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  • Paperback
  • 416
  • Just Let Go Harbor Pointe #2
  • Courtney Walsh
  • en
  • 14 June 2018
  • 9781496421524

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Just Let Go Harbor Pointe #2 Download ´ 104 Read & Download Just Let Go Harbor Pointe #2 For uinn Collins buying the flower shop in downtown Harbor Pointe fulfills a childhood dream but also gives her the chance to stick it to her mom who owned the store before skipping town twenty years ago and never looking back Completing much needed renovations however while also competing for a prestigious flower competition with her mother as the head judge soon has uinn in over her head Not that she'd ever ask for helpLuckily she may not need to. I love stories set in small uirky touristy towns And if the main character lives in the apartment above the business she owns on the main street even betteruinn Collins is the owner of Forget Me Not Flower Shop the same store her mother owned when she was a child The store is the only tie uinn has to her mother the woman who abandoned her when she was nine years old uinn is a woman with a routine Her friends and family can set their clocks by her She never leaves town At 28 years old she s not yet let go of the fact that her mom is not coming homeGrady Benson is the reckless Olympic skier who finds himself on an unwanted extended stay in Harbor Pointe after a minor run in with the law Once at the top of his game Grady is now the social media laughing stock of the Olympic skiing world He wants to be the star again but he can t let go of his pastThis book was really really great As much as I loved the first book in the series Just Look Up I found this one had humor and really reflected on the small town atmosphere as well as diving deeper into uinn and Grady s personal issuesThis story has a lot of heart All of the characters are wonderfully relatable There are some twists that are really beautifully done Your heart will break for these two broken people You will cheer when they learn how important it is to Just Let GoI highly recommend this book It stands alone just fine but why not read Just Look Up as well Courtney Walsh never disappointsJust Let Go is available on June 5 2018 I received a complimentary copy of the book from Tyndale House Publishers as part of the Tyndale Blog Network All opinions expressed are my own

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Just Let Go Harbor Pointe #2

Just Let Go Harbor Pointe #2 Download ´ 104 Read & Download Just Let Go Harbor Pointe #2 To hammer and saw uinn sees glimpses of the vulnerability behind the bravado and Grady learns from her passion and determination ualities he seems to have lost along the way But when a well intentioned omission has devastating conseuences Grady finds himself cast out of town and uinn's life possibly forever Forced to face the hurt holding her back uinn must finally let go or risk missing out on the adventure of a lifetimeIncludes discussion uestion. I have to start by saying how much I love the cover of this book I love the way the guy on the cover is a little blurry leaving room for the imagination I love the colors and I love the beautiful font for the title I also really loved book one of this series so I was very hopeful that Just Let Go would live up to my expectationsand it didGrady and uinn were opposites in many ways especially at the opening of this novel I was absolutely enthralled with both of their journeys They each had things that they were holding onto that were weighing down and sabotaging the real living of their livesI appreciated Grady s faith journey in this story It felt real and definitely not contrived Everything didn t just suddenly make sense to him it was one small step after the other on a path to understanding Grady grew a lot in this novelJust Let Go had so much heart so many great lessons on perseverence and the importance of letting go of things that are not healthy for you emotionally physically and spiritually I loved it from start to finishI received a complimentary copy of this book All opinions are my ownYou can read this review on my blog

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Just Let Go Harbor Pointe #2 Download ´ 104 Read & Download Just Let Go Harbor Pointe #2 Uinn's father and his meddling friends find the perfect solution in notorious Olympic skier Grady Benson who had only planned on passing through the old fashioned lakeside town But when a heated confrontation leads to property damage helping uinn as a community service sentence seems like the uickest way out and the best way to avoid negative pressuinn finds Grady reckless and entitled; he thinks she's uptight and too regimented Yet as the two begin. I love that the characters in this story are honestly and realistically flawed undergoing a journey of transformation redemption and healing uinn s love for floral design isn t the only thing motivating her to buy the flower shop and enter the competition Her unresolved issues with the mother who abandoned her are very much a part of proving herself and hoping to be good enough for her mother to reconnect I wondered why uinn didn t just search her mother out but what she really is looking for is to be wanted Grady is kind of a mess and it took looking beyond his outer rebellious persona to see the trauma rejection guilt and shame that he hides so well I appreciated the author s style of revealing the deeper layers of each character little by little it kept me engrossed and curious and continually connecting uinn and Grady s interactions are surface level at first with assumptions made on each side As they slowly get to know each other better learn what motivates them and witness kindness and thoughtfulness their feeling deepen and their attraction builds on a stronger foundation They still struggle with letting go and resist the support they have to offer each other at times but the rocky moments of working things out brought greater value to their relationship I loved the overall theme of hope and faith that things can get better when we let go and trust God to carry us There is a strong supporting cast of family and community members that make Harbor Pointe home and I can t wait to read another story set in this tight knit small townI received a complimentary copy of the book all opinions in this review are my own