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  • The Freeze Frame Revolution
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  • 01 May 2019
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Download Ï The Freeze Frame Revolution ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF F potential allies changes with each job shift How do you engage an enemy that never sleeps that sees through your eyes and hears through your ears and relentlessly honestly only wants what’s best for you Trapped aboard the starship Eriophora Sunday Ahzmu. 45 rounded up to 5 Rating is for the entire Sunflower Cycle series so farI ve held off reviewing this for some time now Once I finished reading it I just couldn t fully wrap my head around what I had just read In attempting to understand the story better I went and looked at some other reviews of people who enjoyed the story to hopefully gather some details I may have missed I m so glad I did that because I found this great review by Claudia where she explains this is part of a larger set of stories called the Sunflower Cycle Turned out there were 3 other stories in that world and they all kind of go together Based on Claudia s recommendation I went and read the other 3 in the order she advised Hotshot The Freeze Frame Revolution The Island and Giants to get a better sense of the story and the world as a whole that Peter Watts created The Freeze Frame Revolution is essentially about a seriously long term revolution going on aboard the spaceship Eriophora The job of the crew also known as spores and the on board AI whom everyone refers to as Chimp is to build a web of wormholesue gates throughought space in a spiral moving outwards from Earth and out into the great beyond of unknown space This way humans can hopefully succeed at interstellar travel and find another home as Earth s resources are greatly depleted and humanity will not survive if they don t find another planetAt this point in the Sunflower Cycle story arch they have been travelling for essentially millions of years as they jump through space Every spore onboard has been raised specifically for this mission and because they need to be alive in case anything happens the onboard AI runs the day to day of the ship and each spore is only awake for about a week at a time out of a thousand years Some on the ship are starting to uestion the mission as well as the intentions of the AI Thus we have mutiny aboard the ship as the people decide they want to overthrow the onboard AI But staging a coup is a little difficult when you re only awake for a week out of a thousand years at a time and typically not awake with the same people Musical scores and DD manuals assist the main character Sunday and her fellow friends and crewmates as they plan a coup a millennia in the making I m so glad that I went and read the other 3 stories before deciding on a final rating and review for this book Peter Watts has created an exceptionally strange surreal but wholly sci fi world that totally drew me in and had me wanting If you decide to go into this adventure know you will never get all your uestions answered and some things will never be fully explained He also doesn t write easy to read sci fi If you like your sci fi to be well explained and fluid you re looking in the wrong corner If you like hard core sci fi on a massive scale with lots of psychology and character centered plot you need this and the other 3 companion stories available for free on the author s website I ve already started blog stalking Peter Watts to add of his stories to my Kindle Received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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Download Ï The Freeze Frame Revolution ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF 2019 John W Campbell Memorial Award Finalist“This THIS is the cutting edge of science fiction” Richard K Morgan author of Altered CarbonHow do you stage a mutiny when you’re only awake one day in a million How do you conspire when your tiny handful o. This is some classy hard hard SF Black holeworm hole drive using new and real theories Hell yeahBut beyond that I love the whole idea of short periods of wakefulness during a single trip that takes 65 million years Add a rebellion against IBM I mean HAL I mean CHIMP without expecting anything to go uite the way that 2001 went or even remotely like it and we ve got a really fascinating storyWatts knows how to build really fascinating locations and situations maybe better than almost any other writer He never rests on a single awesome idea but adds to it and introduces even interesting wrinkles such as watching an AI dance or truly alien intelligences or maybe just freaking out because the rest of humanity must necessarily be dead during the scope of your missionBut add a complicated revolution among sleepers using old DD manuals Adding jarring notes during a musical compositionOh yeah the devil is in the details I m enjoying this novella according to the author through Netgalley as an ARC but this wonderful reviewer here Claudia s Review has pointed out that this is not a standalone story She s even provided a link to the author s website for the other stories free to download as well as the suggested reading order Thank youI might be reading out of order but I don t mind it all that much Watts is a thinking man s hard SF writer I expect to be at least a little challenged and delighted As anyone who has read Blindsight knows

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Download Ï The Freeze Frame Revolution ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ndin is about to discover the components of any successful revolution conspiracy code and unavoidable casualtiesNote from the publisher The red letters in the print edition and highlighted letters in the e book indicate special bonus content from the author. Three and half starsapologies for my EnglishBriefly I love how Mr Watts writes I like his pessimism and his vital cynicism and above all I adore his perspective of life and intelligence In this novel the author maintains the level of madness that has us accustomed but unfortunately I have not understood the end Apparently I am not the only one and for me this is a nonsense You can see the plot on the cover of the book a really interesting approach as well as its development throughout the novel as I have already mentioned the problem of the novel is the last part Perhaps it has different meanings or simply the last chapter was not necessary I do not knowFor what it s worth Peter Watts novel evokes me these two novels by some aspects of the argument that I will not explain on the one hand Dark Star by Alan Dean Foster and on the other Marrow by Robert ReedI must indicate that this novel is complemented by other stories that the author has published and that I have not read except The Island great story I think some of these stories can be found for free on the InternetIn my opinion this is not his best work but a less accomplished novel by Peter Watts is preferable to a good novel by many other authors