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  • Paperback
  • 416
  • False Gods
  • Graham McNeill
  • English
  • 02 October 2019
  • 9781844163700

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Summary False Gods Graham McNeill ✓ 0 Read & Download characters ☆ False Gods 100 Ght to heel by the conuering armies of mankind At the peak of his powers Warmaster. Well this was a major step down from the first book in the Horus Heresy series In Horus Rising Dan Abnett did his best to set up the psychology of the main characters in the saga making me think that Horus monumental decision to take down the Emperor would be based on some kind of internal conflict and drama and shades of grey issues of morality It also made me very curious to see how will he get to that point Unfortunately all my high hopes were uickly dispersed when Graham McNeill took over and delivered a book that is straight up pulp space action without any pretenses at serious work of writing with extremely simplified plot and characters that are thinner than their own cardboard cutoutsNow this is not very surprising when we talk about Warhammer 40k novels which are meant to be super light weight futuristic military fiestas focused on action machismo and hooking up readers to buy other WH40k products But since this IS arguably the most important series in the entire WH40k universe and since the first book obviously showed that it IS possible to take an extra step and make a serious deeper engaging novel I really cannot see why there was no effort to pick a better writer and to tell a complex story about these crucial eventsAnyway in this book we uickly learn that there is bit of Chaos infestation among some of the senior members of the Astartes as one of those guys Erebus comes up with a kindergarten level of a master plan on how to corrupt Horus and turn him to the dark side His brilliant idea is to basically tell Horus that some random local governor on some random irrelevant planet has rebelled and called the Warmaster a chicken Channeling his inner Marty McFly Horus previously presented as thoughtful considerate and patient when it comes to assaulting people immediately turns on his rage mode and decides to take an entire spearhead of his army with Titans and legions of Space Marines and all sorts of accompanying hardware and to lead them himself head on into a ground assault In the ensuing combat on a Chaos infested moon view spoiler Horus is wounded by a Morgul blade I mean a magical anathame weapon which poisons him and leaves him on his death bed In this dire situation the only person who has any suggestion on how to help the Warmaster is Erebus who easily convinces all of Horus friends and officers to take their dying leader into some kind of pagan temple and lock him in there for a ritual of purification Of course when Horus comes out of there he will be alive cured but changed Chaos corruption has taken another victim hide spoiler

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Summary False Gods Graham McNeill ✓ 0 Read & Download characters ☆ False Gods 100 The human Imperium stands at its height of glory thousands of worlds have been brou. Interestingly I think the best uote to sum up the ualities of the second book of the Horus Heresy is this What lies beyond that door asked Horus backing away from the silver portalTruths you will not want to see replied Sejanus and answers you will not want to hearThis book was absolutely spectacular False Gods is in my mind even better than its predecessor Horus Rising mostly because of its absolutely artistic description of the corruption and subversion of Horus and some of his main lieutenantsGraham McNeill does an impressive job as the architect of the fall of such a central character using eual doses of truth manipulation and prophecy I confess to be left in doubt as how strongly Horus initial motivation as portrayed in this book is actually uite justified and I believe leaving that up to the reader to figure out at least those of us who are relative novices to the Warhammer 40K universe was part of the authors intentionThese Warhammer 40K books get an undeservedly bad reputation So far the Horus Heresy series is a delightful wonder containing deep themes excellently crafted character development and an enticing overarching storyExcuse me while I m off to read

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Summary False Gods Graham McNeill ✓ 0 Read & Download characters ☆ False Gods 100 Horus wields absolute control but can even he resist the corrupting whispers of Cha. Well shit that escalated fast I knew it was coming but Horus went from a likable hero to a first rate douche bag in a couple hundred pages All I have to say is Torgaddon better not die in the next book he s my favorite