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My Every Breath Becoming Us #2 Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook O flee When she comes face to face with the one man who might be able to help her she’ll have to decide exactly how much his life is worth Cade King’s past is littered with uestionable choices He’s made mistakes than he can count but he vows to be a better manWhen he meets Gia his structured life turns upside. First person Dual POV HAE Standalone ARC rec d via NetGalley 35 StarsSuspense intrigue forbidden love all great ualifiers in my eyes but I found this easy to put down and come back to later hence the lower rating However I really enjoyed the action of the story Gia is knee deep in the Irish mob because her father is which makes it almost impossible to escape although she s tried When she starts digging into the disappearance of her mother years ago she begins to craft a plan for not only escape but a rescue of her mother in Brazil Plans go awry when a man walks into the club owned by the mob a man who definitely doesn t belong but neither can keep their eyes off the other Cade a business mogul by trade knows of the Irish mob and how much danger a girl like Gia could be in in that world When she shows up to warn him away he realizes that he s got to get her out despite never doing something like that before Sinner or saint I m beginning to think that when I m with Cade I can be both What follows is a race against the clock to not only get her out of NYC but to a safe location one where the head of the mob won t find her But Gia also has another agenda one that Cade doesn t know about something that could risk everything they ve been working towardIt was an adventure in foreign places and definitely tickled my danger bone The ending was satisfying so I m glad I stuck aroundCade was a great alpha hero and Gia was no simpering heroine either which I liked a lot Their connection toward the middle of the book was fiery hotI d be interested in reading the stories of the SEALs mentioned in the book too Til next time cuties

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My Every Breath Becoming Us #2 Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Down and he must decide whether he’s truly worthy of redemption Can he protect a woman whose guard is even higher than his own or will she end up saving him from himselfAs the tension and chemistry heat up between the two they’ll discover that life isn’t always black and whiteA sizzling and suspenseful roman. Cade is a powerful CEO dealing with personal and family mistakes that have haunted him for years One of those mistakes ultimately comes to a head when he meets Gia at a mob run club As soon as he sees her he knows he has seen her before but he can t remember where When he sees Gia being manhandled by Rory a mob boss he tries to intervene and unwittingly becomes the mob s next target Gia is not only trying to escape from Rory s possessive control and her hitman father s terrible past but is also searching for her mother When she hears of Rory s plans for Cade she looks for him to try to warn him Cade a man with means and military help decides to help Gia escape from Rory and the mobThis is the first book I have read by Brittney Sahin and I thoroughly enjoyed this story From the moment Cade met Gia I knew the scenes between these two were going to be hot Cade was hooked on her from the beginning and could not let her go Gia was stubborn to admit her feelings for Cade but Cade was determined to win her over The story is definitely suspenseful and the discoveries that Gia and Cade made definitely shocked me This is a complete story even though it is part of a series and it has a wonderful HEAI received an ARC copy of this book from NetGalley and BookBuzznet for my honest review

review º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ö Brittney Sahin

My Every Breath Becoming Us #2 Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Businessman Cade King has fallen for the wrong woman She’s the daughter of a hitman and he’s the targetAfter ten years of living in the shadow of the Irish mob Gia Callaghan wants nothing than to escape the darkness of her life Her burning desire for answers about her past has her constantly plotting new ways t. I was pretty excited to meet Cade King I already met the man in Someone Like you and well I never could resist such a mystery like him Even if Corbin was the one I wanted a story for asap I knew Cade will be just as goodIf you want to read My Every Breath as a standalone you should go for it Even if Grace Noah make a small appearance you won t have to much of them You can still enjoy this one and then read the other if you want And I m usually not reading books out of order so if I say you can believe me you re safeMy Every Breath was a race to stay alive and escape The time reading this book will fly by Buckled up because Cade Gia have lots to hide to reveal and to learn Don t settle for what you see because it won t be what you get Brittney Sahin will keep you on your toes all along I ve discovered her writing with Someone Like You and I was already in awe with her ability to surprise me constantly No other author give me the element of surprise like she does It s most definitely one of her strength and why she can now count on me to read everything single book she wants to give her readers Cade is a business man used to command He has power and he s power When he meets Gia he doesn t know to which extent his life is going to change how little control he ll have No matter what helping her is not a uestion it s a matter of doing the right thing now once and for allGia wants out of her life She never asked to be the daughter of a hitman and she never asked to be close to the Irish mob She wants to go back to her roots to find a purpose and finally be herself by herselfFrom the start Cade Gia are together against the world if you can put it that way The development of their relation felt real and good The tension uickly grows to become unbearable at some point This is not only a story of a man saving the girl Nope nothing is easy and certainly not the girlStrong minded characters a storyline keeping you at the edge of your seat and chemistry giving your chills My Every Breath is a must read a top favorite of mine for 2018Now I m going to read Brittney s entire backlist beginning with Connor s story The Hard Truth I voluntary read a copy of this book provided by the author

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