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The Black Painting

summary The Black Painting Neil Olson Ü 0 read read & download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ü Neil Olson There were four cousins in the Morse family perfect Kenny the preppy West Coast lawyer; James the shy but brilliant medical student; his seductive hard drinking sister Audrey; and Teresa youngest and most fragile haunted by the fear that she has inherited the madness that possessed her fatherTheir grandfather summons them to his mansion at Ow. There is no doubt that Goya s paintings are disturbing And this mysterious and suspenseful was just as disturbing15 years after the theft of the supposedly cursed painting the four cousins are summoned back to the house of their grandfather When Teresa and Audrey arrive they find the man dead His face a frozen mask of horror and fearuestions fly as they find out the boys had all ready met with the grandfather and now not only is the man dead but his housekeeper is missingWhen the entire family descends on the manor we uickly see that they are a cursed bunch Whether the painting actually was possessed by a demon or whether the fear was instilled deliberately these were some very messed up charactersTeresa who has some mysterious illness that we never found out exactly what it was was probably the only innocent in the bunch however I felt the characters weren t developed to the point that we knew or cared about any of them In the end it appeared greed was the motive for everyone s actions and whether they were all stark raving mad to begin with or became that way later isn t clear The tale is a fine idea but the character development I felt was lackingNetgalleyHanover Release January 09 2018

summary The Black Painting

summary The Black Painting Neil Olson Ü 0 read read & download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ü Neil Olson S when Teresa arrives to find the old man dead his horrified gaze pinned upon the spot where the painting once hung As the family gathers and suspicions mount Teresa hopes to find the reasons behind her grandfather’s death and the painting’s loss But to do so she must uncover ugly family secrets and confront those who would keep them hidd. Thank you to the author Neil Olson Netgalley and the publisher for providing me an advanced reader copy of this bookI rated this book 25 stars I was so disappointed with this book because it had so much promise The setting and atmosphere lured me in an old mysterious house a painting by Goya that supposedly has a demon lurking inside it and a family with dark secrets All this sounds great rightThis book is a case study in what happens when characters aren t fully developed and when the storyline meanders without truly committing to a plot I really really wanted to love this book but the creepy old house and painting completely got left behind after the beginning of the book Teresa the main character was also supposed to be hiding a dark past or secret that I stopped caring about because it was only alluded to a few times The overall plot is that Teresa s grandfather passes away and her relatives descend upon his southern manor to see what he has left behind for them The grandfather was mean and cruel and there was an ordeal with him acuiring potentially via black market the Goya painting that curses those who look at it The Goya painting was stolen and it s unclear who took it Teresa is charged with uncovering the mystery of the stolen painting and potentially undergoing a mysterious surgery so that she can receive money from her grandfather s will There are so many side plots taking place in this book that I got lost and was constantly re reading the book to make sure I at least attempted to follow itI also had such a difficult time following the immense cast of characters because none of them were fully developed I often had no clue who they were when they popped up into the narrative By the time I was 80% into the book I didn t care about the characters and I didn t care about the ending It s a huge bummer because again the book started strong and faded due to the confusing cast of unpredictable unreliable and stiff characters

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summary The Black Painting Neil Olson Ü 0 read read & download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ü Neil Olson L’s Point None of them has visited the family estate since they were children when a prized painting disappeared a self portrait by Goya rumoured to cause madness or death upon viewing Afterwards the family split apart amid the accusations and suspicions that followed its theftAny hope that their grandfather planned to make amends evaporate. I ve often enjoyed novels about art and art history So much can be hidden in works of art that they are the perfect topic to base a mystery on I remember reading a few years ago that art curators had discovered in a portrait a miniature self portrait of the artist rendered as the reflection in the pupil of eye the subject painted century s before I digress but this is an example of the fascinating things that make the art world the perfect setting for a novelNeil Olson apparently agrees as both of his novels to date center around works of art in this case a supposed fifteenth painting created during Francisco Goya s Black Painting phase a self portrait reputedly able to induce death or madness in those who view it In this Olson s second noel wealthy New England patriarch Arthur Morse has summoned his many offspring and descendants home to his estate to discusswho knows The first of his grandchildren arrive to find him dead on the floor his face a mask of terror and his sightless eyes gazing fixedly at the spot where his prized possession the aforementioned cursed Goya self portrait would have stood had it not been stolen several years ago under mysterious circumstances As the rest of the family arrives the reader begins to see that this odd assemblage is about as far from being a big happy family as one can imagine Past events including the disappearance of the painting have left them paranoid suspicious traumatized and unable to trust each other What is happening at Owl s Point is anybody s guess but you can be sure that a lot of ugly secrets will be uncovered before the whole story is revealed Olson writes with a sensitivity most often found in female authors which allows him to focus on the inner angst and psychological torment of the Morse family s many members especially Teresa art history student and youngest granddaughter who suffered an unknown trauma during the original events and whose discovery of her grandfather s body threatens to send her over the deep end again My impression of this book was that it focused too much on the dysfunctional Morse family and not enough on the mystery Olson can definitely write but I d like to see him tighten up his plot and focus on the mystery that is ultimately what keeps the reader engaged The review was based on an advanced reading copy obtained at no cost from the publisher in exchange for an unbiased review While this does take any not worth what I paid for it statements out of my review it otherwise has no impact on the content of my reviewFYI On a 5 point scale I assign stars based on my assessment of what the book needs in the way of improvements5 Stars Nothing at all If it ain t broke don t fix it4 Stars It could stand for a few tweaks here and there but it s pretty good as it is3 Stars A solid C grade Some serious rewriting would be needed in order for this book to be considered great or memorable2 Stars This book needs a lot of work A good start would be to change the plot the character development the writing style and the ending 1 Star The only thing that would improve this book is a good bonfire