hanna practicing her violin and much to his surprise she wasn t too happy to have him there It did take a lot to get her attention but once he did he couldn t stay awayWe travel back and forth in time and learn of Hanna s passion for music her violin and MaxIN ANOTHER TIME tells the story of Max and Hanna before and after the war Hanna is the main focus after the war because something happened to her that caused her to lose the memory of ten years but not the memory of Max and her marvelous talent of playing the violinMax isn t mentioned after the war except in Hanna s memories It is heartbreakingWe see Max before the war and interestingly we are introduced to the mystery of what could be behind the door in the bookshop that Max s father had always forbidden him to enterThe love between Max and Hanna was the main focus as well as the love of books and music You will keep hoping Hanna and Max find each otherIN ANOTHER TIME is beautifully and smoothly written with characters you will want to know betterMs Cantor immediately pulls you into the story line and into the lives of the characters with her marvelous tale and her well researched story line Readers will get a glimpse into a personal side of WWIIIN ANOTHER TIME is a beautiful beautiful tale of love heartbreak and an outstanding history lesson 55This book was given to me as ARC by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review

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In Another Time review ´ 0 review In Another Time Ra to play in she throws herself completely into her music to keep alive her lifelong dream of becoming a concert violinist But the music also serves as a balm to heal her deeply wounded heart and she eventually gets the opening she long hoped for Even so as the days months and years pass taking her from London to Paris to Vienna to America she continues to be haunted by her forgotten past and the fate of the only man she has ever loved and cannot forgetTold in alternating viewpoints Max in the years leading up to WWII and Hanna in the ten years after In Another Time is a beautiful novel about love and survival passion and music across time and continents. Beautiful book beautiful writing beautiful characters heartbreaking time in history No one tugs at my heartstrings than Jillian Cantor when she writes her WWII novels Last year The Lost Letter was on my list of top books of 2017 and I was really looking forward to seeing what she came up with next I m happy to say the story of Hanna and Max is certainly different than any WWII story you ve seen before and still has the emotional resonance of Cantor s prior books as well as the signature trademark of a well researched historical fiction novelist There were moments where I wanted to scream I wanted to cry and I wanted to hug everyone involved For an author to elicit those emotions in me I know a book has been a job well done Thank you to HarperCollins for an advance copy All opinions are my own

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