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Free read ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB õ Ella Frank characters Confessions Robbie 107 Relationships are complexLove ever changingAnd when it comes to rules of the heartthey were made to be brokenThat’s what Robert Antonio Bianchi was telling himself anywayOtherwise he really had no excuse for what or who he’. READ MY REVIEW ON THE BLOG Regrets only happen when you aren t brave enough to try something that scares you Confession nope no pun I have never read MMM Heck I don t read MMF or MFM all that much It s the idea of one person usually being added to an established relationship It makes it difficult for me to believe that all partners in a three way relationship are eually well loved and there is no imbalance and one of them is left behind emotionally So going into CONFESSIONS ROBBIE was a bit of challenge for me but since Ella Frank has written one of my favorite MM series it was a no brainer that I at the very least TRY see what I did there

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Confessions Robbie

Free read ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB õ Ella Frank characters Confessions Robbie 107 St ask his crazy sisters or any of his friends and they’d be the first to tell youIf there was a bad decision to be made Robbie always had a knack for making itAnd thus begins the story of the priest the princess and the pric. This is my first Ella Frank and it sent me into the reading bat cave There s not a much higher compliment I can give than thatHowever if you are like me and have not read the Temptation series be prepared to be a little off kilter Priest Julien and Robbie seemingly were all introduced in that series and have history which made me feel at a disadvantage I was able to glean some but I now feel I need to backtrack and read that series to fully grasp their backstoriesPriest and Julien are married and have an open relationship They evidently have been intrigued by Robbie for a few months but left the proverbial ball in his court Robbie is not a huge fan of Priest initially due to something having to do with his cousin but he is keen on the temperamental celebrity chef Julien who he s been crushing on for years Robbie drunk dials Julien one night and the game is afoot If Robbie showed up at their place again they would take him They would take him make him theirs and there would be no turning back What surprised me most about this book was not only how much I found each of these men fascinating or how much chemistry they have or their synergy but the fact that the French dude wasn t the one I was drawn to the most IKR No one was surprised by this development than I but Priest ate up the page He has such a presence gawd he s intense Also ginger Excuse me BOSSY gingerWe ve only just scratched the surface of Priest and Julien s past and I have a feeling this is going to be a long hurtcomfort game with a hefty dose of feels These three communicate well so I know they will make it though I m sure they will be tested along the way You will never find another person who cares than Priest If there s someone he can help someone he can make a difference for he ll do it He s not easy to understand that s true But once you do you ll wonder why it took you so long I want that darkness particularly Priest s darkness and FYI this installment ends with a huge dangling carrot where Priest s past is concerned What makes the three of them so special is they all have baggage but that baggage seems to fill in the spaces of the others Robbie needs to be needed and make others happy Priest needs control and to protect those he cares for from harm Julien needs a family that is his safe harbor I love it when not only do partners needwant each other but are good for each other and as good as Priest and Julien clearly are for one another they need some light to balance out the dark and Robbie is like the sun chasing away the shadows with his joie de vivre Smile mon cher petit You make everything that s dark fade to nothing when you smile Considering how sexy this story is I was pleasantly surprised by how nuanced these characters were And it is sexy AF The UST builds to epic proportions and when the bough broke it was explosive There is some mild Ds happening which I m hoping will intensify as their story evolves I know Shocker What does happen between them will most likely inspire some ah science breaksHurry up May Hurry the fuck upRecommend to MMM and hurtcomfort romance fans

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Free read ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB õ Ella Frank characters Confessions Robbie 107 D doneNo excuse except for his lonely heart a pitcher of margaritas four Bitter Bitches and the apparent need to confess all his weaknesses to the two men he knew would bring him nothing but troubleBut trouble was nothing newJu. 45 StarsI doubted it would ever happen yet here I am shocked stupid by how much I found myself enjoying a romance that revolved around three men forming a committed polyamorous relationship Trust Ella Frank to be the one to knock me on my ass and win me over with a theme that previously and repeatedly just hasn t proved to be my thing She made me root for Robbie Julien and Priest and the burgeoning relationship they were tentatively building together here a relationship full of open communication trust commitment and unwavering support for all parties involved I liked all three men as individuals and even better as a throuple I experienced their shared chemistry like it was a tangible entity pulsing off the page and as their relationship became physical HOT DAMN I had no doubts that their emotional connections were growing just as authenticallyThey felt like euals which is an element of huge importance to me both in real life relationships and in fictional ones especially if I m to buy into the realistic durability of this kind of complex relationship working long term Basically I bought that these three men belonged together As such I believe Ella did a fantastic job in making me not only understand the hows and the whys of the way all three men fit together but she also made me want for them to be together truly getting me invested in their prospective HEA I ve seen people mention that not much happens here but it s the same sort of not much happening that readers have experienced in previous contemporary series from Frank That s to say there isn t any crazy action or suspense or any psychotic OTT plots involving extremely unrealistic side characters running amok and causing trouble for our leads that might come later though who knows Instead this is just a simple romance story grounded in the everyday and one that is wholly relationship focused Granted it s a romance involving three hot as sin men two of whom are already married to each other which is honestly already well and truly than enough drama and intrigue for little old me to handle on a good day so I didn t feel the need for Having said that I bloody well want page time with these guys particularly considering that as expected this first story ends on a bit of a cliffhanger a mini one of sorts don t fret and leaves the reader with many open ended uestions about our heroes So much is left unanswered not only where the trajectory of their relationship is concerned but also when it comes to the reader needing detailed insights into each man s personal backstories Needless to say I m eagerly anticipating the seuelPS This might just be my favourite MM cover of the year thus far A better Robbie cover model couldn t have been chosen I m certain Absolutely stunningPPS Logan Mitchell baby

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