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The Freeze Frame Revolution Free download ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Download É PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¿ Peter Watts F potential allies changes with each job shift How do you engage an enemy that never sleeps that sees through your eyes and hears through your ears and relentlessly honestly only wants what’s best for you Trapped aboard the starship Eriophora Sunday Ahzmu. GRAB IT NOW I just can t begin to tell you how much I loved this book And I know for a fact I will be reading it again and perhaps soon There are just so many reasons why I could recommend it to you It s a book for the true scifi fan that manages to be refreshing and new at the same time retaining all the benefits of being basically hard scifi It also raises tough uestions about natural versus artificial intelligence and their relationships Which is the true the real one Is the other one just a seuence of pre planned actions Or does it actually have a mind Perhaps even a soul Is it living Come and read the rest of the reasons why I loved this book in my full review on my blog here I thank Tachyon Publications for giving me a free copy of the book in exchange to my honest opinion Receiving the book for free does not affect my opinionRead Post On My Blog My Bookstagram Bookish Twitter

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The Freeze Frame Revolution

The Freeze Frame Revolution Free download ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Download É PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¿ Peter Watts Ndin is about to discover the components of any successful revolution conspiracy code and unavoidable casualtiesNote from the publisher The red letters in the print edition and highlighted letters in the e book indicate special bonus content from the author. This hard SF novella is eligible for Hugo Nebula and Locus Award in 2019 This is a part of Sunflower cycle but can be read as a standaloneIn order to spread the mankind across the galaxy a special kind of ship was created an asteroid 10 km in diameter with an artificial black hole and the energy and propulsion This is not as crazy as it sounds the idea was actually presented in this article by two physicists from 2009 This ship moves at relativistic speeds 10 20% of speed of light across the galaxy to link it with wormhole generated instant transit network This works the following way when the ship approached the site to build a new gate maybe a lightyear away or so it sends ahead a fleet of von Neumann machines which collect materials and build the gate Then the ship passes through the construct igniting itEnormity of space means that ship travels literally for eons Most of its 30 000 strong crew is in hibernation for most of the route woken up for a few days in millennium or even a million years The actual command is in the hands of AI called Chimp by humans It is intentionally not very wise for no one can control a being intelligent than them This novella spans 65 million years in almost Kafka s wall euivalent were gates are built and built even if no one ever tries to connect via them to builders The protagonist is Sunday Ahzmundin a woman who likes to talk to Chimp and who become its petconfidantfriend even if AI s decisions are getting strange verging on homicidal This is a story about the rebellion against the Big Brother but the situation is way nuancedIt is not a fast read However if you want to read an intelligent SF with unusual ideas here it is Nominate it for Awards if you canThe book also has an Easter Egg for careful readers

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The Freeze Frame Revolution Free download ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Download É PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¿ Peter Watts 2019 John W Campbell Memorial Award Finalist“This THIS is the cutting edge of science fiction” Richard K Morgan author of Altered CarbonHow do you stage a mutiny when you’re only awake one day in a million How do you conspire when your tiny handful o. 9 out of 10 at sixty five million years the crew of the starship Eriophora has been building gates to facilitate faster space travel for human expansion The ship is ruled by Chimp a dumb AI built with a lower synapse count to keep it at relatively human level intelligence and every few thousand or million or so years a build crew is selected and awakened from among its 30000 plus population to assist in the logistics of gate construction Sunday Ahzmundin the protagonist and narrator of Peter Watts new novella The Freeze Frame Revolution is Chimp s favorite and finds herself awakened often than the average crewperson She has come to see Chimp as a friend has gotten to know people from of the various tribes that constitute the milieu of life on a ship whose mission will likely stretch as far as time itself She s also been around enough to see the seeds of mutiny grow as people begin to uestion whether Chimp whose capacity to rule over their lives is near absolute can even be trusted and whether it really is as dumb as the mission s progenitors claimed But how can anyone stage a coup against an entity that knows where they are and what they are doing at all times when they don t even know who or how many of their allies will be awake at the same time at intervals stretching several millennia or The mordant tone of Sunday s narration attests to a kind of casual acceptance of the crew s eventual fate for the first few dozen million years most crewpersons held out hope that they would be recalled home or that they would be allowed to retire and settle down on an earth like planet somewhere at this point it seems clear that they won t stop building gates until the heat death of the universe When we first meet Sunday she is relating how she used to play a little mental game with herself calculating what point in Earth s history they would be if they were moving backward in time rather than forward She gives up around the time Australopithecus thrived in Eastern Africa Had her morbid exercise in hypothetical time travel continued the point at which her story begins would land Eriophora at the end of the Mesozoic Era when a mass extinction event wiped out the dinosaurs In all that time they have only covered a fraction of the expanse of the Milky Way and the only indication they have of any sentient life much less human life still existing in the universe outside of themselves is the occasional gremlin that pokes through a newly built gate to take a shot at them The ratio of human years to mission years creates the kind of psychological imbalance that makes the desire for insurrection both understandable and inevitable the most commonly utilized crew members are awake for little than a decade or two while eons pass them by Add to this the fact that the terms they use to accurately describe the conditions that define their existence are inherently dehumanizing they were programmed for the mission from birth crewpersons are deprecated when their skills are no longer considered useful their coldsleep pods are called coffins and are stored in crypts Their lives spent mostly in a state of near death are reduced to their functionality with Chimp as the sole arbiter of their value which is measured only by their usefulness to the mission The most striking thing about the scope of The Freeze Frame Revolution is the way it makes the scale of the universe and the wonder of discovery feel like of a prison than a liberating experienceWatts falls within the lineage of classic hard SF writers who can make far future science magic seem tangible but his true gift lies in how personable he makes it feel Heavy themes like alienation the value of existence and the nature of consciousness are woven into the brisk narrative with humor and pathos Watts may be too smart to let a big idea pass by without picking it to pieces but above all The Freeze Frame Revolution is fun to read Many thanks to Edelweiss and Tachyon Publications for the opportunity to read this ARC

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  • 01 May 2019
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