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The White Nights of Ramadan Free download ↠ 104 This picture book for young readers shows how a young girl named Noor who lives with her family in Kuwait prepares for the Muslim festival known as Girgian along with her family Mid Ramadan is a special time for families in the Arabian Persian Gulf These middle days are known as the three whites b. A young Kuwaiti girl and her two little brothers eagerly await the coming of Girgian a holiday celebrated in the Persian Gulf states during the middle of the month of Ramadan at the time of the full moon anticipating the joy of dressing up in colorful costumes and collecting candy from all the neighbors Ramadan and Girgian of course can be fun Noor tells her grandmother and is gently reminded that the month of fasting while indeed fun is much than thatI really enjoyed The White Nights of Ramadan and the glimpse it offered into a cultural practice completely unknown to me I had never heard of the holiday of Girgian a holiday within a holiday really but was struck by its similarity in some senses to Halloween That alone would recommend it to me The accompanying illustrations by Ned Gannon done in oil paint were lovely making excellent use of both color and light With an engaging tale sure to strike a chord with young readers everywhere what child doesn t love candy and beautiful illustrations that capture the magic of the white nights this is definitely a title I would with caveat see below recommend to those looking for good titles about RamadanI was than a little dismayed to see that the Persian Gulf was referred to as the Arabian Gulf with Persian in parentheses both in the front dust jacket description and in the author s note at the end For those not in the know there has been a dispute concerning the name of this body of water for the last few decades fueled by Arab nationalism See section four of the relevant Wikipedia article for a long list of historians many of them Arab who are probably rolling in their graves at this ahistorical nonsense Although a minor detail when it comes to appreciating this otherwise excellent book parents and educators should be aware of it and ready to correct any misperception it may create in young readers

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The White Nights of Ramadan Free download ↠ 104 Ecause they include the day of the full moon the day before and the day after It's a time when children dressed in traditional clothes go from house to house collecting treats from their neighbors When Noor sees the full moon rising signaling the coming of Girgian she and her brothers prepare for. Book level 36 The book tells the story of a young girl and her and her family s preparation for the season of Ramadan There is rich multicultural information in this story It would serve as a great resource for educating my young learners about how people of various cultures and beliefs celebrate different holidays I also believe the pictures in this story were very rich aided in the sharing of the information presented The pictures itself told a story of the preparation for the season of Ramadan

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The White Nights of Ramadan Free download ↠ 104 The fun Together they decorate the bags they'll carry to collect the candies But along with the fun Noor remembers the true meaning of Ramadan spending time with family and sharing with those less fortunate School Library Journal says An excellent choice for units on diversity and multiculturalism. The White Nights of Ramadan by Maha AddasiIllustrated by Ned Gannon32p Published by Boyds Mills Press 2008Grades K 3 With much excitement and anticipation Noor a young girl in Kuwait explains how her family celebrates Girgian when the moon is full during the holy month of Ramadan Noor and her younger brothers Sam and Dan make candy with honey sugar and nuts to share with the other children in the neighborhood and wrap it in colorful cellophane The children then decorate canvas bags in hopes they get to fill them with candy on Girgian Noor spends the following day reading the Koran and fasting Finally the sun sets and the streets are filled with youngsters carrying fanouses Ramadan lanterns and knocking on doors to collect candy Afterward Noor and her grandfather deliver a basket of food to the mosue for the poor The pictures appear to shimmer and beautifully depict this fun holiday during Ramadan I enjoyed reading this book because so many new words and traditions are authentically introduced There also is a glossary at the end with an author s note on Ramadan This book would be a nice addition to a unit on the Persian Gulf Ramadan or world religions

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