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Summary Ð Wicked The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West 109 Gregory Maguire Ó 9 Read & download Characters Wicked The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West When Dorothy triumphed over the Wicked Witch of the West in L Frank Baum's classic tale we heard only her side of the story But what about her arch nemesis the mysterious Witch Where did she come from How did she become so wicked And what is the true nature of evilGregory Maguire creates a fantasy world so rich and vivid that we will never look at Oz the same way again Wicked is about a land I have a confession I wanted to read this book because I saw the Broadway show and the idea of a Broadway show based on a book based on a movie based on a political satire intrigued me I heard the book and the show were uite different so I wanted to see the differenceThe biggest difference is that the show is good and the book is not I don t want to be mean to the poor author Gregory Maguire who has made a fortune and franchise from this book and ones like it but it s absolutely terrible It s a fantastic idea mind you but the execution is embarrassingly badOftentimes I read a book and see ways I could never be a writer the word choice the cadence the picture and world and emotions the author paints with language the distance between my ability to write a little song and oh MozartThis book however had me thinking differently It had me thinking um dude I could totally do that The characters are flat and stereotypical the plot is jumpy and contrived the dialogue is ridiculous the tone is wildly inconsistent when it tries to be funny it winks too much when it tries to be a political tale it s too obvious and I could go on and on about its badnessTake this passage for example Not only does it read like the author is framing each paragraph around a 5 word but also the construction is well a little juvenileJournalists armed with the thesaurus and apocalyptic scriptures fumbled and were defeated by it A gulfy deliuescence of deranged and harnessed air a volcano of the invisible darkly construed To the pleasure faithers with tiktok affections it was the sound of clockworks uncoling their springs and running down at a terrible speed It was the release of vengeful energy To the essentialists it seemed as if the world had suddenly found itself too crammed with life with cells splitting by the billions molecules uncoupling to annihilation atoms shuddering and juggernauting in their casings To the superstitious it was the collapsing of time It was the oozing of the ills of the world into one crepuscular muscle intent on stabbing the world to its core for once and for all To the traditionally religious it was the blitzkrieg of vengeful angel armies the awful name of the Unnamed God sounding itself at last surprise and the evaporation of all hopes for mercy One or two pretended to think it was suadrons of flying dragons overhead trained for attack breaking the sky from its moorings by the thrash of tripartite wings In the wake of the destruction it caused no one had the hubrir or courage or the prior existence to lie and claim to have known the act of terror for what it was a wind twisted up in a vortical braid In short a tornadoI mean dear god This is what trying too hard reads likeThe thing that really hurts about this book is that it s such a great IDEA It could have been really really good I think I finished it because I wanted to see if it ever got good It didn tWhat it did do however was make the Broadway show that much remarkable First of all the show changes some crucial details to make it well better and shorter but importantly it demonstrates that the musical theater folks saw something through Maguire s dreadful storytelling they saw that the crispy chocolatey center was worth exploring So they re already better musicians than me Given the arc of the Broadway show they re better writers than MaguireI put this book down when I was finished a bit disappointed in myself for persevering I picked up Rushdie s The Ground Beneath Her Feet and read the first page That first page was by itself better written than the entirety of WickedIf you have any interest in this book watch the original movie read the book then immediately go see the Broadway show with the original cast That s right the only decent way to experience this book is with time travel Good luck

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Summary Ð Wicked The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West 109 Gregory Maguire Ó 9 Read & download Characters Wicked The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West Where animals talk and strive to be treated like first class citizens Munchkinlanders seek the comfort of middle class stability and the Tin Man becomes a victim of domestic violence And then there is the little green skinned girl named Elphaba who will grow up to become the infamous Wicked Witch of the West a smart prickly and misunderstood creature who challenges all our preconceived notion I ve pretty much stopped buying lunch at my work cafeteria because no matter how often the description of the day s entr e induces those salivary glands into action the end result is always terribly disappointing The food looks like it should be good braised beef that seems savory fresh looking tomatoes to impart a robust flavor colorful specks of herbs that hint of a certain deliciousness and make the tummy grumble So it s a fresh shock to the system almost every time when it turns out to be nothing but a ruse Doesn t it takes a special kind of talent to start with what appear to be such promising ingredients and to produce with them a dish as utterly bland and as pitifully uninspiring as that cafeteria food invariably turns out to beWell doesn t it

Characters Wicked The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

Summary Ð Wicked The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West 109 Gregory Maguire Ó 9 Read & download Characters Wicked The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West S about the nature of good and evilAn astonishingly rich re creation of the land of Oz this book retells the story of Elphaba the Wicked Witch of the West who wasn't so wicked after all Taking readers past the yellow brick road and into a phantasmagoric world rich with imagination and allegory Gregory Maguire just might change the reputation of one of the most sinister characters in literatur This book as become increasingly popular mostly due to the success of the musical by the same name the truth is however its not very good There are many interesting and intriguing plotlines in the book and you wait for them to be clerified and expanded upon but many never are many fantastic characters are introduced and are hinted at playing an important roll later in the book doesnt happen the book doesnt even really give you the background you want on the witch it is made clear from the beginning that she has an eversion to water but you never find out why there are some vague mentions of some connection to the ocean but it is never followed through You never even get a really Good explanation to why she is green that part of the story is very uick and pretty unintersting The book is full of cool little interesting things that you swear will play a part but dont I really wish someone would take this book and expand it to its true potential the idea for the story is so cool but the ideas are just so unorganized that it was truly a let down My advice borrow the book see the musical it is completely different from the book but the story is much thought out the most disappointing part of the book for me whas the ending just awful very laim its like the author gave up and just let her melt no explanation no insight into the witch now Im being pretty harsh I should say that I loved the beginning of this book the first half even but well the last halfwhat a letdown