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Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism Read ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Kristen R. Ghodsee ´ 4 Free read Summary Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Kristen R. Ghodsee Ountries that transitioned from state socialism to capitalism She argues here that unregulated capitalism disproportionately harms women and that we should learn from the past By rejecting the bad and salvaging the good we can adapt some socialist ideas to the 21st century and improve our lives She tackles all aspects of a woman's life work parenting sex and relationships citizenship and leadership In a chapter called Women Like Men But Cheaper she talks about women in the workplace discussing everything from the wage gap to harassment and discrimination In What To Expect When You're Expecting E. Short version sex was better under socialism for a nut who never lived thatLong versionA mystical preacher talking about ParadiseUnder Socialism the woman had both the traditional role cook wash and so on and the modern role employee working full time Food scarcity also meant long ueues waiting for food delivery Poverty meant no washing machine no dishwasher everything was done by hand the diapers also No hot water meant accidents while moving the boiling water pan from the kitchen to the bath tub which was moved into the kitchen if possibleAlso some Socialist Countries like Romania expressly forbade contraception and most Socialist countries have had strict rules for the abortionRape HIV and other shameful acts were called diseases of the West and were carefully swept under the rugThere were strict rules most of the time unwritten of separating the spouses in the work place And if the man was higher on the hierarchical ladder that meant that the woman was the one left to find a new work place and fast

Read Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism

Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism

Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism Read ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Kristen R. Ghodsee ´ 4 Free read Summary Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Kristen R. Ghodsee Xploitation she addresses motherhood and how having it all is impossible under capitalism Women are standing up for themselves like never before from the increase in the number of women running for office to the women's march to the long overdue public outcry against sexual harassment Interest in socialism is also on the rise whether it's the popularity of Bernie Sanders or the skyrocketing membership numbers of the Democratic Socialists of America It's become increasingly clear to women that capitalism isn't working for us and Ghodsee is the informed lively guide who can show us the way forward. The argument of this book can be summed up succinctly unregulated capitalism is bad for women and if we adopt some ideas from socialism women will have better lives p1This book is nothing short of fantastic Ghodsee provides an approachable examination of how economic and social leftism social democracy and state socialism basically provide a better sexual life for women and men Her main case studies are the state socialism of Russia and Eastern Europe with some focus on Central Europe the great Scandinavian countries that leftists are used to being lectured on Despite the Eurocentric and cis centred focus Ghodsee does an excellent job of detailing why socialism provides a much spiritually and sexually satisfying life for women by examining how women under socialism and social democracy are free from the burdens of capitalism and thus choose their true loves for marriage and companionship rather than making forced decisions under the reified logic of capitalism Alongside this Ghodsee provides a short description and portrait of important socialist women and one man who have helped advance women s sexual and economic liberation such as Rosa Luxemburg Valentina Tershekova and and Lily Braun This book reads like an extended article rather than a dense academic work and in her interview on RevLeftRadio she said this approach was intentional This is great because despite the seemingly narrow and rather specialised focus it helps to attract non academic readers into this too often forgotten history of socialist women who helped reform the world outside of a mostly Anglophone context I recommend this book to everyone and after you ve read it please watch Fox News response to Ghodsee s initial article for comic relief

Summary Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Kristen R. Ghodsee

Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism Read ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Kristen R. Ghodsee ´ 4 Free read Summary Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Kristen R. Ghodsee A spirited deeply researched exploration of why capitalism is bad for women and how when done right socialism leads to economic independence better labor conditions better work life balance and yes even better sex In a witty irreverent op ed piece that went viral Kristen Ghodsee argued that women had better sex under socialism The response was tremendous clearly she articulated something many women had sensed for years the problem is with capitalism not with us Ghodsee an acclaimed ethnographer and professor of Russian and East European Studies spent years researching what happened to women in c. As an avowed Marxist feminist I found this to be an utterly infuriating text Ghodsee is an academic historian who has written a popular press book that seeks to dispel some widespread myths about the horrors of Eastern European state socialism She does this with the explicit aim of opening up space in contemporary US political discourse for consideration of how redistributive and regulatory economic policies would be good for women All of this is seemingly laudable The problem comes when Ghodsee actually begins her analysis In a book about socialism and feminism there is hardly a single mention of working class women s activism In fact Ghodsee dedicates an entire chapter to how state socialist regimes promoted women into their highest ranks as powerful leaders She does this to make a point about how young girls in capitalist societies need to see powerful women in order to be inspired to become leaders themselves This is just unreconstructed neoliberal lean in codswallop The point of socialist feminism is that getting a few privileged elite women into powerful roles does nothing for the vast majority of women Consistently as well Ghodsee makes asinine comments about how socialism is basically just an expanded welfare states with markets and private control of the economy still intact Because Ghodsee s reference points for socialism are Eastern Bloc countries and Scandinavia she offers a distorted picture of what socialism actually is If you want to know about actual alternatives to capitalism you will not find them in this book Indeed Ghodsee has been made into something of a spokesperson for socialism in US media despite the fact that she has fairly centrist politics and a demonstrated lack of familiarity with socialist feminist theory and activism Her frankly random choice of recommended reading testifies to this In summary it is a real shame that this book will likely be many Americans first sustained introduction to socialist feminism Ghodsee had an opportunity to make a real intervention but she instead wasted it by telling her radical readers to take the capitalist rag Reason seriously as a source for information Ghodsee presents a world where the alternative to capitalism is slightly regulated capitalism and where political activism takes the form of voting instead of collective action Don t waste your time on this if you are already somewhat sympathetic to socialism Read Silvia Federici s Revolution at Point Zero instead If you are not already sympathetic to socialism then perhaps Ghodsee s confused and overly conciliatory treatise can help guide you away from the echo chamber of capitalist ideology But even then Federici would be a better starting point

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