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characters Ð Haunter AUTHOR Charlee Jacob A shattered country Just as it seems they cannot go on their god returns to them providing hope and a dream of survivalBut their god has returned in the body of a former American GI and their hope for peace comes in a drug that open. Charlee Jacob s books have interesting themes told in extremely grotesue ways This one involves Khmer Rouge atrocities war duality Hindu gods and some crazy violence I have a pretty strong stomach for gore and the twisted and this was almost too much There s one scene involving maggots that I almost couldn t read That said she adds a new vision to the genre very inventive horror

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characters Ð Haunter AUTHOR Charlee Jacob From the crumbling ruins of a Cambodian jungle temple to the arid canyons of west Texas exotic demons of the ancient past collide with modern devils Crippled residents in a small Cambodian village are trying to rebuild their lives in. Really intense read presented by Jacob The first I ve ever read of hers defiantly not the last Saddened to hear she passed away this year I didn t realize it was loosely a seuel to This Symbiotic Fascination though after researching it seems it s still a stand alone This book was challenging to keep straight at first She often trails off into heavy esoteric rants plus on top of that all the different characters memories illusions and hallucinations that happen within the plot Extreme in every way and mind opening at the same time Failure is an illusion All the emotions we struggle with the things we seek and what we run away from an illusion And that is Maya which is what binds us to the painful wheel of birth I really enjoyed the challenge of this book and I found the use of Hindu gods in a horror setting

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characters Ð Haunter AUTHOR Charlee Jacob S the door to untold horrors Their beautiful nirvana waits only at the end of a road traveled by nightmares It is a world peopled by the bizarre and the unearthly in which damnation and redemption can come in the most terrifying form. I give very few one stars and to be honest I m only giving this because I just didn t enjoy reading the book I understand what the author was trying to do but the constant barrage of esoteric pseudo vedic babble made it unenjoyable to follow the plot Every time the plot would crescendo it fizzled because the events led not to conclusive events but rather into a psychotic sort melange of Hindu Tantra babbleI don t generally write bad reviews because I am afraid the author might see them but I must ualify a one star I greatly respect her style and originality There are precious few new ideas out there in horror and this one of them In short It s me not you Haunter I think I just don t like the Eastern thought Samsara to Nirvana rambling Perhaps it is my dharma The author does deftly set the desired mood and I

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